Prague (Muzeum Policie České republiky) – Saturday 31st August 2019 (John Tomlinson)

After the first museum downtown, we appeared to have made up some time and with the Saturday city traffic being surprising light, we decided to find the police museum.

It’s GPS location is 50°04’08.0″N 14°25’40.2″E, however on Google Maps you can clearly see the museum, but the trees hide the actual exhibit.

Again, time was important to ensure that this was going to be an afternoon of museums, the final two being the large ones at Kbely and Letnany, so we only briefly enjoyed this visit.

Two of the last photographs in the album link show that unless you go inside the museum courtyard, you will only see the tail rudder.

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B-2911 Mil Mi-2 C/n 536011029 Preserved. Displayed in courtyard.