Popham – Saturday 29th April 2023 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

I spent a lovely afternoon at the Microlight Trade Show event. With the wife and Jet the dog in tow, we enjoyed watching the aircraft movements and catching up with people that we knew – in no particular order, it was great to bump into Andrew Rowbotham, David Fogwill, Edmund Plummer, Garry Fagan, Jamie Winstanley, John Maloney, Mike Burdett, Paul Higgins, Pete Webber, Robert Prescott, Steve Gay & Stewart Toone. Sadly I missed Andrew Drinkwater, Andy Durrant, John Tomlinson & Stuart Lindsay, who others said were there – they did a great job of avoiding me 🙂

This was a great event, blessed by pretty decent weather. Affordable and appropriate entrance fees too and in return very good access was allowed to all of the event aircraft visitors.

This was the first Microlight Trade Show for me since the 2019 event, so I managed a decent hit rate of 47 new frames out out the 262 that I logged around the airfield. The star being for me, TJ343 Auster AOP.5 (G-AJXC).

The list below lumps all the residents and event visitors in one pot. I don’t claim to have logged everything that attended and I’m sure I missed stuff by arriving after midday and having a good natter with people. I have uploaded over 300 pictures to Flickr and these can be seen at;


TJ343, Taylorcraft Auster AOP.5, G-AJXC, United Kingdom (1409)
ZA656, Slingsby Venture T.2, G-BTWC, United Kingdom (1975)
G-AFYD, Luscombe Silvaire 8AF (1044)
G-AGXN, Auster Aircraft Auster J/1N Alpha (1963)
G-AJOE, Miles Messenger 2A (6367)
G-ARHB, Air Products Aircoupe F-1A (5733)
G-ARKJ, Beech Bonanza N35 (D-6736)
G-ASSS, Cessna 172E Skyhawk (17251467)
G-ATEF, Cessna 150E (15061378)
G-AZWS, Piper PA-28R 180 Cherokee Arrow (28R-30749)
G-BAKN, SNCAN Stampe SV-4 C (348)
G-BAVH, de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 (C1/0841)
G-BCTK, Reims/Cessna FR172J Rocket (0546)
G-BFGK, S.A.N. Jodel D.117 (644)
G-BHSB, Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17272977)
G-BLPB, Amateur Built Turner TSW-2 (PFA 046-10606)
G-BNHT, Alpavia RF-3 (80)
G-BRTD, Cessna 152 (15280023)
G-BUAB, Aeronca Chief 11AC (11AC-1759)
G-BULC, Light Aero Avid Flyer Mk.IV (PFA 189-12202)

G-BVSF, Aero Designs Pulsar (PFA 202-12071)
G-BWPS, CFM Streak Shadow SA (PFA 206-12954)
G-BWWA, Ultravia Pelican Club GS (PFA 165-12242)
G-BZDC, Mainair Sports Mainair Blade (1232-0100-7-W1025)
G-BZHG, Tecnam P.92 Echo EM (PFA 318-13606)
G-BZIW, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quantum 15-912 (7681)
G-BZRV, Vans RV-6 (PFA 181A-13573)
G-CBLB, Tecnam P.92 Echo EM (PFA 318-13770)
G-CBPE, SOCATA TB10 Tobago (129)
G-CBWG, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar (PFA 315-13918)
G-CCBG, Best Off SkyRanger V2+ (1) (BMAA/HB/240)
G-CCBK, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar (PFA 315-14025)
G-CCDY, Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/275)
G-CCEF, Europa Aviation Europa (PFA 247-13038)
G-CCJT, Best Off SkyRanger 912 (BMAA/HB/300)
G-CCNJ, Best Off SkyRanger 912 (BMAA/HB/330)
G-CCSL, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (8029)
G-CCTR, Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/350)
G-CCXH, Best Off SkyRanger J2.2(1) (BMAA/HB/377)
G-CCYJ, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (8054)

