Prague-Tocna – Saturday 31st August 2019 (John Tomlinson)

After a full day dealing with museums, we still had one or two more stops to make.
The field at Tocna~Prague also had a small museum, but on arrival we could only find one person with regards access. Unfortunately he was closing up the museum and the other hangars were airside. However he did remind us that the museum had large windows, so we had some success at this field.

Noted between 1905-1925hrs
GPS 49.98696136N 14.42709255E

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On the field:
OK-YIK McD-D Helicopters MD-520N C/n LN103 Corporate
LZ-913 WSK-PZL An-2R 1G55-06 Withdrawn from use
SP-KME WSK-PZL An-2TD C/n 1G174-27 Skydive Fano

Inside Museum and noted through the large windows.
N241M Lockheed 10A C/n 1091 Corporate. Marked OK-CTB
OK-OTP Zlin Z.326M C/n 612 Czech Aerobatic Team
OK-CSR Benes-Mraz M-1C C/n 142 Private
N7678Z North American SNJ-4 Texan C/n 88-9156 Private. Marked 7678 In South African AF cs
N16512 Waco YKS-6 C/n 4504 Preserved. Marked NC16512
N67344 Boeing Stearman KaydetN2S-3 C/n 75-6958 Private

Photo credit: John Tomlinson