Millau/Larzac, Belmont/Saint-Affrique, Albi/Le Séquestre, Gaillac/Lisle-sur-Tarn, Saint Martin & Tarbes/Lourdes – Sunday 10th April 2022 (Andy & Cat Durrant)



After another great night out, this time in Nimes, it was time for the homeward turn back to TLS.

F-GJLP, MH1521

F-GNND, Robin


?, Pipistrelle Alpha, F-JIXQ

21-FS, Pioneer 200

81-QL, Savage, Ex I-9398

83-AQY, Savannah, C/n 06-10-51-529

76-OV, Sting

84-FZ, Jabiru

12-AF, D31

12-HU, Avid

11-IS, Type H

F-PRMV, Emeraude

27-ABC, ?

33-MT, HM1100

?, Magni M22, F-JHAU


12-BZ, Magni, F-JRIO

12-HV, Rans S-6?

47-NF, Jabiru

53-FD, Skyranger

Very friendly, both hangars accessed. Clear out!





34-AFB, Banbi

48-BY, Magni M24

34-AKG, Freccia

56-NR, Guerin G-1

F-BUKT, Wassmer

12-IB, Bionix

12-HX, Mystic

F-CURE, Stemme

12-AD, Allegro

12-IH, Land Africa

81-MV, Tetras

F-CEZA, Bergfalke

F-CIHF, Alliance

F-CFXM, Pegase

Upon arrival only the visiting pilot of the Banbi was around. He saw me at Candillargues yesterday.

Minutes later, another chap arrived with the all important clefs! Clear out!




Albi/Le Séquestre


F-HSAE, SportCruiser


81-MT, Guepard

81-PN, Vixxen, F-JGGP

F-PRLX, Jodel

81-KY, JPM.03

F-GBFV, C172

F-GGXQ, Robin

N76912, T28

A cheeky self guided yielded the above. Clear out!





F-GIKD, Robin


F-GKBO, Robin

F-GBVK, Robin

F-GDYA, Robin

F-PTRG, Zenair 701

Nobody about, squinnied from the 2 hangars




Saint Martin

On the drive here I said to Cat that I’d be surprised if anyone would be here as it was lunchtime.

I was almost correct, they were having a BBQ lunch outside the hangar!

81-IH, Rans S-6

56-NJ, Rans S-6, F-JRKT

81-HW, Pico

31-DR, Delpech Amphibian

17-UB, X’Air

81-PQ, Rans S-6

25-UV, ?, F-JXAB

59-CJL, Brako

55-RP, Pico

18-NI, Pico

07-RV, Air Creation Fun

81-PY, DTA Diva

81-JJ, HM293

A great reception here with full access of the squinnyproof hangar granted.

They insisted on us joining them for wine, bread & cheese. Rude not to!





Our last port of call before direct routings to Toulouse to catch our light night Harp to STN.

F-HLAD, Dynamic

S5-CEF, C525




F-BSMC, Rallye

N696AV, A321, Avianca, Stored

F-WXAT, A321, Qingdao, 10649

F-WWAI, A340, Stored

9H-AJI, A330, A/w, Stored


VP-BGK, B777, Royal Flight, Stored

F-WXAU, A321, Qingdao, 10626

OE-LDW, B737, Spicejet, Stored

VP-BHF, A330, Thai, Stored

VP-BUP, A330, Nordwind, Stored

F-WTAO, A350, Hong Kong, ?

F-WTAQ, A350, Hong Kong, ?

EI-GXV, A320, A/w, Stored

N244GE, A330, Air Portugal, Stored

F-WTAL, A350, Hong Kong, ?

B-30DP, A350, Hainan, 355

B-308H, A350, Hainan, 251

B-308J, A350, Hainan, 260

B-308G, A350 Hainan,246

B-30DM, A350, Hainan, 351

9H-MIP, A380, A/w, Stored

N835JM, A300, DHL, Stored

9H-ACY, A340, South African, Stored

OE-ITY, A319, Easyjet, Stored

N260GE ,B737, Mango, Stored

N259GE, B737, Mango, Stored

EI-GYF, A320, A/w, Stored

UR-PSG, B737, Ukraine, Stored

VP-CTK, B737, Spicejet, Stored

VP-CTJ, B737, Spicejet, Stored

9H-ACX, A340, South African, Stored

2-RLAX, A330, Bamboo, Stored

CS-TFX, A340, HiFly, Stored

F-WTAZ, A340, A/w, Stored

V8-001, A340, Brunei Govt, Stored

OH-LTN, A330, Finnair, Stored

2-SSCA, A330, A/w, Stored

LZ-DCE, A330, Air Transat, Stored

EI-EWH, A330, National, Stored

OH-LTS, A330, Finnair, Stored

OE-IBG, A330, Wamos, Stored

F-WTAM, A330, Azul, 1952, PR-ANV

9H-AMM, A320, A/w, Stored

2-RLAY, A330, Bamboo, Stored

EI-GCC, A320, Ernest, Stored

EI-GWK, A320, Cote d’Ivoire, Stored

EI-GWJ, A320, Cote d’Ivoire, Stored

9H-AMB, A320, A/w, Stored

LY-NVV, A320, A/w, Stored

EI-GYY, A320, A/w, Stored

OE-IFV, A320, A/w, Stored

D-AIQD, A320, Lufthansa, Stored

LZ-GNH, A320, Air Portugal, Stored

VQ-BCY, A320 ,Ural, Stored

F-WXAV, A321, Qingdao, 10410

OE-IFW, A330, Avianca, Stored

VP-BMA, A330, Thai, Stored

9H-XFG, A330, Virgin Australia, Stored

N243GE, A330, Air Portugal, Stored

VP-CAV, A320, Aer Lingus, Stored

9H-ACZ, A340, South African, Stored

VQ-BZB, B777, Azur Air, Stored

F-WZNW, A350, Stored

9H-AIY, A380, A/w, Stored

2-MAFS, A330, Thai,,Stored


Hope you’ve enjoyed!



Bulldog & Cat


Photograph credit: T.Laurent