Lyubertsky-Panki, Lyubertsky & Kuziminky – Saturday 26th August 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Before our final full day in the Moscow area, we visited a number of locations with just a few exhibits, however they were mainly military. So, as I have done before, no log, just some basic information and a photograph link. As mentioned previously, this will give you an excellent understanding of the nature of the trip and what can be seen.

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Lyubersty-Panki district of Moscow is the Mil helicopter factory.

There is also an outside museum, which unless you can get permission to view, the only way see see the inmates are from a nearby bridge at Panki railway station.
As expected, we did not expect to ID everything that we saw, so we are still in the process of trying to see if we can ID a few more. However with the limited view and angles available, I think that we did quite well.

Photograph link at:


** ??? Mil M-26 C/n Unknown Camo (Grant has this as (01 yellow), which is RA-06141 in Planebase. Hope it isn’t Grrrr No comment as to it’s location in Aerodata)
CCCP-13322 Mil Mi-6 A C/n 726304V Grey. (Possibly marked 19 yellow) Review C/n on boom 72304B ??
CCCP-27208 Mil Mi-8 T C/n 2856 Blue/White/Aeroflot
** ??? Type ?? C/n Unknown Camo
** ??? Mil M-24 C/n Unknown Camo
032 yellow Mil M-28 C/n 00-03 Camo
60 yellow Mil Mi-4 C/n Unknown Green
CCCP-20735 Mil Mi-2 C/n Unknown Aeroflot c/n 52 7632 052
Unmarked Mil Mi-34C C/n Unknown red/Black/checkered boom
CCCP-68131 Mil Mi-1 M C/n 96801611 maroon or red/ white
** ??? Type ?? C/n Unknown Covers/boom missing
** ??? Type ?? C/n Unknown Boom only seen, black & orange stripe
** ??? Type ?? C/n Unknown Green

Non Line RIGHT SIDE Non Line Non Line

38013 Mil Mil-38 C/n OP-3 Nose on. maroon/ white
70934 Mil Mi-17 C/n 223M107 Blue/white underbelly
219 blue Mil Mi-28 N C/n Unknown RF- Blank
CCCP-21142 Mil Mi-12 C/n 001 Marked H-833
** ??? Mil M-? C/n Unknown Gold colour. Mock Up??
RF-94984 Mil Mi-35 M C/n Posssibly 34075817110 (Coded 37 blue)
** ??? Mil M-24 ?? C/n Unknown Green
55 red Mil Mi-8 C/n Possibly C/n 9711219

Non Line LEFT SIDE Non Line Non Line

511 black Mil Mi-171 A2 C/n 171A02643115711U white/red/grey back Row
987 black Mil Mi-171 Sh C/n 59489614987 grey /green back Row
** ??? Mil M-28 ?? C/n Unknown Camo

Front Row
** ??? C/n Unknown Black Front Row
** ??? C/n Unknown Black Front Row
** ??? C/n Unknown Green Front Row
** ??? C/n Unknown Green Front Row

Main Gate Separate Nearby Nearby
Unmarked Mil M-8 C/n Unknown Yellow/Gold




Like many districts throughout Moscow, yet another military display
My photographs at:




Kuzminki and a paintball park.

This included an Antonov An-2 as well as two Mil M-2’s and a MiG-21. Also noted is what appeared to be the cockpit of an Ilyshin IL-18.
Photographs at: