Luton~Beds, Heathrow~Gtr London, Farnborough~Hants, Blackbushe~Hants, Staverton~Glos 16 July 2023 (John Tomlinson)

Our annual trip down South to attend RIAT Monday departures day.

We travelled down on the Sunday and visited a few places along the way to to hotel.

Nothing too outstanding, but nice to catch up with a few things which get reported on the various forums for these places.

A few photographs for Luton:

Farnborough: and





Reports in order as noted.


Noted between 0945-1100hrs
9H-WZS Airbus A320232(SL) C/n 6131 Wizz Air Malta
HB-VPO Embraer EMB-505 C/n 50500367 Corporate
9H-WDR Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 11309 Wizz Air Malta
G-MCEN Embraer EMB-550 C/n 55020162 Air Charter Scotland
YL-REX Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14501120 Corporate
N551VL Gulfstream G550 C/n 5381 Corporate
9H-VCZ Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20614 VistaJet Malta
9H-VIR Bombardier Global 7500BD-700-2A12 C/n 70123 VistaJet Malta
G-OLIV Beech B200 C/n BB-1835 Dragonfly Air Charter
9H-IRL Cessna 560 C/n 560-5228 Air Charter Scotland Europe
EI-LSY Gulfstream G550 C/n 5350 Gainjet Ireland
N317ML Dassault Falcon900EX EASy C/n 158 Corporate
N625QS Cessna 680A C/n 680A-0240 NetJets

N344RS Gulfstream G550 C/n 5444 Corporate
N866G IAI Galaxy C/n 25 Corporate
N822BD Gulfstream G550 C/n 5064 Corporate
G-NJAE Dassault Falcon2000EX EASy C/n 115 NetJets Air Transport UK
OK-BMM Beech 400A C/n RK-354 Corporate
G-ZENJ Learjet 75 C/n 45-565 Zenith Aviation
CS-LTL Cessna 680A C/n 680A-0186 NetJets Europe
G-EZTR Airbus A320214 C/n 4179 easyJet
CS-DXU Cessna 560 C/n 560-5775 NetJets Europe
N240WL Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9696 Executive Jet Management
G-LEAX Cessna 560 C/n 560-5712 London Executive Aviation
T7-JAT Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9374 Corporate
N4096Q Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6408 Corporate
T7-ONEX Dassault Falcon 8X C/n 469 Corporate

D-IGRK Cessna 525A C/n 525A-0220 Corporate
OE-LGY Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9554 Corporate
G-EZOA Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6412 easyJet
N609GB Gulfstream G600 C/n 73091 Corporate
9H-XOC Cessna 560 C/n 560-5640 VistaJet Malta
CS-CHB Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20553 NetJets Europe
VP-BJW Boeing 737301 C/n 23551 Fire Service
EI-IGM Boeing 7378200MAX C/n 67073 Ryanair
N650VC Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6244 Corporate
HB-JTZ Bombardier 650 C/n 6134 Execujet Europe
VP-CGN Gulfstream G650 C/n 6112 TAG Aviation (UK)
G-ULFX Gulfstream G600 C/n 73047 London Executive Aviation
VP-CEE Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6255 HK Bellawings Jet
G-EZDR Airbus A319111 C/n 3683 easyJet
N913HH Gulfstream G450 C/n 4083 Corporate
VP-CMC Gulfstream G450 C/n 4269 Jet Aviation Business Jets
N34HS Gulfstream G550 C/n 5514 Corporate
G-SMHA Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 41 Corporate
4X-EHI Boeing 737958(ER) C/n 41559 El Al Israel Airlines
N1852V Gulfstream G550 C/n 5146 Corporate
N882DE Gulfstream G450 C/n 4233 Corporate
G-UZHS Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 8506 easyJet
N425TM Gulfstream G550 C/n 5191 Corporate
N877A Gulfstream G4SP C/n 1461 Corporate
9H-IRC Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9860 DC Aviation Malta
M-RTFS Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 207 Corporate
N457WB Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20665 Corporate
9H-LIV Airbus A319115CJ C/n 3513 Comlux Aviation Malta
N1WW Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9808 Corporate
HA-LZL Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 10700 Wizz Air
VT-NAD Bombardier Global 6500BD-700-1A10 C/n 60039 Corporate
G-OUEG Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9828 Catreus
G-FOMO Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9797 London Executive Aviation
N651WE Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6141 Corporate
2-KSFR Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9873 Corporate
G-MATO Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 277 Air Charter Scotland

