Paris/Charles de Gaulle – Saturday 19th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Next stop Paris, but we were in a rush. It was a two hour transit between flights and as we had to go from one terminal to another on the slow airport buses on airside, plus we would only get our boarding passes at the Aeroflot desk in the terminal (They did not have an on line option for our route??) we were on tender hooks. We did make the flight, but we were off quite quickly.
Noted between 1406 (landing) to 1700hrs (pushback).
4X-ELE    Boeing  747412    C/n     26551    El Al Israel Airlines
5R-EAA    Airbus A340313X    C/n     319    Air Madagascar
7T-VJJ    Boeing  7378D6    C/n     30202    Air Algerie
7T-VJV    Airbus A330202    C/n     644    Air Algerie
9K-AOF    Boeing  777300(ER)    C/n     62564    Kuwait Airways
A6-EDX    Airbus A380861    C/n     105    Emirates Airlines
A6-ETR    Boeing  7773FX(ER)    C/n     41701    Etihad Airways
A7-APF    Airbus A380861    C/n     189    Qatar Airways
B-2001    Boeing  77739P(ER)    C/n     43269    China Eastern Airlines
B-6093    Airbus A330243    C/n     884    Air China
C-GGTS    Airbus A330243    C/n     250    Air Transat
C-GHKR    Airbus A330343X    C/n     400    Air Canada
CN-NMK    Airbus A320214    C/n     4806    Air Arabia Maroc
CN-ROD    Boeing  7377B6    C/n     33062    Royal Air Maroc
CS-TQP    Airbus A330202    C/n     211    XL Airways France
D-AIPE    Airbus A320211    C/n     78    Lufthansa
EC-JFF    Airbus A320214    C/n     2388    Vueling Airlines
EC-LUT    Boeing  73785P    C/n     36592    Air Europa
EI-DEB    Airbus A320214    C/n     2206    Aer Lingus
EI-RJY    British Aerospace 146-RJ85    C/n     E2307    Cityjet
ET-ARF    Boeing  7878    C/n     34752    Ethiopian Airlines
F-BVFF    BAC/SUD Concorde101    C/n     215    Preserved
F-GKXI    Airbus A320214    C/n     1949    Air France
F-GKXL    Airbus A320214    C/n     2705    Air France
F-GKXN    Airbus A320214    C/n     3008    Air France
F-GLZP    Airbus A340313X    C/n     260    Air France
F-GRHR    Airbus A319111    C/n     1415    Air France
F-GRHT    Airbus A319111    C/n     1449    Air France
F-GRSQ    Airbus A330243    C/n     501    XL Airways France
F-GSEU    Airbus A330243    C/n     635    XL Airways France
F-GSPT    Boeing  777228(ER)    C/n     32308    Air France
F-GSQA    Boeing  777328(ER)    C/n     32723    Air France
F-GSQE    Boeing  777328(ER)    C/n     32851    Air France
F-GSQK    Boeing  777328(ER)    C/n     32845    Air France
F-GTAK    Airbus A321211    C/n     1658    Air France
F-GTAO    Airbus A321211    C/n     3098    Air France
F-GUGB    Airbus A318111    C/n     2059    Air France
F-GZCI    Airbus A330203    C/n     502    Air France
F-GZCK    Airbus A330203    C/n     516    Air France
F-GZNR    Boeing  777328(ER)    C/n     44553    Air France
F-GZNT    Boeing  777328(ER)    C/n     38705    Air France
F-HAQD    Airbus A320214    C/n     4767    Aigle Azur
F-HBLB    Embraer Emb-190100LR    C/n     19000060    HOP!
F-HCIE    Boeing  757204    C/n     27208    La Compagnie
F-HEPG    Airbus A320214(SL)    C/n     5802    Air France
F-HEPH    Airbus A320214(SL)    C/n     5869    Air France
F-HPJA    Airbus A380861    C/n     33    Air France
F-HPJF    Airbus A380861    C/n     64    Air France
F-HXLF    Airbus A330303    C/n     1360    XL Airways France
F-RADB    Airbus A310304    C/n     422    French Air Force
F-RADC    Airbus A310304    C/n     418    French Air Force
F-RAJA    Airbus A340212    C/n     75    French Air Force
F-RAJB    Airbus A340212    C/n     81    French Air Force
HS-TUD    Airbus A380841    C/n     122    Thai Airways International
JY-AYW    Airbus A320232    C/n     5367    Royal Jordanian Airlines
LN-LNF    Boeing  7878    C/n     35313    Norwegian Long Haul AS
N197AN    Boeing  757223    C/n     32391    American Airlines
N616FE    McDonnell-Douglas MD-11F    C/n     48747    Federal Express
N704X    Boeing  7572Q8    C/n     28163    Delta Air Lines
N862FD    Boeing  777FS2    C/n     37733    Federal Express
N868FD    Boeing  777FS2    C/n     40674    Federal Express
N889FD    Boeing  777FS2    C/n     41067    Federal Express
N901FD    Boeing  7572B7(SF)    C/n     27122    Federal Express
N922FD    Boeing  75723A(SF)    C/n     24293    Federal Express
PH-BXP    Boeing  7379K2    C/n     29600    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PT-MUB    Boeing  77732W(ER)    C/n     37665    LATAM Brasil
SU-GDS    Airbus A330343X    C/n     1143    EgyptAir
TC-ETN    Airbus A321131    C/n     614    AtlasGlobal
TF-FII    Boeing  757208    C/n     24760    Icelandair
VQ-BEF    Airbus A321211    C/n     4103    Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YR-ASA    Airbus A318111    C/n     2931    TAROM