Friedrichshafen – Thursday 6th April 2017 (Inside Exhibition Halls)

This will be the final instalment with regard to my visit to the AeroExpo at Friedrichsafen April 2017.
This is a photographic record of the aircraft in the inside exhibition halls.
As I have previously mentioned,
there were so many unmarked aircraft, ones with no C/n’s plates and the like, I had decided to hold off putting those photographs with a report to the forum until I have had time to confirm a lot more of those aircraft. I have now arrived at this place and all photographs have been annotated with registration, type and C/n’s, that is if they were known. A number may also be mock up and a very good display, set to fool a few of us!!
The source of the C/n  information has been my photographs of the C/n  plates or notes made, as well as from my fellow travellers, Ben Burt, Paul Higgins and Garry Dunne. Some cross references were made with photographs from Stu Carr on Flickr and my database. Thank you to all those sources.
Anyway, here is the ‘provisional’ list of those in the exhibition halls.
List in each halls and then in photographic order.
Hall A3
Unknown    Umar ZH AW Drone
HB-FWE    Pilatus PC-12 C/n 1687
OE-XNE    Bell 407GPX C/n 54651
M-HNDA    Honda HA-420 C/n 42000018
N218CS    Cessna T240 C/n T24002012
N910TB    Socata TBM930 C/n 1170
D-FOUR    Socata TBM930 C/n 1116
N245JA    SR-22T C/n 1506
N477EU    SR-22T C/n 1477
Unknown    Cirrus SJ50 Vision (Mock Up)
N550F    Eclipse Aviation 550 C/n 550-1001
D-ILAV    Eclipse Aviation 550 C/n 550-1004
Hall A4
Unknown    Elixir Aircraft Mock Up
OE-VDA    Diamond Dart 450 C/n 450-001
PH-4N4    Blackshape Prime BS100 C/n BPU031
OE-FKA    Diamond DA62 C/n 62.035
OE-VSO    Diamond DA 50 C/n 50.002
OE-DWS    Diamond DA40NG C/n 40.N269
OE-FVI    Diamond DA 42 NG C/n 42.N103
I-PTFE    Tecnam P2006T Mk11 C/n Unknown
Unmarked  Tecnam 915IS C/n Unknown
I-PTFC    Tecnam Traveller C/n Unknown
I-PDVE Tecnam P.2002 Sierra C/n 1070 (now HB-KML)
D-EGIA    Tecnam P.2002 Sierra C/n 315
D-MALY    Tecnam P92 Classic C/n Unknown
I-RAIB    Tecnam P.2010  C/n 050
D-KSLD    SE12 Stemme C/n Unknown
N600EU    Piper PA-46 600TP Meridian M600 C/n 4698033
D-EWPB    Zlin Z.50 LS C/n 0064
D-EWKW    Extra 330SC C/n Unknown
Unknown    Extra 330SC Mock Up
D-EAQA    Aquila A.211 C/n AT01-100A-339
I-RAII    Blackshape Prime C/n BCV.001
I-C331    Tecnam Astore C/n Unknown
Hall A5
SP-RIS    Aero AT-3S C/n Unknown
N1872V    Cessna 140  C/n 14052 Marked NC1872V
Unknown    Air Res Aviation T-131 Jungmann Replica C/n PA204 (Luftwaffe Camo)
Unknown    Air Res  Aviation T-131  Jungmann Replica C/n PA203 1936 Olympic Colours (White)
SP-YCS    Cub Crafters CCK-1865 EX Carbon Cub C/n CCK-1865-0117
F-HCEM    Robin 200i C/n 2695
F-HLIT    Robin DR401 C/n 2703
D-MTOP    B and F Technik FK.139 Clubman C/n 001
D-OMKC   Fire Balloons G C/n 637 and / or 3.233-1. To be confirmed. Noted as Bauteil Nr 3.233-1 was on the plate within the basket.