G-CCYR, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (0408-6612)
G-CDAP, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (2114)
G-CDAX, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (8068)
G-CDKI, Best Off SkyRanger 912(1) (BMAA/HB/434)
G-CDPL, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (2207)
G-CDRG, P & M Aviation Pegasus Quik (8137)
G-CDVI, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (0602-6794)
G-CECF, Just Aircraft Escapade Jabiru (3) (BMAA/HB/496)
G-CEGJ, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8234)
G-CEIL, Just Aircraft Escapade 912(2) (BMAA/HB/506)
G-CEJW, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (0612-6860)
G-CEMI, Europa Aviation Europa XS (PFA 247-13989)
G-CEPP, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8266)
G-CESI, Aeroprakt A-22 L Foxbat (PFA 317A-14643)
G-CEUZ, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8321)
G-CEZF, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3205)
G-CFCL, RotorSport UK MT-03 (RSUK/MT-03/043)
G-CFDY, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8373)
G-CFGO, Best Off SkyRanger 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/574)
G-CFIU, CZAW Sportcruiser (08SC170)

G-CFKB, CZAW Sportcruiser (08SC130)
G-CFMP, Europa Aviation Europa XS (PFA 247-13505)
G-CFNO, Best Off SkyRanger Swift 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/566)
G-CFOG, Comco Ikarus C42 FB UK (PFA 322-14482)
G-CFRM, Best Off SkyRanger Swift 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/578)
G-CFUE, Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 Hawk (LAA 330A-14867)
G-CFZD, Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru J430 (LAA 336-14833)
G-CGCE, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-09-5384)
G-CGGC, P & M Aviation QuikR (8469)
G-CGGM, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3401)
G-CGGW, RotorSport UK MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/021)
G-CGKZ, Best Off SkyRanger 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/596)
G-CGOG, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar (LAA 315A-14980)
G-CGVP, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar (LAA 315-15047)
G-CGYP, Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/242)
G-CGZM, RotorSport UK MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/042)
G-CHFU, P & M Aviation Quik GTR (8612)
G-CHID, Aeropro EuroFox 912 (35712)
G-CHJG, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3938)
G-CHKO, Best Off SkyRanger Swift 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/629)
G-CHNR, P & M Aviation Quik GTR (8637)

G-CICG, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (1304-7259)
G-CICV, RotorSport UK MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/050)
G-CIEM, P & M Aviation QuikR (8678)
G-CIGG, P & M Aviation Quik GTR Explorer (8690)
G-CIHZ, P & M Aviation Quik GTR (8669)
G-CIIH, P & M Aviation Quik GTR Explorer (8693)
G-CIOM, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C (24-15-9074)
G-CIRT, RotorSport UK MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/059)
G-CIRY, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL (2015-4222)
G-CITF, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL (2015-4223)
G-CIWC, Raj Hamsa X-Air Hawk (LAA 340-15349)
G-CJAP, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (1003-7095)
G-CJOT, Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 (1606-7459)
G-CJTC, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/032)
G-CJTE, Aeropro EuroFox 3K (50917)
G-CJTX, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL (2016-4238)
G-CKJI, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/676)
G-CKVX, Aerostyle Breezer M400 (UL142)
G-CKWO, Aeropro EuroFox 912(S) (54018)
G-CKYA, RotorSport UK MTO Sport 2017 (RSUK/MTO2/006)

G-CKYG, Aeropro EuroFox 3K (54518)
G-CKZZ, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-18-1334)
G-CLCO, Nando Groppo Trail Mk.2 (134/93)
G-CLDC, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar (LAA 315-14907)
G-CLDT, Aeropro EuroFox 3K (56019)
G-CLDV, RotorSport UK Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/032)
G-CLFA, TL Ultralight TL-2000 Sting Carbon UK S4 (LAA 347A-15613)
G-CLIF, Comco Ikarus C42 FB UK (PFA 322-14377)
G-CLKB, Cessna 172N Skyhawk (17269903)
G-CLLA, Best Off SkyRanger Swift 912(1) (1707.1121)
G-CLOU, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja (297-1)
G-CLOZ, Kitplanes for Africa Explorer (03-UK-19EXUL)
G-CLPT, Comco Ikarus C42 (2005-7596)
G-CLUI, BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15690)
G-CLWO, Pipistrel Virus SW 121 (VSW1210073)
G-CLZW, The Light Aircraft Company Sherwood Ranger ST (TLAC-1-005)
G-CMAW, Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 Bravo (2012-7637)
G-CMCT, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-21-3354)
G-CMDD, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/739)
G-CMEV, Aeropro EuroFox 2K (64822)