Heathrow~Gtr London

Noted between 1145-1500hrs
D-ALEX Airbus A319115X(SL) C/n 5963 K5 Aviation
OO-ABF Airbus A330941N C/n 1844 British Airways
N24974 Boeing 7879 C/n 40942 United Airlines
9H-VJW Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9728 VistaJet Malta
VH-OQG Airbus A380841 C/n 47 QANTAS
F-HZUE Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55146 Air France
9V-SKZ Airbus A380841 C/n 255 Singapore Airlines
CS-TVH Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10033 TAP Air Portugal
D-AINY Airbus A320271N(SL) C/n 9453 Lufthansa
TC-LKB Boeing 77736N(ER) C/n 41819 THY Turkish Airlines
VH-ZND Boeing 7879 C/n 63390 QANTAS
HS-TTA Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 66587 Thai Airways International
N4073J Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 11129 jetBlue Airways
A7-BFH Boeing 777FDZ C/n 42298 Qatar Airways
G-VLDY Airbus A330941N C/n 2025 Virgin Atlantic
YL-AAZ Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55114 airBaltic
EI-EJP Airbus A330202 C/n 1354 ITA Airways
A6-EVF Airbus A380842 C/n 252 Emirates Airlines
YL-ABK Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55182 airBaltic
9K-AOC Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 62561 Kuwait Airways
VT-ANT Boeing 7878 C/n 36291 Air India
D-AEAD Airbus A300B4-622RF C/n 617 DHL Worldwide Courier Express
TC-LSF Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 8740 THY Turkish Airlines
B-KQK Boeing 777367(ER) C/n 41430 Cathay Pacific Airways
YU-APL Airbus A319132 C/n 4282 Air Serbia
SX-NAG Airbus A321271NX(SL) C/n 11011 Aegean Airlines
C-FIVQ Boeing 777333(ER) C/n 35240 Air Canada
C-FSDQ Boeing 7378MAX C/n 61209 Air Canada
EI-DTI Airbus A320216 C/n 3976 ITA Airways
EI-SIM Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10761 SAS Connect
OH-LXD Airbus A320214 C/n 1588 Finnair
EI-NSA Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10712 Aer Lingus
B-KPY Boeing 777367(ER) C/n 37899 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXE Airbus A3501041 C/n 225 Cathay Pacific Airways
ET-AZI Airbus A350941 C/n 582 Ethiopian Airlines
7T-VJB Airbus A330202 C/n 1630 Air Algerie
4X-EDL Boeing 7879 C/n 65094 El Al Israel Airlines
SU-GDL Boeing 77736N(ER) C/n 38284 EgyptAir
A7-APJ Airbus A380861 C/n 254 Qatar Airways
HZ-AR24 Boeing 78710 C/n 40050 Saudia
OD-MEE Airbus A330243 C/n 1725 Middle East Airlines
N29981 Boeing 7879 C/n 66142 United Airlines
CS-TJM Airbus A321251N(SL) C/n 8145 TAP Air Portugal
N45956 Boeing 7879 C/n 40918 United Airlines
HB-JDE Airbus A320271N(SL) C/n 11084 Swiss International Air Lines
VT-ANY Boeing 7878 C/n 36296 Air India
HZ-AK42 Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 62762 Saudia
F-HZUY Bombardier CS-300A220-300 C/n 55221 Air France
YR-ASB Airbus A318111 C/n 2955 TAROM
G-XWBN Airbus A3501041 C/n 609 British Airways
C-GMKS Boeing 7879 C/n 64979 Westjet
PT-MUH Boeing 77732W(ER) C/n 38889 LATAM Brasil
EC-NTO Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10818 Iberia
OH-LXB Airbus A320214 C/n 1470 Finnair
9K-AOM Boeing 777300(ER) C/n 62570 Kuwait Airways
N418DX Airbus A330941N C/n 2010 Delta Air Lines
A6-BND Boeing 7879 C/n 42373 Etihad Airways
N24979 Boeing 7879 C/n 66141 United Airlines
G-ZBLE Boeing 78710 C/n 60641 British Airways

