Mlada Boleslav (Letecké muzeum Metoděje Vlacha) – Monday 2nsd September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

An excellent museum attached to a local airfield. Plenty of new additions since it was last reported on the various groups, which was a nice surprise.

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Mlada Boleslav~Central Bohemia Letecke Muzeum Metodeje Vlacha
Noted between 1535-1655hrs

Unknown Caudron G.111 Replica/C.324 Type X11 C/n Unknown Preserved
Unknown MS545 C/n Unknown Preserved 265k on the tail. This the C/n ?
OK-JUD 04 Nieuport 12 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved Marked N1428/12
OK-TAL 07 Unknown Type C/n Unknown Preserved Marked 153/18
OK-HUU 50 Vlach monoplane Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
OK-KUV 18 Pietenpol Air Camper C/n Unknown Preserved Coded 25
OK-LUG 41 Pfalz E.1 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved Marked E1.215/15 (Is this type correct?)
OK-HLJ Zlin Z.126 Trener C/n 721 Preserved Coded 1
OK-KUU 56 Racek PB.6 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved Marked OK-BPI
OK-CUD 44 Piper L-4 Replica Grasshopper C/n Unknown Preserved Marked 329601/D-44
OK-RAU 07 Klemm L 25 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
OK-JUQ 35 Slepcev Storch SS4 C/n Unknown Preserved Coded SJ+LL
OE-CGH Historic Aircraft Service T.131 PA Jungmann C/n 118 Preserved
OK-TRQ Zlin Z.50 L C/n 0060 Preserved
S5-MAY Polikarpov Po-2 C/n 0076 Preserved Coded 76
OK-XRC Zlin Z.50 LX C/n 0073 Preserved
Unknown Var Eze wood frame C/n Unknown Preserved
OK-VAU 88 Be-60 Bestiola C/n 2 Preserved Marked OK-BEC
OK-7400 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 151630 Preserved
OK-4900 Matejcek M-17 Universal C/n 03/74 Preserved
OK-JXA Simunek Kamaryt SK-1 Trempik C/n 01 Preserved
OK-YUA 11 Brouchek WD-01 C/n Unknown Preserved Marked OK-YXA
OK-JLA Zlin Z.126 Trener 2 C/n 781 Preserved
Unknown Link Trainer C C/n N/a Preserved Unmarked
Unknown Link Trainer C C/n N/a Preserved Marked D2741
Unknown Morane Saulnier BB C/n Unknown Preserved
OK-HUD 04 Sopwith F.1 Camel Replica C/n OK-HUD 04 Preserved Coded 4
OK-KUD 08 Grade Monoplane Replica/Grade 1909 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved

Photo credit: John Tomlinson