La Cote – Sunday 2nd April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

La Cote~Vaud was the airfield where we had an 0800hrs appointment for a tour.
Arrived in good time, the owner being kind enough to open the airfield and hangars for us.
Notes & photo by one of the team….
01-ARJ/01-ABJ  Savannah  F-JTHR    Photo – c/n 10-10-54-0031 **
The above F-JTHR is in many databases as 01-ARJ. However the photographs confirm that it is 01-ABJ with c/n 10-10-54-0031.
01-ADI    Magni M-22    C/n     Unknown    Private
01-TH    Tecnam P.92 Echo    C/n     Unknown    Private
25-AEV   I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah     C/n     16-02-54-0456    Private
HB-2361    ICA-Brasov IS-28M2/GR    C/n     75    Private
HB-CDF    Reims-Cessna F.172M    C/n     926    Private
HB-CDN    Reims-Cessna F.172H    C/n     570    Private
HB-CFB    Cessna 172RG    C/n     172RG-0520    Private
HB-DED    Mooney M.20E Super 21    C/n     213    Private
HB-EEI    SAN Jodel DR.1050    C/n     549    Private
HB-EFS    Centre-Est DR.2202+2    C/n     17    Private
HB-EUZ    Centre-Est DR.250160    C/n     70    Private
HB-KEL    Robin R.3000140    C/n     123    Private
HB-KFS    Centre-Est DR.250160    C/n     66    Private
HB-KMB    Tecnam P.2008JC    C/n     1062    Private
HB-OKK    Piper PA-28R-200    C/n     28R-7335009    Private
HB-OQU    Piper PA-28140    C/n     28-7525061    Private
HB-OYH    Piper PA-28140    C/n     28-20959    Private
HB-OZV    Piper PA-28180    C/n     28-4613    Private
HB-PBO    Piper PA-28235    C/n     28-7710022    Private
HB-PQP    Piper L-21B150    C/n     18-5380    Private
HB-SFF    SAN Jodel D.140    C/n     19    Private
HB-WZO    Aerospool WT-9    C/n     DY468/2013    Private
HB-YEL    W.A.R. Fw.190    C/n     289    Private
HB-YGW    Denney Kitfox    C/n     S94110061    Private
HB-YMZ    Van’s RV-4    C/n     2422    Private
HB-YVZ    Van’s RV-4    C/n     Unknown    Private
N8SQ    Cessna 180H    C/n     180-51725    Private
N937HP    Pfister Hans VM-1 Eaqual    C/n     E-180072    Private

One thought on “La Cote – Sunday 2nd April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

  1. Hi John,
    we also visited La Cote on the 16th, but I noted the c/n of 215 AEV / F-JBKA as 16-02-54-0454

    Jeff H.

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