Martigny~Valais, Chateau D Oex~Vaud, Saanen~Bern, Zweisimmen~Bern, Reichenbach~Bern, Gsteigwiler Heliport~Bern, Interlaken~Bern, Thun~Bern, Bern-Belp, Ried~Valais Sunday 21st January 2024 Day 3 (John Tomlinson)

Sunday 21st January 2024

Martigny~Valais Sunday 21st January 2024

A very strange coloured Vampire in the centre of town.

Noted at 0810hrs

J-1176 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire FB.6 C/n 685 Preserved

Displayed at local School
GPS: N46.10111, E7.07090

Chateau D Oex~Vaud Sunday 21st January 2024

Our second day here, weather was much duller, but still plenty of activity.
On the walk to my vantage point, I noted the grave of famous actor David Niven….

Noted between 0930-1145hrs
D-OKUB Kubicek Balloon BB-37N C/n 441 Private
D-OOTS Fire Balloons G C/n 1717 Private
EC-LZC Ultramagic M-77 C/n 77/373 Private
F-GMIH Cameron Balloon Z-105 C/n 10792 Private
F-GOCO Cameron Balloon N-90 C/n 10657 Private
F-GTIN Cameron Balloon Z-120 C/n 11830 Private
F-HCSS Ultramagic M-90 C/n 90/193 Private
F-HCVL Ultramagic M-130 C/n 130/101 Private
F-HFCC Cameron Balloon Z-105 C/n 11642 Private
F-HIBQ Cameron Balloon Z-90 C/n 12210 Private
F-HKJB Fire Balloons G C/n 1867 Private
F-HLBV Chaize JZ.34F24 C/n NG-066 Private
F-HLUL Chaize SS Unicorn C/n SSHAB-001 Private
F-HONS Ultramagic M-90 C/n 90/161 Private
G-CEJI Lindstrand LBL-105A C/n 1144 Private
G-CKVI Cameron Balloon A-120 C/n 12197 Private
G-CLBD Cameron Balloon Z-120 C/n 12253 Private
G-CLPW Cameron Balloon Cameron 0-31 C/n 12410 Private
G-CMND Cameron Balloon Z-140 C/n 12589 Private
G-HHPM Cameron Balloon Z-105 C/n 11534 Private
G-TUTU Cameron Balloon O-105 C/n 10659 Private
HB-BIY Ultramagic T-210 C/n 210/138 Ballons du Leman
HB-BMI Ultramagic 370 Series C/n 370/01 Private
HB-QOD Kubicek Balloo BB-37Z C/n 599 Private
HB-QOJ Cameron Balloon RX-105 C/n 11235 Private
HB-QPB Cameron Balloon Z-140 C/n 10899 Centre Alpin International de Ballons
HB-QPR Cameron Balloon Z-180 C/n 11595 Sky Event
HB-QQD Ultramagic M-145 C/n 145/93 Sky Event
HB-QQE Cameron Balloon Z-275 C/n 12161 Sky Event
HB-QQO Ultramagic N-300 C/n 300/61 Ballons du Leman
HB-QQP Ultramagic N-355 C/n 355/40 Private
HB-QRN Ultramagic M-160 C/n 160/69 Private
HB-QTD Ultramagic N-210 C/n 210/61 Take-Off Balloon
HB-QUD Cameron Balloon Z-120 C/n 11935 Centre Alpin International de Ballons
HB-QUO Cameron Balloon Z-90 C/n 11983 Private
HB-QUU Air Fly AF-SS-73 C/n LP2021-01 Private
HB-QVM Ultramagic M-145 C/n 145/81 Take-Off Balloon
HB-QVS Cameron Airship AS.105 Srs II C/n 11762 Private

