Moscow/Vnukovo – Tuesday 22nd August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

So the end of a long day and we arrived at our new home for a few days at Vnukovo. I did mention the details of the hotel in my introduction mail, however here it is agian.
Vnukovo Airport does not have a proper airport hotel, so having looked around, we found two semi-decent places pretty much on the runway 24 approach or 06 departures path.
Room info for Alexandriya Vnukovo Hotel was rooms 5 and 6 for balcony view towards the South and anything arriving on Runway 24 or departing Runway 06.
We didn’t need to, but if the other runway was being used, traffic departing off Runway 01 or arriving on Runway 19 would be seen by just leaving the hotel and going for a short walk outside.
A few of Grant’s Alexandriya Vnukovo Hotel photos can be seen in this folder:
Noted between our arrival time at 1800hrs and deciding to call it a day at 2230hrs.
4K-AZ83    Airbus A320214    C/n     2685    Azerbaijan Airlines
4L-TGO    Boeing  7377CT    C/n     35086    Georgian Airways
9H-GYB    Hawker-Siddeley 125900XP    C/n     HA-0161    Comlux Aviation Malta
C-GLXC    Dassault Falcon 7X    C/n     176    Corporate
EI-EYM    Airbus A319111    C/n     2497    Rossiya Airlines
EI-EZC    Airbus A319112    C/n     2879    Rossiya Airlines
EI-UNM    Boeing  777312    C/n     28534    Rossiya Airlines
EI-UNN    Boeing  777312    C/n     28517    Rossiya Airlines
EI-UNP    Boeing  777312    C/n     28516    Rossiya Airlines
EK-32008    Airbus A320211    C/n     229    Atlantis European Airways
ES-NXT    Beech 400A    C/n     RK-268    Corporate
LZ-BOT    Boeing  737322    C/n     24665    Ellinair
M-DKVL    Gulfstream G450    C/n     4220    Corporate
M-SBUR    IAI GalaxyG200    C/n     174    Corporate
RA-78817    Ilyushin IL-76MD    C/n     93495851    Russian Air Force
RA-88231    Yakovlev Yak-40S2    C/n     9642050    Vologda Air Enterprise
RA-88251    Yakovlev Yak-40K    C/n     9710552    Vologda Air Enterprise
VP-BAG    Boeing  767224(ER)    C/n     30435    UTair Aviation
VP-BAH    Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10    C/n     9223    Gama Aviation
VP-BCK    Boeing  73746Q    C/n     28758    ATRAN-Aviatrans Cargo Airlines
VP-BFW    Boeing  737524    C/n     27325    UTair Aviation
VP-BIQ    Airbus A319111    C/n     1890    Rossiya Airlines
VP-BIS    Airbus A319112    C/n     1808    Rossiya Airlines
VP-BNJ    Airbus A319111    C/n     2241    Rossiya Airlines
VP-BOD    Boeing  737800    C/n     41238    Rossiya Airlines
VP-BTT    Airbus A319114    C/n     1167    S7 Airlines
VP-BVZ    Boeing  737524    C/n     28925    UTair Aviation
VP-BXO    Boeing  737524    C/n     27314    UTair Aviation
VP-BYL    Boeing  737524    C/n     28920    UTair Aviation
VP-BYM    Boeing  737524    C/n     28917    UTair Aviation
VQ-BAD    Boeing  737524    C/n     27331    UTair Aviation
VQ-BAE    Boeing  737524    C/n     27320    UTair Aviation
VQ-BAR    Airbus A319111    C/n     1488    Rossiya Airlines
VQ-BJI    Boeing  7378AS    C/n     29936    UTair Aviation
VQ-BMP    Boeing  73786N    C/n     28617    Yakutia Air
VQ-BPR    Boeing  737524    C/n     28908    UTair Aviation
VQ-BQP    Boeing  7378GU    C/n     37553    UTair Aviation
VQ-BTD    Boeing  7378MA    C/n     43664    Pobeda
VQ-BTS    Boeing  7378FZ    C/n     41991    Pobeda