G-CMEW, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic (DY457/2012)
G-CMFR, Aeropro EuroFox 3K (63721)
G-CMJD, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (EA 005)
G-CMJS, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja (340-12)
G-CMJW, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (EA 002)
G-CMLE, Pegasus Sport Aviation QuikR (6005)
G-CMLK, Ace Aviation Touch 70 Spirit (AT202201)
G-CMMW, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (EA 006)
G-CMNS, Pipistrel Virus SW 127 BCAR-S (VSW1270021)
G-CMOY, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (EA 007)
G-CMPZ, AutoGyro Europe MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/067)
G-CRWZ, CZAW Sportcruiser (PFA 338-14648)
G-CTDW, Flight Design CT SW (07-05-05)
G-CXTE, BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15290)
G-CZMI, Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/307)
G-DADX, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (EA 010)
G-DADZ, CZAW Sportcruiser (LAA 338-14792)
G-DCMI, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (7972)
G-DFDO, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL (2016-4229)
G-DUDP, Kitplanes for Africa Safari (LAA 402-15670)

G-ECKB, Just Aircraft Escapade 912 (BMAA/HB/533)
G-EDDS, CZAW Sportcruiser (PFA 338-14660)
G-EFJD, Bolkow Bo.209 Monsun 160RV (126)
G-EINI, Europa Aviation Europa XS (PFA 247-13562)
G-ELBB, Pipistrel Alpha Trainer BCAR-S 164 (AT1640008)
G-EOID, Aeroprakt A-22 L Foxbat (LAA 317A-14836)
G-FESS, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quantum 15-912 (7840)
G-FFFA, P & M Aviation PulsR (8673)
G-FIDO, Best Off SkyRanger 912(1) (BMAA/HB/679)
G-FLOR, Europa Aviation Europa (PFA 247-12793)
G-FOCX, Aeropro EuroFox 2K (57319)
G-FOXD, Denney Kitfox Mk.II (PFA 172-11618)
G-FOXZ, Denney Kitfox (PFA 172-11834)
G-FSBW, Aeropro EuroFox 912(S) (46915)
G-GDKR, Robin DR.400 140B Major (1623)
G-GEMX, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8344)
G-HATH, TechPro Merlin 100UL (HV-19)
G-HOTA, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3318)
G-HTML, P & M Aviation QuikR (8446)
G-HULK, Best Off SkyRanger 912(1) (BMAA/HB/238)

G-IAJS, Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 (PFA 322-14393)
G-IANH, SOCATA TB10 Tobago (1843)
G-IFLE, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (2113)
G-IGET, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/702)
G-IIDR, Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 (1207-7220)
G-IMLW, RotorSport UK Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/040)
G-INYS, The Light Aircraft Company Sherwood Scout (LAA 345-15538)
G-IROH, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C Plus (24-22-4176)
G-IROK, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-22-3964)
G-IROX, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C (24-16-0394)
G-JAYD, Europa Aviation Europa XS (PFA 247-13887)
G-JBVP, Aeropro EuroFox 3K (52517)
G-JCWS, Just Aircraft Escapade 912(2) (BMAA/HB/606)
G-JFDI, Aerospool WT9 Dynamic UK (DY192/2007)
G-JJMM, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C Plus (24-20-2516)
G-JONL, CZAW Sportcruiser (LAA 338-14889)
G-JPMA, Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-13399)
G-KTCH, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-18-1534)
G-LBAC, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3934)
G-LISS, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/019)
G-LNDA, BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing (LAA 385-15575)

G-LOGN, Piper PA-28 181 Archer III (2843279)
G-LPIN, P & M Aviation QuikR (8424)
G-MAKE, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/016)
G-MAMZ, Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 (1806-7543)
G-MAUS, Europa Aviation Europa (PFA 247-12651)
G-MGNI, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-17-0804)
G-MICB, Flylight Exodus Deltajet 500 Stingray (unknown)
G-MIKI, Rans Coyote II S-6ESA (PFA 204-13094)
G-MIRV, Vans RV-8 (81995)
G-MVWS, Thruster Aircraft Thruster T300 (089-T300-378)
G-MWPP, CFM Streak Shadow M (K.166-SA)
G-MYBC, CFM Shadow Series CD (K.195)
G-MYIL, Cyclone Airsports Chaser S 508 (CH849)
G-MYTY, CFM Streak Shadow SA (K.242-SA)
G-MYYB, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quantum 15 (7079)
G-NCDC, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/719)
G-NEEV, TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius 600 (23 SI 229)
G-NILT, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 Eurostar SL (2014-4202)
G-NINJ, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/653)
G-NJTC, Aeroprakt A-22 L Foxbat (PFA 317A-14565)
G-NNJA, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja (315-8)

