Moorabbin~Vic Australian National Aviation Museum 1st March 2023 (John Tomlinson)

Now in Melbourne and day one and another excellent museum. Pre arranged and a good viewing behind the scenes.

Moorabbin~Vic Australian National Aviation Museum

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Noted between 1006-1425hrs

Hangar 11 First Street Restoration Hangar

A9-13 Bristol Beaufort B.V C/n T9552
A29-53 Curtiss P-40 E Kittyhawk I C/n A29-53
A29-915 Curtiss P-40 N Kittyhawk IV C/n 33032 Yellow
A29-1206 Curtiss P-40 N Kittyhawk IV C/n 33787 Shine Silver
A29-59 Curtiss P-40 E Kittyhawk I C/n 16741 Silver
A29-305 Curtiss P-40 M Warhawk C/n 27114 Primer Yellow clrs
VH-CKU NZ Aerospace CT/4 A C/n 036
VH-ANH Douglas DC-3 C-50 C/n 4120 The wings are outside at the museum
VH-ALV Commonwealth CA-6 Wackett Trainer C/n 256 Restoration & Primer. Was marked A3-22
VH-IHU de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n DHA623
VH-PUE de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C/n C1/0302 Ex PI VH-PUB under wing. Blue clrs
N911GT Mooney M.20 L C/n 26-0038 Red/White
N10MP Mooney M.20 L C/n 26-0002
VH-HUT Piper PA-28 161 C/n 28-7916455 Photo of C/n plate confirmation
VH-HOW Piper PA-32 300 C/n 32-40411 Located under DC3

Compound & Area
G-APRJ Avro Lincoln B.2 C/n RF342 Unmarked. Coded G-29
Unknown Fibre Glass Fuselage C/n Unknown
A7-054 Aermacchi MB-326 H C/n CA30-54 Rear Fuselage. Front fuselage in Unit 2
VH-MZS Mooney M.20 J C/n 24-1122 Fuselage
WB556 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 C/n C1/0008 Front Fuselage only.
VH-GKY Cessna 336 Skymaster C/n 336-0164 WFU after severe storm damage.
A17-045 Bell Helicopters 206 B-1 Kiowa C/n 44545
A30-9 Douglas DC-2 112 C/n 1292 Marked PH-AJU
Unknown. Wirraway on trailer C/n Unknown
VH-CJS de Havilland DH-114 Heron 1 C/n 10903 Fuselage only, bare metal.

Unit 1
A18-316 GAF Nomad N22SB C/n 90
VH-XAP Pazmany PL-4 A C/n V59
VH-VID Commonwealth CA-17 Mustang Mk.20 C/n 1396 Ex A68-71. Green primer.
A23-1001 A10 Wamira Trainer prototype C/n Unknown Orange/White This is/was an engineering mock-up only of the A10. It is not a ‘real’ aircraft, and was never allocated any serial.If the actual aircraft had been built, it would (probably) have been A23-1001, but this has no identity.
Unknown. This is a GAF Nomad cockpit. I believe that it is an unflown ‘extra’ cockpit, and as such has no identity.

Unit 2
A7-054 Aermacchi MB-326 H C/n CA30-54 Front Fuselage / Rear Fuselage in compound
Unknown. Frame RHS Floor C/n Unknown
Unknown. Frame RHS Rafters C/n Unknown
VH-LWS Kawasaki-Bell 47G-3B/KH4 C/n 2067 Preserved

Unit 3
VH-DAV Evans VP-1 Volksplane C/n V-34
A46-25 Commonwealth CA-12 Boomerang C/n 848 Front Fuselage only
N/a Commonwealth CA-6 Wackett Trainer Wings. Yellow clrs

A24-88 Consolidated PBY-5A [M] Catalina C/n 1714 Coded RK-A
A84-226 English Electric Canberra Mk.20 C/n 26
VH-AZS de Havilland Australia DHA.3 Drover Mk.2 C/n 5018
VH-ADL Bristol B.170 Mk.31 Freighter C/n 13193
N7-204 Westland HAS.31 B Wessex C/n WA204 Coded 14
VH-TVR Vickers Viscount 818 C/n 318 Trans Australian colours
XG789 Fairey Gannet AS.4 C/n F.9357 Coded M/841
A77-707 Gloster Meteor T.7 C/n WH118
VH-PVF Aerospatiale SA.365 C1 Dauphin C/n 5042

A3-45 Dassault Mirage III OF C/n 29-45 Marks are now as per registration A3-45
VH-UKV de Havilland DH-60 G Gipsy Moth C/n 1066
10-0791 Sanda Veenstra SV-5 Thermite C/n 3 Coded 791
VH-AUC Percival P.28 Proctor IB C/n K.253 Marked A75-1
VH-ACY Auster J/1 B Aiglet C/n 2705
VH-UUM B.A. Swallow II C/n 409
N4-901 de Havilland DH-112 Sea Venom FAW.53 C/n 12758 Coded NW/875
A94-910 Commonwealth CA-27 Mk.30 Sabre C/n CA27-10
Unmarked. Heron Primary Glider C/n Unknown
Unknown Commonwealth CA-15 C/n Unknown Cockpit Coded P. This is a modern day replica of the cockpit and has no ‘identity’.
Unmarked Link Trainer D2 C/n Unknown white clrs
A13-89 Link Trainer D2 C/n Unknown Blue / Yellow clrs
Unknown Ikara Anti Submarine Missile System C/n N/a Unmarked
VH-CLD de Havilland DH-104 Dove 5 C/n 04107 Cockpit only.
WD827 Fairey Firefly AS.6 C/n F.8655
VH-WIR Commonwealth CA-1 Wirraway C/n 848 Marked A20-10
A8-328 Bristol Beaufighter 21 C/n DAP328 Marked A8-39 / EH-K
A9-501 Bristol Beaufort VIII C/n A9-501 Preserved Cockpit only.
292 Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien C/n Unknown Cockpit wreck.
KF2-002 Bae Systems Kingfisher C/n Unknown
A17-055 Bell Helicopters 206 B-1 Kiowa C/n 44555
VH-AQM de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n DHA418 Marked A17-377
VH-TJR Douglas DC-9 31 C/n 47528 Nose Section Only. VH-TSD on control panel
VH-OLC Piera Osprey C/n Unknown
A92-817 Missile Drone C/n Unknown

Outside again
Unmarked Edgley EA/OA.7 Optica C/n 002 Pod Only
VH-ICI Cassutt Racer C/n Q7
19-7589 Mignet HM.293 Pou-du-Ciel C/n Unknown
VH-BWI Victa Airtourer 100 C/n 81
RP-C8006 Boeing 737 2B7 C/n 22882 Forward Fuselage only