Moscow (MAKS) 2019 tour added (Grant Robinson)

Hello all,

Due to a couple of people dropping out, I have two spaces going on the August Moscow Tour 2019. Have a read of the below and if you are interested, please get in touch by replying to this email. The tour advert can be seen at;

The format of this tour will be the same as the last two successful Moscow tours, in that you will be part of a small group of six. Travelling in this group size allows for a lot more to be seen and done and therefore this trip sees Moscow being done in depth.

Join us for 10 days spotting in and around Moscow staying around the 3 airports to catch those Russian airliners rarely seen over here. We will also be visiting six museums and as many of the various wrecks & relics located around Moscow for those of us who like military and civil heritage. We will also be visiting MAKS, the international air show held at Zhukovsky, the home of the Gromov Flight Research Institute.

Some time will be spent at each of the three main airports. Airport hotels will be used on each night of the trip.
Domodedovo (DME) base for S7 Airlines
Sheremetyevo (SVO) base for Aeroflot
Vnukovo (VKO) base for Russia State Transport Company, Pobeda & I-Fly

Russian Air Force base visits are not possible currently due to UK sanctions but we will look at these two big transport bases from outside – Chkalovsky & Yermolino
Types that can be expected to be seen include An-12, An-140, An-148, An-26, An-72, IL-18, IL-22, IL-62, IL-76, IL-86, Tu-134, Tu-154.

So having focused heavily on airliners and military, we also take time out to look at museums and wrecks & relics.

We will visit;
Museum of the Great Patriotic War – Park Pobedy, Moscow
Central Museum of the Armed Forces – Ulitsa Sovetskoi Armii, Moscow
Vadim Zadorozhny Technical Museum – Arkhangelskoye, Moscow
Museum of Air Defence Forces – Zarya
Patriot Park – Kubinka
Central Air Force Museum – Monino (if not closed but is still open as of May)

Note that this could be your last chance to visit the famous Monino as it is reported that the museum will be closed by next year.

As per our visit in 2017, permission has also been sought and given to visit the former Khodynka museum which is now situated at Medyn with 40 aircraft.

We will also visit;
Khodynka (IL-114, Su-15, Su-25 & Tu-134 on display)
Lyubertsy (Ka-26, Mi-24 on display)
Lyubertsky-Panki (Mil Helicopter Plant Museum & Russian Helicopters factory)
Mozhaysky (L-29, MiG-15 & MiG-17 on display)
Ostafyevo (active An-74s & Yak-42s)
Severnoye Tushino (Alexeyev A-90 Orlyonok on display)
Shchyolkov (MiG-21 on display)
Staryy Gorodok (MiG-21 on display)
Selskiy truzhenik (MiG-15 on display)
Tushino (An-26, L-29, Mil-2 on display)

Permission has also been granted to visit again as we did in 2015 & 2017;
Chernoye lots of An-2, Mi-2, Mi-8
Myachkovo General aviation airfield where pleasure flights (at your cost) will be possible in a Yak-52 or MiG-15UTI – yes that’s right, a MiG-15!

As noted above, our Russian contact has arranged permissions to get us to a couple of places that you wouldn’t be able to do yourself. Also her excellent driver will pick you up from the airport hotel and drop you off each day and there will be a experienced courier with you to deal with the day to day schedule and any issues that may arise.

If you would like whet your appetite and see reports or pictures from the 2017 Moscow tour, please check out;


If you would like to see pictures from the 2015 your, please check out;

Best regards,

Grant Robinson