HB-QVV Ultramagic F-21 Cepsa SS C/n F21/004 Take-Off Balloon
HB-QWC Ultramagic M-77C C/n 77/384 Private
HB-QXN Ultramagic N-300 C/n 300/86 Take-Off Balloon
HB-ZAG Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3e C/n 8567 Air-Glaciers
HB-ZAN Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3 C/n 8268 Fuchs Helikopter
HB-ZHY Eurocopter AS.350B3 C/n 4220 Heli Bernina
LX-BIL Cameron Balloon Z-105 C/n 11679 Private
N99UM Ultramagic H-77 C/n 77/288 Private
OK-7782 Kubicek BalloonBB-34Z C/n 1446 Private
OO-BCA Ultramagic N-210 C/n 210/33 Private
OO-BGM Cameron Balloon Z-90 C/n 11514 Private
OO-BLA Cameron Balloon C-60 C/n 11742 Private
OO-BMO Cameron Balloon Z-133 C/n 12102 Private
OO-BOY Ultramagic M-120 C/n 120/99 Private
OO-BRI Kubicek Balloon BB-34Z C/n 1786 Private
OO-BSN Kubicek Balloon BB-34 C/n 1262 Private
OO-BWB Aerostar S.60A C/n S60A-3231 Private
OO-BWY Kubicek Balloon SS C/n 1598 Private
YL-029 Kubicek Balloon BB-30Z C/n 1183 Private

Over Chateau D Oex~Vaud Sunday 21st January 2024

Noted between 0930-1145hrs
HB-PCV Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-7725096 Private
OH-RJD Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 2182 Fly 7 Executive Aviation

Saanen~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

A short journey to the next field.
Whilst invited into the hangars, we were asked **not to take photographs.**

Noted between 0930-1145hrs
On the various ramps
HB-ZUC Eurocopter EC135T2+ C/n 1025 Air-Glaciers
OH-KBA Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 2043 Fly 7 Executive Aviation
HB-CDU Cessna 182P C/n 182-62790 Private
HB-PJE Piper PA-32R-301 C/n 3246223 Private
LX-RUM Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 2145 Jetfly Aviation
HB-CNQ Reims-Cessna F.172N C/n 1789 Private

Hangar – No photographs
HB-ZUI Airbus Helicopters EC135T2+ C/n 1173 Air-Glaciers
OO-PCM Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1704 European Aircraft Private Club
HB-ZQZ AgustaWestland AW169 C/n 69006 Karen Helicopter Services
N37SJ Cirrus Design SR-22T C/n 1927 Private
N930DB Beech A36TC C/n EA-184 Private
HB-MAA Xtreme Air XA-42 C/n 146 Private
HB-SEH SAN Jodel D.140 C/n 50 Air Sarina

Connected Hangar – No photographs
OH-FUK Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 2266 Fly 7 Executive Aviation
HB-FGA Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 2328 Pilatus
HB-OGA Piper L-4J C/n 13123 Air Sarina

Over Saanen~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

Noted between 0930-1145hrs
I-AMRL Diamond DA 42 C/n 42.374 Private
HB-ZNR Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3e C/n 7905 Europavia

Zweisimmen~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

30 minutes later the next field, where was were allowed to take photographs in the one hangar.
Across the filed was another REGA Swiss Air Ambulance helicopter unit.

Noted between 1255-1305hrs
HB-OLW Piper PA-18180 C/n 18-8337 Private
HB-3024 Schleicher ASW-24 C/n 24016 Private
HB-3017 PZL-Bielsko SZD-51-1 C/n B-1859 Private
HB-ZRQ AgustaWestland AW-109SP C/n 22212 REGA Swiss Air Ambulance

Over Zweisimmen~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024
HB-FXF Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1799 Corporate

St. Stephan~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024
**No photographs**
No one around, although we could see people in the back of the hangar. However the larger hangar had a glass frontage, so a quick look, no photographs and it was off to the next field.

Noted between 1330-1340hrs

Glass fronted Hangar
N2415Z de Havilland Canada U-6A C/n 1259 Private
HB-KFL Robin DR.400180 C/n 1908 Private
HB-RWM Canadian Car & Foundry T-6J C/n CCF4-498 Private
HB-RMW North American T-28C C/n 226-190 Private
D-IDEE Piper PA-60602P C/n 60-8365012 Corporate

Wooden closed Hangar
LY-MHC WSK-PZL An-2R C/n 1G215-33 Private

Reichenbach~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

A very open airfield where ramblers and dog walkers have free access.
No one round, however the hangars had glass frontages and two aircraft were on the ramp.

