Markdorf – Thursday 11th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Today was the first visit to Markdorf~Baden-Wurttemberg when the weather had improved and visitors were now making the journey into the field. Much better than yesterday!
As usual, a friendly welcome and just be alert as you cross the live runway, plus no yellow high viz unless you are working for air traffic.

As I previously mentioned, a number of aircraft still need either C/n or registration confirmations. No doubt they will appear soon enough.



Markdorf 1335-1430hrs
In order as noted / Photographed

In Hangar
D-8783 Schneider DFS 108-14 C/n Unknown Preserved
D-KAMD Schempp-Hirth ArcusT C/n 69 Private
D-MKDF Aerospool Dynamic C/n DY-650/2018 Private
I-X048 Zefhir Helicopter C/n Unknown Private

On the field
WDYN-03 Dynali H-3 C/n Unknown Private
D-MERP Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n Unknown Private
OK-PUD 02 Podewsa Z.126UL C/n 007A/08 Private
D-MSHP Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0001-6236 Private
D-MLRX Laser C/n Unknown Private
D-MMZE B & F Technik Funk FK.9Mk.V C/n Unknown Private
D-MKIW Evektor EV-97 C/n 2002-1501 Private
D-MILO Aerostyle Breezer C/n 85 Private
PH-VIR Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 121 C/n VSW1210007 Private
I-C733 Pipistrel Virus S-Wing C/n 844SW100 Private
D-MBSH Flight Design CTSW C/n 06/08/2016 Private
D-MFSV TL Ultralight TL-2000 C/n 08ST267 Private
D-MFBW Flying Machines FM.250 C/n Unknown Private
D-MBIK Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0612-6859 Private
D-MXRY Tecnam P.96 Golf C/n 159 Private
D-MSHN Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 8307-1032 Private
D-MFWZ Remos G-3 C/n 82 Private
D-MYJB Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY356/2010 Private
D-MFFS Pipistrel Sinus C/n 182 Private
OK-WAR 07 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n Unknown Private
OK-XAI 48 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 391/2018 Private
D-MWUW Vidor Asso V C/n 10 Private
D-MNGI B & F Technik Funk FK.9TG C/n 58 Private
D-MHSF Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 312 Private
OK-NUF 31 WD Flugzeugbau FascinationF100 C/n 6208 Private
OK-WUS 17 Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY601/2016 Private
OK-VAR 08 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 213/2016 Private
D-MCPD Flight Design CT C/n E-2-14-02-03 Private
D-MBCM B & F Technik Funk FK.9Mk.IV C/n 431-TG Private
D-MZTO Aeroprakt A.22 C/n Unknown Private
D-MWAA Remos G-3 C/n 35 Private
D-MWON Aerospool Dynamic C/n Unknown Private
57-BRZ Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private Callsign F-JBPI
D-MBCT Flight Design CTSupralight C/n E-12-01-04 Private
91-ASD Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY578/2016 Private Callsign F-JAOJ
D-MDSD B & F Technik Funk FK.14 C/n Unknown Private
D-MAWF Remos GX C/n 425 Private
78-APS Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private
OM-S142 TL Ultralight Stream C/n 17STR02 Private
D-MECG Evektor EV-97 C/n Unknown Private
D-MTBZ Tecnam P.92 EchoLight C/n Unknown Private
D-MSCS Pipistrel Sinus912 C/n 249SNL912 Private
D-MWHE Murphy RenegadeSpirit C/n 608 Private
57-BNH Aero-East-Europe SILA 450C C/n 140128-AEE-021 Private
PH-4Q7 Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY231/2008 Private
PH-4R6 Aerospool WT-10 C/n DY654/2018 Private
05-GS Dyn’Aero MCR-01 C/n 165 Private Callsign F-JJWH
OK-MUA 91 Skylark C/n Unknown Private
59-CFL Urban Air UFM-13 C/n Unknown Private
67-BVO Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY545/2015 Private Callsign F-JVZC
77-BTV/F-JTLP Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private
D-MYWF Remos GX C/n 441 Private
D-MFMB B & F Technik Funk FK.9Mk.IV C/n Unknown Private
78-APT Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private Callsign F-JDLF
OO-H84 Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-110 Private
OK-WAU 09 Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-151 Private
D-MIIZ Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n Unknown Private
D-MALX Aerospool WT-9 C/n 022 Private. It still has it’s previous ID, PH-3S2, in small latters on the tip of the tail.
D-MDYA Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY124/2006 Private
67-BML Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 80 C/n 459SWN80 Private Callsign F-JTRW
OM-M610 Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-281 Private
F-JDNB Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n Unknown Private
D-MOMY ELA Aviacion ELA 10 C/n Unknown Private