Laupheim – Friday 7th April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

Next stop was a military base, Laupheim~Baden-Wurttemberg. However we were aware that they had a private hangar in the North West part of the airfield.
We went through the gates near the hangar, but no one appeared to be around. To save time, Grant had made notes as he looked for any person around. As as all aircraft could be seen from the outside of the hangar, we stayed in the car
and Grant provided us with the required details.
After that, we drove along the perimeter road to view the two helicopter gate guards. Certainly would not be easy when all the trees have leaves on!
No photographs here.
Noted between 1400-1420hrs
Gate Guards:
75+21    Sud Aviation SE.3130    C/n     1287    Preserved
D-HAUC    Sikorsky S-58C    C/n     58-350    Preserved
In open Hangar:
D-MXWB    Nando Groppo Trial    C/n     Unknown    Private
D-4426    Schleicher K.8B    C/n     8414    Private
D-ECDT    Piper PA-28R-201T    C/n     28R-7803150    Private
D-EDDO    Aquila A.210    C/n     242    Private
D-EEAU    Robin HR.200120B    C/n     274    Private
D-EEBI    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-9115    Private
D-EEDC    Cessna 172S    C/n     172S-9024    Private
D-EEHR    Cessna 182P    C/n     182-61008    Private
D-EEPJ    Dornier Do.27A-1    C/n     173    Private
D-EEPN    Dornier Do.27A-4    C/n     395    Private
D-EQAM    Aquila A.211    C/n     300    Aquila Aviation by Excellence GmbH
D-ERRS    Neico Lancair360    C/n     3118    Private
D-EVRF    Van’s RV-7    C/n     70151    Private
D-HXGW    Rotorway Exec    C/n     3003543    Private
N250SB    Steen Skybolt    C/n     SW27    Private