Over Heathrow~Gtr London
G-WOFT Agusta A-109E C/n 11619 Corporate

Noted between 1540-1705hrs
A6-RJZ Boeing 7377Z5 C/n 29269 Royal Jet
9H-VJW Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9728 VistaJet Malta
N374FS Gulfstream G650 C/n 6056 Corporate
M-USIC Gulfstream G550 C/n 5394 Hampshire Aviation
N95RS Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9241 Corporate
N990WJ Dassault Falcon900EX EASy C/n 190 Corporate
D-AJET Embraer ERJ-135BJ C/n 14501227 Air Hamburg
CS-CHE Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20623 NetJets Europe
9H-AZZA Bombardier 605 C/n 5968 Corporate
LX-DCC Pilatus PC-24 C/n 195 Jetfly Aviation
LX-PCC Pilatus PC-24 C/n 143 Jetfly Aviation
M-UATG Bombardier 650 C/n 6179 Corporate
N8888 Dassault Falcon2000 C/n 28 Corporate
N883RA Dassault Falcon900EX EASy C/n 151 Corporate
N480CH Boeing 73772T C/n 29024 Corporate
A6-DAS Boeing 7377Z5 C/n 29858 Royal Jet
A6-RJU Boeing 73777W(BBJ) C/n 62468 Royal Jet
N979CB Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9561 Executive Jet Management
Unknown. Falcon 7X White tail, 2 x green stripes C/n
Unknown. Global, Blu, Yellow Turquoise tail C/n
Unknown. Global, All grey, black rudder C/n
VP-COD Bombardier 604 C/n 5562
N473K Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 56 Corporate
VP-BAS Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 32 Corporate
N8ST Gulfstream G600 C/n 73050 Corporate
N650DA Gulfstream G650 C/n 6057 Executive Jet Management
9H-VJA Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9441 VistaJet Malta
A9C-BHR Gulfstream G600 C/n 73067 Bahrain Royal Flight
G-DBSD Bombardier Global Express C/n 70143 Corporate
CS-CHM Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20900 NetJets Europe
VP-CEX Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 221 Corporate
N333EH Gulfstream G550 C/n 5220 Corporate
VP-CJL Bombardier Global 6500BD-700-1A10 C/n 60034 Corporate
N610CX Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9066 Corporate
C-GWHF Bombardier Global ExpressBD-700-1A10 C/n 9407 Skyservice Aviation
M-DUBS Dassault Falcon 7X C/n 255 Corporate
LX-FLY Bombardier Global 6500BD-700-1A10 C/n 60019 Global Jet Luxembourg
9H-BOO Canadair Regional-Jet850 C/n 8051 Air X Charter
M-ICKY IAI G280 C/n 2255 Hampshire Aviation
N197BB Gulfstream G550 C/n 5519 Corporate
N404AR Gulfstream G450 C/n 4223 Corporate
HB-JOR Bombardier Global 5000BD-700-1A11 C/n 9418 Corporate
VP-CRH Gulfstream G550 C/n 5335 HK Bellawings Jet
HB-JFX Bombardier Global 6000BD-700-1A10 C/n 9769 Corporate
VQ-BOS Boeing 7378GQ C/n 35792 Corporate
N888KK Gulfstream G600 C/n 73074 Corporate
N550DR Gulfstream G550 C/n 5413 Corporate
M-YGLF Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6291 TAG Aviation (UK)
N570BY Gulfstream G400 C/n 1504 Corporate
N787JS Gulfstream G450 C/n 4189 Corporate
N892SS Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6226 Corporate
EI-LSN Gulfstream G650 C/n 6092 Gainjet Ireland

