Helsinki/Vantaa – Thursday 14th June 2018 (John Tomlinson)

The three Manchester departure boys arrived on time in Helsinki and before other members of the group who came from the South of the UK via Riga.
Similar to Schiphol, once off the aircraft you were able to walk the terminal, except the international section where the heavy aircraft were. The terminal had large windows where some reasonable photographs could be taken. We parked at the Southern arm of the L shaped Terminal and looked across towards the freight area, although heat haze did not help us at all. The commuters, such as the based Nordic Regional Airlines also parked up next to us. We completed the Nordic Regional Airlines fleet of 12 ATR 72’s before the afternoon was over. Finnair would take a bit longer. Looking at my records, I believe that only 9 aircraft of the 68 strong Finnair fleet were not noted in the 15 and a half hours that we viewed at Helsinki.
A word of warning if you have to collect bags. I appears that you had two sets of stairs / area’s A and B for bag collection. We were quite happy walking around the terminal and eventually decided to go and collect them. We went down the wrong stairs and you cannot go back to the correct ones. Anyway we explained this to the airport information desk and they were quite relaxed…………looks as this may be a regular situation passengers find themselves in. My two colleagues had to go to the correct area and all was well. However what I found strange was that a no point was any of us asked to present our passports?
Now landside, we made our way to the viewing deck. I was expecting a reasonably sized area, however the sign to the entry door stated only 20 persons at a time, there were certainly more when we arrived and more came. It was obvious that we were all coming to Finland for the same event. Eventually a military chap came on to the deck to kindly usher some people off, fortunately a group were just about ready to leave, so all was well. In my Helsinki photographs folder, I took a few shots of the deck which may interest you.
Having said that, it was a good place to view and I imagine that you would miss nothing. Not the best place for photography, as for one taxiway, shots have flag poles in the way, but you can get good views if they pass closer by. That is certainly the case with the heavy aircraft, easily viewed and photographs taken.
You can also view flyovers, however they are very much less than in the UK and as an addition, the odd movement across the field by training aircraft and helicopters were noted on occasions.
As an aside, we visited the Southern perimeter of the airport, overlooking the freight ramp each morning and evening that we we in the Helsinki hotel.
Photographs for this first visit as well as all subsequent visits to Vantaa are in this folder:
Noted between 1520hrs and late from the hotel.
0001    Gulfstream G550    C/n     5547    Government of Poland
A7-BCW    Boeing  7878    C/n     38341    Qatar Airways
CS-DXX    Cessna 560    C/n     560-5789    NetJets Europe
D-AEAE    Airbus A300B4-622R    C/n     753    DHL Worldwide Courier Express
D-AIDX    Airbus A321231    C/n     6451    Lufthansa
D-AIPP    Airbus A320211    C/n     110    Lufthansa
D-CXLS    Cessna 560    C/n     560-6027    Air Hamburg
EI-FJK    Boeing  7378JP    C/n     42072    Norwegian Air International
EI-FJL    Boeing  7378JP    C/n     42073    Norwegian Air International
EI-FJN    Boeing  7378JP    C/n     41152    Norwegian Air International
EI-FPD    Canadair Regional-Jet900NG    C/n     15401    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
EI-FVI    Boeing  737800    C/n     42274    Norwegian Air International
EI-FVK    Boeing  737800    C/n     42276    Norwegian Air International
EI-FVX    Boeing  737800    C/n     42090    Norwegian Air International
EI-FYG    Boeing  7378MAX    C/n     42831    Norwegian Air International
EI-STL    Boeing  73742C(SF)    C/n     24231    ASL Airlines Ireland
G-LUBB    Cessna 525    C/n     525-0271    Hangar 8
G-NPTZ    Boeing  737436(SF)    C/n     25842    West Atlantic UK
G-OBYH    Boeing  767304(ER)    C/n     28883    TUI Airways
LN-NGP    Boeing  7378JP    C/n     39028    Norwegian Air Shuttle
LN-TUF    Boeing  737705    C/n     28222    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
LN-WEB    Embraer Emb-190300STD    C/n     19020013    Wideroe Airline
LY-FOX    Airbus A320214    C/n     1087    Air Malta
LY-SPB    Airbus A320232    C/n     2987    Small Planet Airlines
N314UP    Boeing  76734AF    C/n     27742    United Parcel Service Company
N349UP    Boeing  76734AF    C/n     37947    United Parcel Service Company
N915FD    Boeing  757236(SF)    C/n     24120    Federal Express
N974VV    Douglas DC-1040    C/n     46974    Omega Air