Noted between 1442-1500hrs

T7-36A Beech A36 C/n E-2737 Private

HB-CWE Reims-Cessna F.172L C/n 0829 alpaviation
HB-ORA Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-7049 Private
N78056 Temco Globe GC-1B C/n 2056 Private
N94804 Erco Ercoupe 415-E C/n 4917 Private
Small Hangar
HB-KEG Aviat HuskyA-1 C/n 1293X Air Sarina
HB-TDZ Cessna 208B C/n 208B-5616 Zimex Aviation
HB-PHZ Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8009039 Private
HB-YJO Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar C/n 5561 Private

Gsteigwiler Heliport~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

A very friendly greeting and a few photographs in the Swiss Helicopter hangar.

Noted between 1530-1535hrs

HB-ZEI Eurocopter AS.350B3 C/n 3610 Swiss Helicopter

HB-ZNQ Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3e C/n 7885 Europavia
HB-ZTO Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3e C/n 8468 Europavia

Over Gsteigwiler Heliport~Bern
HB-ZRK Eurocopter EC135T1 C/n 0027 Air-Glaciers

Interlaken~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

Another airfield where it is a view at the field from the perimeter fence.
As at other airfields, plenty of public rambling and dog walking around the viewing locations.

Noted at 1550hrs

J-4018 Hawker Hunter F.58 C/n 41H/691766 Preserved
HB-ZRP AgustaWestland AW-109SP C/n 22213 REGA Swiss Air Ambulance

HB-ZRT AgustaWestland AW-109SP C/n 22210 REGA Swiss Air Ambulance

HB-ZRN AgustaWestland AW-109SP C/n 22363 Swiss Air Ambulance

Over Interlaken~Bern
HB-OKB Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8884 Private

Thun~Bern Sunday 21st January 2024

The cafe owner had the keys, so he kindly opened the hangar for us.

Noted between 1630-1645hrs

HB-1505 Pilatus B4-PC11AF C/n 309 Private
HB-1952 Schempp-Hirth Discusb C/n 199 Private
HB-2193 Schempp-Hirth DiscusbT C/n 436 Private
HB-3477 DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000S C/n 10-290 Segelfluggruppe Thun
HB-767 Slingsby T.50 C/n 1401 Private
HB-OQB Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8991 Private

Bern-Belp Sunday 21st January 2024

As in past visits, the fire service, if they have time allow hangar access.
However as some helicopters were private, **we could take photo’s of some of them**. That was fine with us.

Noted between 1711-1745hrs

About the field
HB-JOR Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9418 Corporate
HB-NPG Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 121A C/n VSW121A0124 Private
HB-AEV Dornier Do.328110 C/n 3056 Instructional Airframe
N650MV Gulfstream G650 C/n 6026 Corporate
EC-NOC Bombardier Global 6500BD-700-1A10 C/n 60026 Gestair

HB-ZOA Guimbal G-2 C/n 1050 Swiss Helicopter

Hangar 1
HB-ZDQ Guimbal G-2 C/n 1051 Swiss Helicopter
HB-ZTB AgustaWestland AW-109SP C/n 22233 Air Sarina
D-HNWE Bolkow Bo-105CBS-4 C/n S-456 Heli Aviation GmbH
HB-ZIE Eurocopter EC120B C/n 1461 Swiss Helicopter

Hangar 2
HB-ZGK Kaman K-1200K-MAX C/n A94-0026 Rotex Helicopter
HB-ZDS Eurocopter EC120B C/n 1248 Swiss Helicopter
HA-PMK Agusta A-119 C/n 14029 Corporate
HB-ZRJ Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3 C/n 8282 Swiss Air Ambulance
HB-ZLZ Agusta A-109E C/n 11106 Private

About the field
D-COVA Cessna 525C C/n 525C-0395 Corporate
HB-ZQI Airbus Helicopters BK117D-2 C/n 20225 REGA Swiss Air Ambulance

Over Ried~Valais Sunday 21st January 2024
N1F Gulfstream G650 C/n 6076 Corporate
T-784 Cessna 560 C/n 560-5269 Swiss Air Force

Ried~Valais Sunday 21st January 2024

Noted at 2000hrs

J-1746 de Havilland DH-112 Venom FB.54 C/n 916 Preserved