Kymi (Karhulan Ilmailukerhon Lentomuseo) – Friday 15th June 2018 (John Tomlinson)

After the maritime museum it was about a 30 minute journey to Kymi~Etela-Suomi
Another pre-arrange meeting and introduction, then access given to the field and then on to the museum of Karhulan Ilmailukerhon Lentomuseo.
We had an unidentified glider at this museum, not sure if any of my travel companions resolved it’s ID?
Plus two Unknown Gliders in the hut/hangar 4 visited:
???    Glider type Unknown     C/n     Unknown    Preserved
???    Glider type Unknown     C/n     Unknown    Preserved
On the field
OH-PDU    Piper PA-28160    C/n     28-7425414    Private
OH-607    Eiri Avion PIK-20E    C/n     20292    Private
Hangar 1 visited
OH-XTM    PIK PIK-21    C/n     1    Private
OH-U568    Titan Tornado    C/n     405    Private
Hangar 2 visited
OH-696    Schleicher ASK-23    C/n     23029    Private  Coded 23
OH-417    Glasflugel H-201B    C/n     398    Private Coded 72
OH-719    Schempp-Hirth JanusC    C/n     222    Private
Hangar 3 visited
OH-924    Schleicher ASK-21    C/n     21735    Private
OH-729    Schempp-Hirth Discusb    C/n     124    Private  Coded OL
OH-824    PZL-Bielsko SZD-55-1    C/n     551190005    Private Coded KM
OH-497    Eiri Avion PIK-20B    C/n     20118C    Private  Coded TY
OH-895    Rolladen-Schneider LS-8A    C/n     8196    Private   Coded NA
OH-752    PZL-Bielsko SZD-51-1    C/n     B-1776    Private
OH-667    Grob G.102 Club Astir IIIBC/n 5575CB Private
OH-205    Schleicher Ka.7    C/n     574    Private
OH-864    PZL-Bielsko SZD-51-1    C/n     B-2128    Private Coded K
OH-298    PZL-Bielsko SZD-9bis    C/n     F.820    Private
OH-242    Schleicher Ka.6CR    C/n     961    Preserved
Karhulan Ilmailukerhon Lentomuseo
DK-259    SAAB Draken J35FS    C/n     35499    Preserved
FM-43    Valmet CM-170R    C/n     FM-43    Preserved    Coded G
GN-107    Folland Gnat F.1    C/n     FL.31    Preserved
H-12    Harakka I    C/n     11    Preserved
H-50    Harakka IIN    C/n     19    Preserved    Marked PUH-504
H-57    Harakka II    C/n     25    Preserved
MG-116    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21bis    C/n     N75083895    Preserved
MG-78    Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13    C/n     741205    Preserved
OH-151    PIK PIK-5c    C/n     15    Preserved
OH-339    PZL-Bielsko SZD-9bis    C/n     F.878    Preserved
OH-BAF    Schneider DFS 108-49    C/n     17    Preserved
OH-347    Fibera KK-1e    C/n     16    Preserved    Marked /Coded 70    OH-LKF
OH-U276    Harakka Moottoriharakka    C/n     1    Preserved
OH-307 PIK PIK-16C Vasama C/n 29 Preserved (Marked OH-VAN Rear fuselage and tail only)
OH-MAA    Instytut Szybownictwa IS-B    C/n     2    Preserved   (Note: Wing Only)
OH-U356    PIK PIK-26    C/n     392    Private
OH-199    PIK PIK-3b    C/n     5    Preserved
Unmarked  Aimo Kevythelikopteri    C/n     Unknown    Preserved
Hangar 4 visited
OH-348    Schleicher K.8B    C/n     14    Preserved  Coded VT
Plus two Unknown Gliders in the hut.
???    Glider type Unknown     C/n     Unknown    Preserved
???    Glider type Unknown     C/n     Unknown    Preserved
In the bushes, rear fuselage and tail of one seen earlier.
OH-348    Schleicher K.8B    C/n     14    Preserved  Coded VT