OH-ATE    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     741    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATF    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     744    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATG    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     757    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATH    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     769    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATI    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     783    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATJ    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     792    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATK    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     848    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATL    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     851    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATM    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     916    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATN    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     959    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATO    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     977    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-ATP    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     1050    Nordic Regional Airlines
OH-BDX    Beech A60    C/n     P-194    Private
OH-BEX    Beech C90    C/n     LJ-978    Corporate
OH-LKE    Embraer Emb-190100IGW    C/n     19000059    Finnair
OH-LKG    Embraer Emb-190100IGW    C/n     19000079    Finnair
OH-LKI    Embraer Emb-190100IGW    C/n     19000117    Finnair
OH-LKN    Embraer Emb-190100IGW    C/n     19000252    Finnair
OH-LKP    Embraer Emb-190100LR    C/n     19000416    Finnair
OH-LKR    Embraer Emb-190100LR    C/n     19000436    Finnair
OH-LTM    Airbus A330302    C/n     994    Finnair
OH-LTO    Airbus A330302    C/n     1013    Finnair
OH-LTP    Airbus A330302    C/n     1023    Finnair
OH-LVA    Airbus A319112    C/n     1073    Finnair
OH-LVC    Airbus A319112    C/n     1309    Finnair
OH-LVH    Airbus A319112    C/n     1184    Finnair
OH-LVK    Airbus A319112    C/n     2124    Finnair
OH-LWA    Airbus A350941    C/n     18    Finnair
OH-LWB    Airbus A350941    C/n     19    Finnair
OH-LWD    Airbus A350941    C/n     22    Finnair
OH-LWE    Airbus A350941    C/n     23    Finnair
OH-LWF    Airbus A350941    C/n     28    Finnair
OH-LWI    Airbus A350941    C/n     104    Finnair
OH-LWK    Airbus A350941    C/n     113    Finnair
OH-LXA    Airbus A320214    C/n     1405    Finnair
OH-LXC    Airbus A320214    C/n     1544    Finnair
OH-LXH    Airbus A320214    C/n     1913    Finnair
OH-LXI    Airbus A320214    C/n     1989    Finnair
OH-LXK    Airbus A320214    C/n     2065    Finnair
OH-LXM    Airbus A320214    C/n     2154    Finnair
OH-LZA    Airbus A321211    C/n     941    Finnair
OH-LZC    Airbus A321211    C/n     1185    Finnair
OH-LZD    Airbus A321211    C/n     1241    Finnair
OH-LZE    Airbus A321211    C/n     1978    Finnair
OH-LZF    Airbus A321211    C/n     2208    Finnair
OH-LZG    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     5758    Finnair
OH-LZH    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     5803    Finnair
OH-LZI    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     5922    Finnair
OH-LZK    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     5961    Finnair
OH-LZL    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     6083    Finnair
OH-LZM    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     7552    Finnair
OH-LZN    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     7570    Finnair
OH-LZR    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     7981    Finnair
OH-LZS    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     8069    Finnair
OH-LZT    Airbus A321231(SL)    C/n     8041    Finnair
OK-REQ    Airbus A319112    C/n     4713    CSA Czech Airlines
OY-JTY    Boeing  7377Q8    C/n     30727    Jettime
OY-KAO    Airbus A320232    C/n     2990    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
OY-TCH    Airbus A321211(SL)    C/n     6438    Thomas Cook Scandinavia
PH-BXF    Boeing  7378K2    C/n     29596    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PI-01    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1193    Finnish Air Force
SE-DOX    Airbus A320251N(SL)    C/n     7489    SAS Scandinavian Airlines
SE-DSO    British Aerospace 146-RJ100    C/n     E3221    Braathens Regional
SE-MDA    Aerospatiale ATR 72212A    C/n     778    Braathens Regional
SE-MKE    Aerospatiale ATR 72600    C/n     1348    Braathens Regional
SE-RNA    Boeing  7378MAX    C/n     44589    TUIfly Nordic
TC-JSB    Airbus A321231    C/n     5205    THY Turkish Airlines
VP-BLR    Airbus A320214(SL)    C/n     5585    Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YL-BAF    de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402NG    C/n     4293    airBaltic
YL-BBU    de Havilland Canada DHC-8Q-402NG    C/n     4439    airBaltic
YL-RAF    SAAB 340B    C/n     228    RAF Avia
Over the airport
OH-WOW    Diamond DA52    C/n     40-N329    Private
OH-HMQ    Eurocopter EC135P2e    C/n     1077    SHT Shargardshavets Helikoptertjanst Ab