G-OASA, Flight Design CT SW (09-07-10)
G-OCMS, Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK (3718)
G-ODVB, CFM Shadow Series DD (300-DD)
G-OJKM, Rans Courier S-7 (PFA 218-12982)
G-OOGY, P & M Aviation QuikR (8458)
G-ORNG, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-22-4214)
G-OROS, Comco Ikarus C42 FB80 (0509-6759)
G-OSON, P & M Aviation QuikR (8601)
G-OTTY, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/011)
G-OWLS, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C (24-18-1724)
G-OZEE, Light Aero Avid Flyer Speedwing (PFA 189-12308)
G-OZIP, Aviat Eagle II (249)
G-PAFF, RotorSport UK MTO Sport (RSUK/MTOS/039)
G-PAPI, Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 (1406-7323)
G-PCPC, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/026)
G-PRAH, Flight Design CT 2K (01-06-01-12)
G-RATV, Piper PA-28R T-201T Turbo Arrow IV (28R-8431005)
G-RDNS, Rans Super Coyote S-116 Super Six (PFA 204-14307)
G-RDNY, RotorSport UK Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/004)
G-RILA, Flight Design CT SW (06-08-11)

G-ROKY, Nando Groppo Trail (LAA 372-15131)
G-RVIW, Vans RV-9 (PFA 320-13924)
G-SBDB, Remos GX (353)
G-SHCK, Comco Ikarus C42 FB 80 (1510-7426)
G-SOCK, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (8041)
G-SUMO, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/714)
G-SVNH, ICP MXP-740 Savannah VG Jabiru(1) (BMAA/HB/579)
(G-SZTD), The Airplane Factory Sling 2 (LAA 399-15646)
G-TANA, Air Creation Tanarg 912S(2) iXess 15 (BMAA/HB/485)
G-TBDI, Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 Bravo (1910-7579)
G-TCNY, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (8037)
G-TDVB, Dyn Aero MCR-01 ULC (PFA 301B-14015)
G-TERR, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quik (7925)
G-THAT, Raj Hamsa X-Air Falcon 912(1) (BMAA/HB/221)
G-TLDL, Medway Microlights Executive SLA100 (290906)
G-TPAL, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8363)
G-TTOM, Zenith Zenair Zodiac CH 601 HD (LAA 162-15088)
G-TWSS, Silence Aircraft Twister 2L (PFA 329-14608)
G-TYGR, Best Off SkyRanger Swift 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/420)
G-VAAV, P & M Aviation QuikR (8595)
G-VMSO, RotorSport UK Cavalon (RSUK/CVLN/033)

G-VVVV, Best Off SkyRanger 912(2) (BMAA/HB/427)
G-VXXI, Aeroprakt A-32 Vixxen (LAA 411-15832)
G-WGSI, Air Creation Tanarg 912S iXess 13 (BMAA/HB/585)
G-WJSG, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8760)
G-WLDO, Flylight Adam (DA250)
G-XBAL, Best Off SkyRanger Nynja 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/620)
G-XIVA, Vans RV-14 A (140372)
G-XLAM, Best Off SkyRanger 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/460)
G-YOLT, Magni Gyro M-16 Tandem Trainer C (16-23-4404)
G-YROG, Magni Gyro M-24 Orion C (24-15-9384)
G-YROZ, RotorSport UK Calidus (RSUK/CALS/005)
G-ZDEE, Aeropro EuroFox 2K (64922)
G-ZHKF, Just Aircraft Escapade 912(1) (BMAA/HB/415)
N4956C/60344, North American Navion (NAV-4-344)
N8818Y, Piper PA-30 160 Twin Comanche C (30-1976)
OK-BUA 66, Phoenix Air Onix (60/U15)
OK-YUI 79, Jihlavan KP-5 Skyleader 600RG (6 306346 Y)
SP-SMRS, Jihlavan KP-2 Skyleader 400 (4 329 366 A)

Photo credits: Grant Robinson


Best regards,


Grant Robinson