Kedma – Sunday 5th May 2019 (John Tomlinson)

We were advised that this airfield was not always friendly, so we initially viewed the aircraft on the ramp from distance. We then drove the two van’s to the main gate and had a quick look from the perimeter fence, where all aircraft,
except the wrecked one were easily identified. No one bothered us as we were not around for too long.

Interestingly, all the Air Tractor AT-802’s are reported as based at Meggido, which is the other base for Snunit Aviation Services . However none of the Rockwell S-2R600 Thrush Commander’s had a named base.

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Noted between 1849-1910hrs

Any idea’s on the ID of this one? ???? Air Tractor 802 Wreck C/n Unknown Private.
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4X-AFA Air Tractor AT-802 C/n 0412 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 8)
4X-AFF Air Tractor AT-802 C/n 0458 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 12)
4X-AFG Air Tractor AT-802A C/n 0592 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 11) in the hangar
4X-AFK Air Tractor AT-802A C/n 0582 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 10)
4X-AFT Air Tractor AT-802 C/n 0371 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 5)
4X-AFV Air Tractor AT-802 C/n 0360 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 1)
4X-AFX Air Tractor AT-802 C/n 0353 Snunit Aviation Services (Coded 6)

4X-AUT Rockwell S-2R600 Thrush Commander C/n 2269R Private
4X-AUX Rockwell S-2R600 Thrush Commander C/n 2370R Private
4X-AUY Rockwell S-2R600 Thrush Commander C/n 2373R Private

4X-BJA Bolkow Bo-105CBS-2 C/n S-600 CHIM-NIR


Photo credit: John Tomlinson