Konstanz, Amlikon, Lommis, Speck-Fehraltorf – Saturday 30th April 2022 (John Tomlinson)


Another friendly field, last visited in April 2019. permission granted and a walk along the line and hangars produced the following. Not all hangars were open, but gaps were big and easy enough to view through.

Photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72177720298966409



Noted between 1425-1515hrs

About the field in order as noted.
D-ELBR BRM Aero B23 C/n 028/2021 Private
D-MIWH Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300UL C/n 281 Private
D-ENXB Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7716035 Private
D-EHOH HOAC DV 20 C/n 20.044 Private
F-HSBT Socata TB-10 C/n 1586 Private
OO-VMY Piper PA-28161 C/n 2842287 Private
OO-VFR Piper PA-28181 C/n 2890200 Private
D-MNKX Aeroprakt A.32L C/n Unknown Private
OO-VMC Piper PA-28161 C/n 2842016 Private
D-MUWL B & F Technik Funk FK.9 C/n Unknown Private
F-GENR Socata TB-20 C/n 513 Private
D-MHLG Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY416/2011 Private
OO-LVA Cessna 172S C/n 172S-10533 Private
D-EAYY Cessna 172S C/n 172S-10229 Private
D-KEEG Scheibe SF-25C C/n 44592 Private
LX-AIE Cessna 172S C/n 172S-10739 Private
OE-KFL Diamond DA 40NG C/n 40.N008 flylinz GmbH
D-MUCT Flight Design CTSW C/n 43958 Private
D-MPCS Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-223 Private
D-MMTK Aerospool WT-9 C/n Unknown Private

D-EFDD SAN Jodel DR.1050 C/n 486 Private
57-BQW Zenair CH.650 C/n 15-04-65-EK-0018 Private Marked F-JBWM
D-EHKG Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-7235267 Private
D-MKIY Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY015/2002 Private
D-MCPD Flight Design CT C/n E-2-14-02-03 Private
D-MEKL Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300UL C/n Unknown Private
D-MYLK B & F Technik Funk FK.14 C/n Unknown Private
????? Alpi Aviation Pioneer C/n Unknown Private (under covers 100 metres away)
N666NN Piper PA-34220T C/n 3449226 Plane Fun Inc
D-EAAX Van’s RV-7A/HG C/n 2002532 Private
N241PK Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 102 Private

Stored / WFU
D-EKAK Beagle B121150 C/n B135 Private

Hangar 1
D-MPKT Aerospool WT-9 C/n DY616/2017 Private
D-KJBA Scheibe SF-25C C/n 44399 Private
D-EHAA Robin DR.400180R C/n 1541 Private
D-2631 Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21412 Private
D-EDEO Reims-Cessna F.150L C/n 925 Private
D-ENCG Reims-Cessna FR.172K C/n 637 Private
D-EHKG Piper PA-28R-200 C/n 28R-7235267 Private
D-MRYY Evektor EV-97 C/n 2002-1408 Private

Hangar 2
D-ENPA Piper PA-28161 C/n 2816005 Private
D-MPMM WD Flugzeugbau Evolution C/n 1 Private
HB-NDA Rockwell Commander 112TC C/n 13070 Private

Hangar 3
D-MFWW Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 0803-6963 Private
D-EDBV Piper PA-28236 C/n 28-8011131 Private
D-EZYY Rockwell Commander 114 TC C/n 20035 Private

Hangar 4
HB-OYZ Piper PA-28R-180 C/n 28R-30014 Private
D-MOCI Evektor EV-97 C/n 2001-1002 Private
D-EHAO Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7515278 Private

Hangar 5
N62199 Cessna 172S C/n 172S-10833 Private
D-MJCC Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MGJJ Dova Aircraft DV-1 C/n 09/230 Private
D-MXEE Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MEAP Ikarus Comco C-22 C/n 0301-3750 Private
D-MLBB Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
D-MFOO Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private


Amlikon~Thurgau 30th April 2022

Now back into Switzerland and a first time visit for me here. Again permission granted to walk the field and taker photographs.

Photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72177720298963360

Noted between 1550-1615hrs

HB-3500 Schleicher ASG-29 C/n 29094 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded CA
HB-3296 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus C/n 244 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded 2C
HB-1862 Schleicher ASK-23B C/n 23060 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus
HB-2385 Glaser-Dirks DG-800B C/n 8-274 Private
HB-2459 Diamond HK 36TTC-ECO C/n 36.849 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus

HB-3064 Schleicher ASH-25 C/n 25128 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded CZ
HB-1875 Rolladen-Schneider LS-4 C/n 4592 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded CP
HB-1870 Rolladen-Schneider LS-4 C/n 4586 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded FC
HB-EYS Robin DR.400180R C/n 1297 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus
HB-EUV Robin DR.400180R C/n 820 Segelfluggruppe Olten
HB-1630 Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21095 Segelfluggruppe Cumulus Coded CQ

About the field
HB-1673 Rolladen-Schneider LS-4 C/n 4176 Private
HB-2351 Schleicher ASH-25M C/n 25122 Private
HB-2498 Schleicher ASH-31Mi C/n 31117 Private
HB-3126 Marganski S-1 C/n 101 Private
HB-3443 Schleicher ASG-29 C/n 29084 Akademische Fluggruppe Zurich
HB-DGP Varga Varga 2150A C/n VAC-158-80 Segelfluggruppe Zurich
OE-9485 Schempp-Hirth ArcusM C/n 96 Private


Lommis~Thurgau 30th April 2022

I have been here a few times on Friedricheshafen trips, always a warm welcome and permission granted to walk the ramp and view the main hangar.