N85V Gulfstream G5 C/n 595 Corporate
N812RB Gulfstream G550 C/n 5045 Corporate
T7-CHS Bombardier Global 7500BD-700-2A12 C/n 70118 Corporate
N247EM Gulfstream G550 C/n 5265 Corporate
9H-VCE Bombardier Challenger 350 C/n 20540 VistaJet Malta
N8833 Gulfstream G650 C/n 6059 Corporate
9H-XOA Cessna 560 C/n 560-5615 VistaJet Malta
ZS-EKA Bombardier Global 6500BD-700-1A10 C/n 60020 Fireblade Investments
SE-RLX Hawker-Siddeley 125800XP C/n 258458 Grafair
2-EMBR Embraer EMB-505 C/n 50500544 Corporate
M-OUSY IAI G280 C/n 2261 Hampshire Aviation

Farnborough Town~Hants
BAPC-285 Large or Full Scale Model of Gloster E.28/39 C/n Unknown Preserved


Noted between 1715-1730hrs
G-AGRW Vickers Viking V.639-1 C/n 115 Preserved

G-BIJV Reims-Cessna F.152 C/n 1813 Private
G-BZEA Cessna A.152 C/n A152-0824 Private
G-BZEB Cessna 152 C/n 152-82772 Private
G-OCCN Diamond DA 40D-TDI C/n D4.241 Private
G-CTCF Diamond DA 42 C/n 42.045 Private
G-BOWY Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-8131114 Private
G-CICG Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1304-7259 Private
G-ATEF Cessna 150E C/n 150-61378 Private
G-AVSF Piper PA-28180 C/n 28-4197 Private
G-ESSL Cessna 182R C/n 182-67947 Euro Seaplane Services
G-CMKI Cessna 152 C/n 152-80900 Private
G-CMFF Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916269 Private
G-CMKJ Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-8416086 Private
G-CMCZ Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843205 Private
G-CGJP Van’s RV-10 C/n PFA 339-14600 Private
G-BHXA Scottish Aviation SA.1201210 C/n 407 Private
G-HWPK Airplane Factory Sling 4 C/n LAA 400-15721 Private
G-FLXY Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843927 Private
G-CCND Van’s RV-9A C/n PFA 320-14142 Private
G-BOJI Piper PA-28RT-201 C/n 28R-7918221 Private
G-BMFP Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916243 Private
G-BTMA Cessna 172N C/n 172-73711 Private
G-DZKY Diamond DA 40D-TDI C/n D4.342 Private
G-CBZR Piper PA-28R-201 C/n 2837029 Private
G-WOWS Cirrus Design SR-22T C/n 1712 Private
N799DS Diamond DA 40 C/n 40.799 Private
G-CLAC Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-8116241 Private
G-ELCH Rockwell Commander 114B C/n 14566 Private
G-CSLL Piper PA-28R-201 C/n 2844118 Private
G-PDSI Cessna 172N C/n 172-70420 Private
G-BICW Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916309 Private
G-YORE Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser C/n LAA 338-14844 Private


Noted between 1935-1950hrs
M-AXIM Cessna T.206H C/n T206-08513 Private
G-OPSS Cirrus Design SR-20 C/n 1458 Private
G-RAGT Piper PA-32301FT C/n 3232038 Private
G-BNMB Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7615369 Private
G-BBIX Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-7225442 Private
G-VVMC Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 8702 Private

G-CDMX Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916006 Private
N822E Mooney M.20E C/n 990 Private
G-MPLA Cessna 182T C/n 182-81686 Private
G-BRDG Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7816047 Private
G-EKIR Piper PA-28161 C/n 2841157 Private
G-CBDK Scottish Aviation SA.120T.1 C/n 259 Private
G-BNZB Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916521 Private