Moscow/Vnukovo – Friday 25th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

On the way to Kubinka, we had a quick one stop viewing near the smaller Government ramp area at

Vnukovo. We also saw a few other aircraft as we drove by at about 1645hrs and then 1800hrs.
Noted at 0830hrs
EI-CXR    Boeing  737329    C/n     24355    Leasing Company
RA-61707    Antonov An-148100EA    C/n     27015040007    Russian Federal Security Service
RA-61712    Antonov An-148100EA    C/n     27015041012    Russian Federal Security Service
RA-64523    Tupolev Tu-214VPU    C/n     44104023    Russian Border Guard Service
RA-65919    Tupolev Tu-134AK    C/n     66168    Withdrawn from use
RA-65979    Tupolev Tu-134A-3    C/n     63158    Withdrawn from use
VP-BPA    Boeing  7375K5    C/n     25037    Leasing Company
VP-BPD    Boeing  7375K5    C/n     25062    Leasing Company
VP-BUS    Boeing  7378MC    C/n     44435    Rossiya Airlines
VQ-BAW    Boeing  7378LJ    C/n     43666    Pobeda
VQ-BJO    Boeing  737524    C/n     28910    UTair Aviation
VQ-BTD    Boeing  7378MA    C/n     43664    Pobeda
VQ-BTH    Boeing  7378LJ    C/n     39947    Pobeda
Passing by the airport around 1645hrs.
4K-AZ03    Airbus A319111    C/n     2516    Azerbaijan Airlines
EI-XLP    Boeing  777312    C/n     28531    Rossiya Airlines
VQ-BJS    Boeing  737524    C/n     28901    UTair Aviation
VQ-BPS    Boeing  737524    C/n     28909    UTair Aviation
VQ-BTS    Boeing  7378FZ    C/n     41991    Pobeda
VQ-BVU    Boeing  7378LJ    C/n     41202    Rossiya Airlines
Passing by the airport around 1800hrs.
4L-TGO    Boeing  7377CT    C/n     35086    Georgian Airways
D-AERO    Embraer ERJ-135BJ    C/n     14501216    Air Hamburg
RA-88251    Yakovlev Yak-40K    C/n     9710552    Vologda Air Enterprise
VP-BBT    Airbus A319112    C/n     1805    Rossiya Airlines
VP-BNN    Airbus A319111    C/n     1841    Rossiya Airlines
VQ-BJT    Boeing  737524    C/n     28900    UTair Aviation
VQ-BQS    Boeing  7378GU    C/n     36387    UTair Aviation
VQ-BTJ    Boeing  7378LJ    C/n     39950    Pobeda