D-HFCW    Robinson R44 C/n 12829
Unknown    JH Aircraft Corsair F4U Replica Incomplete
W67-BXK    Simple Jet
Hall A6
PH-SMX    Sukhoi Su-26 MX C/n 51-05
D-HIMP    Robinson R44 C/n 0335
D-EDUR    SF-260 (Mark ST-26) C/n 110
Unknown    Konner Audace Helicopter Mock Up
Unknown    Konner K1 Scorpion Helicopter Mock Up
Unknown    Konner K2 Helicopter Mock Up
N81JR    Christen Eagle II C/n 0022
D-MTYA    Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 0242
D-MTPA    Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 0155
86+99 Bolkow Bo-105MP C/n 6099
43+61    Marked 43+00 Tornado C/n GS034
WTD+61    Drone C/n Unknown Coded 37
70+45    Dornier UH-1 D Iroquois C/n 8105
D-HWAL    Agusta-Bell 47 G-4A C/n 2519
HB-ZLS    Guimbal G-2 C/n 1021
Hall A7
OK-VZF 04    Aeronautic Innovation Ruhle ATOS-C C/n Unknown
OK-TZF 71    Ultralight Design Ego Trike C/n Unknown
Unmarked  Jihlavan Skyleader 400 C/n Unknown
OK-???    Airsport Sro Song e-drive C/n 16/2015
Unknown    GP Gliders GP-14 Velo Mock Up
Unknown    Ruppert-Composite Archaeopteryx (3) Gibswilerstube C/n Unknown
D-MBVC    Volocopter X2 C/n 002
I-B919    Eurosport Aircraft Crossover C/n Unknown
Unmarked    Aeros Combat Trike C/n 04.16.075
Unmarked Aeros Combat Trike C/n 04.16.065
Unknown    Electric Aircraft Concept Whisper e-Lift Mock Up
D-KWFE    ASK-21 Mi Glider Coded WK C/n Unknown
D-FHGK    Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard Iib C/n 14-324
D-KIBG    AB Sportine Lak-17 FES Nida C/n 3
OK-OUA 55    Phoenix Air U15 C/n 01/U15
N343NA    T-28 B Trojan Marked 138343/212 C/n 200-414
D-HLTF    Eurocopter EC.155 B Dauphin C/n 6562
D-HVBE    Eurocopter EC135 T1 C/n 0152
F-WALG    Microcopter MC-1 Aircopter C/n 01
D-KGEN    Akaflieg Stuttgart e-Genius C/n 001
LY-BDA    Seimens Hamilton H55/Hamilton aEro C/n 1
D-MDGR    Impulse 100 C/n 39
D-ETXA    XtreamAir Xa42 C/n Unknown
D-MPVA    RO+OR Schmiede C/n PT002-01
D-EFXA    XtreamAir Xa42 C/n Unknown
HB-SAA    Pipistral Alpha Electro C/n Unknown
HA-XEF    Magnus Aircraft eFusion MG-11 C/n MG-11-004
HB-YOL    Votec Evolaris C/n Unknown
HB-YHY    MSW Aviation evo230 Electric Engine. Rear fuselage & Tail Mock Up
D-MAGT    Cavalon C/n V00029
LN-EPX    Equator P2 Xcursion Prototype C/n Unknown
D-EPWR    Extra 330 LE C/n LC053
D-MTGY    AutoGyro Europe MT-03 C/n M01422
Unknown    Scale Model Glider C/n Unknown
Unknown     La Mouette/ATOS-VRS C/n Unknown
Unknown      La Mouette Trike C/n Unknown
Unknown     Silent Electro/ATOS-VR C/n Unknown
Hall B1
D-M     Comoco Ikarus C42CS C/n 2017-Comoco-016-0001
D-MBIS    Comoco Ikarus C42CE Turbo C/n 1704-7499
D-MYNF    Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL-137
D-EQDK    Aerostyle Breezer C/n 037LSA
D-EVBA    Aerostyle Breezer C/n 032LSA
OK-DNA    Evektor SportStar RTC C/n 2012-1412
D-MKKR    Evektor EV-97 C/n 4220
HB-WEB    Lightwing AC4 C/n Unknown
D-MMDY    JK-05 Junior C/n 05-10-07
D-MAHW    KR-010 Elf C/n 01-01-02
SP-SHOW    KR-030 Topaz Sport C/n Unknown
OK-WUL 26    Ellipse Spirit C/n Unknown
D-ERGX    Remos GX Mirage C/n 418
F-PSRA    Dyn’Aero MCR-4 S 2002 C/n 163
Unmarked  Dyn’Aero MCR-01 Evolution C/n Unknown
Unmarked  Light Sport Harmony LSA
D-MRAS    Millennium Aircraft Millennium Master Taragon C/n Unknown
D-MGSD    SD-2 Sportsmaster C/n Unknown
D-MMXL    Millennium Aircraft Millennium Master Taragon C/n Unknown