We were asked to look in the smaller hangar from the door, not a problem, all seven aircraft easily viewed.

Photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72177720298972418

Noted between 1640-1700hrs

Maintenance Hangar
HB-WYC Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser C/n 09SC298 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau

Sectioned hangar, view from opened door.
HB-SGU Aquila A.211GX C/n AT01-100C-325 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-YNL Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser C/n 08SC122QB Private
HB-KLD Robin DR.400140B C/n 2755 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-SGT Aquila A.211GX C/n AT01-100C-324 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-KFW Robin DR.400140B C/n 2535 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-PQS Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843069 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-SYP Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 128 C/n VSW1280024 Private

Hangar Visit
HB-PDI Piper PA-28181 C/n 28-7990338 Private
HB-NDL Rockwell Commander 112B C/n 515 Private
PH-JLK Diamond DA 40D-TDI C/n D4.165 Private
HB-EWQ SIAI-Marchetti SF-260C C/n 636 Private
HB-KOF Robin DR.400140B C/n 2582 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-UVM CASA 1.131E C/n Unknown Private
HB-KLA Robin DR.401155CDi C/n 2677 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau
HB-URD Bucker Bu.131B C/n 33 Private

HB-UVV CASA 1.131E C/n 2127 Private
HB-YOU Cub Crafters CCK-1865EX C/n CCK-1865-0097 Private
HB-YLM Van’s RV-7 C/n 70795 Private
HB-YPO Denney Kitfox C/n KA13334277 Private
HB-YLP Aerostyle Breezer C/n 003E Private
HB-HFW FFA AS 20215-1 C/n 129 Private
HB-OQS Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7515009 Private
HB-YTM Denney Kitfox C/n KA11038186 Private
D-MDUE Flywhale Aircraft Adventure C/n Unknown Private
HB-UPF Bolkow Bo.208C C/n 637 Private
HB-PHP Piper PA-18125 C/n 18-7901 Motorfluggruppe Thurgau



No one available to escort us through the very large hangar, however a walk along its front provided us with may large holes to view through the wooden doors.

A short drive to the other side of the field allowed us a closer view of the Ukrainian Robinson R66 that we had seen a Friedricheshafen a day or so earlier.

Photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72177720298964495

Noted between 1735-1810hrs

Travelling Cabin Exhibit?
HB-CBZ Cessna 182J C/n 182-57233 Private
The metal plate on the side of the cabin stated HB-CQU. However this was seen in the large hangar, as it was in my previous visit in April 2017.
The cockpit has the HB-CBZ on the front panel for the pilot to view.

Maintenance Hangar next to car park
HB-GMM Beech 58 C/n TH-1440 Private

Side of main Hangar. Viewed through window.
HB-ZMP Robinson R22 C/n 4524 Heli Sitterdorf

HB-KTC Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 1367 Private
HB-XRW McD-D Helicopters 369E C/n 0231E Corporate
HB-PGY Piper PA-28236 C/n 28-8311009 alpaviation
HB-CQU Cessna 182Q C/n 182-66611 Private
HB-OVT Piper PA-28180 C/n 28-1174 Private
HB-EGO SIAI-Marchetti SF-260D C/n 838 Private
N974 Christen S-2B Special C/n 5281 Private
HB-LUH Diamond DA 42 C/n 42.233 Private
HB-YME Denney Kitfox C/n C99040244 Private
N758BK Cessna R.172K C/n R172-2963 Private
HB-PQM Piper L-18C95 C/n 18-3200 Private
HB-RUA Historic Aircraft Service T.131PA C/n 113 Private
HB-YKA Van’s RV-4 C/n 2626 Private
HB-TER Cessna 182T C/n 182-81982 Private
HB-OQG Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7415089 Private
HB-TBX Uetz U4M C/n 5 Private
HB-OZG Piper PA-28140 C/n 28-21528 Private
HB-YSD Van’s RV-12 C/n 120383 Private
HB-TBY Uetz U4M C/n 27 Private
HB-PAR Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-7609050 Private
HB-DBU Mooney M.20J 205 C/n 24-3364 Private
HB-CNF Reims-Cessna F.172H C/n 653 Private
HB-PCI Piper PA-28180 C/n 28-5745 Private
HB-UVH CASA 1.131E-2000 C/n 2152 Preserved
HB-SPH Gardan GY-201 C/n 5 Private

Arrived and straight into hangar
HB-PPJ Piper L-21B150 C/n 18-5342 Private

HB-TDA Cessna 172S C/n 172S-11144 Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-TDD Cessna 172S C/n 172S-11323 Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-3407 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus C/n 220 Private
HB-KMD Tecnam P.2010 C/n 24 Private
HB-CYF Reims-Cessna F.152 C/n 1792 Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-UUY Bucker APM.131-150 C/n 10 Preserved
HB-KMH Tecnam P.2008JC C/n 1042 Flugsportgruppe Zurcher Oberland
HB-3256 Glaser-Dirks DG-505 C/n 5E-179 Private

On the field
UR-DBB Robinson R66 C/n 641 Aviakompania Prominterservis

HB-KMM Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 570 Private
N720PA Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843386 Private
HB-YLX Roloff RLU-1 C/n CH02 Private