D-MIWO    Spacek SD-1 Minisport C/n 141
D-MBTM    Trixy Aviation G4-2 Gyrocopter C/n 037-14
Unmarked Trixy Spirit Gyrocopter C/n Unknown
Unmarked Trixy TrixSea C/n Unknown
Unmarked  DTA J-RO Export Gyrocopter C/n Unknown
Unmarked DTA Xeeleex Gyrocopter C/n Unknown
D-MSAX    Flight Design CT C/n E-14-02-02
D-EAFD    Kessel Flight design C/n Unknown
D-MRVX    Rotorvox C2A Gyrocopter C/n C2A-14002
D-MTMM    Dova Aircraft DV-1 Skylark C/n 153/12
D-MQUC    SV4 Stampe C/n 1
OM-M912    M912is Viper 504 C/n 0099
D-MBTQ    Air Creation Skypper /Skyper GT9 C/n Unknown
D-EMGG    Viper 504 Falcon C/n 20539
D-MSLZ    Tiger Cub Developments RL-5 C/n Unknown
D-8602    Schleicher K.8 B C/n 8275
Unmarked Rans S-9 Chaos C/n Unknown
D-5151    Schleicher Ka.3 C/n Unknown
D-MKRL    Oratex C22/Ikarus Comco C-22 Fox C/n 9303-3449
OH-XNA    Martenko Atol 650LSA C/n 0905
Unknown    Cicare 8 Helicopter C/n Unknown
Unmarked Trike Air Creation Skypper/ifun C/n D031832-16140
Unmarked Trike Air Creation Tanarg 912iS 3FR/BioniX2 C/n T17009 & A17027-17023
Unmarked Trike Air Creation Pixel 250XC/i FUN 13 sp C/n T16087 & A15094-15074
Unmarked Xenit Super Prop Trike C/n Unknown
Unmarked Vierwerk Aerolite 120 Trike C/n 185D
Hall B2
Unmarked TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius C/n Unknown
Unknown    TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius Mock Up Cabin on Floats C/n N/a
OK-UUA 99    TL Ultralight Stream C/n 15STR01
OK-PUA 69    TL Ultralight TL-2000  C/n 10ST337
AB075    TL Ultralight Stream TP100 Mock Up C/n N/a
D-MINW    Shark Aviation 049 C/n 049
D-MAXV    Shark Aero Shark C/n 039/2015
Unmarked  Best Off Skyranger Nynja C/n Unknown
Unmarked Best Off Skyranger Swift Airframe C/n UnknownNynja
OK-606    Zlin Aviation Savage shock Cub C/n Unknown
D-MRUM    Zlin Aviation Savage C/n Unknown
I-C713    InnoAviation FX-1 C/n Unknown
OK-WWC 44    AutoGyro Calidus Motion C/n V00236
OK-VWC 40    AutoGyro Cavalon Motion C/n  C00459
Unmarked Dynali H3 Easyflyer Helicopter C/n Unknown
D-MMDC    Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 STD C/n Unknown
D-MHRD    Alpi Aviation Syton AH-130 C/n  Unknown
I-C459    Alpi Aviation Syton AH-130 C/n Unknown
PH-RNY    Alpi Aviation Pioneer 400 C/n 025
54-AVF / F-JBIK    Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n  Unknown
PH-ZZR    Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 Kite C/n 5016
OK-VAU 99    Bristell 130Ti C/n Unknown
Unmarked Aeromarine (Techpro) Sportster Jeteezy (Black) C/n Unknown
Unmarked Aeromarine (Techpro) Merlin PSA (Orange) C/n Unknown
OK-QUU 06    BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell TDO C/n 154/2015
D-MCAA    BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell C/n 181/2016
Unmarked Nando Gruppo G-70 C/n  Unknown
D-MONX    Nando Groppo Trail C/n 00125/84
I-C534    Nando Groppo Trail C/n 135/94
WHTC01    Helitach HTC 130 Helicopter C/n Unknown
D-MAGO    Aero-East-Europe SILA 450 C C/n 16020-AEE-0048
Unmarked ARSI Esqual VM-1C C/n Unknown
59-DNF/F-JZTE    Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution C/n VL-3-151
Unmarked Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution (299KG) C/n VL-3-228
Unmarked Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution C/n VL-3-232
N-333VL    Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution C/n VL-3-233
Hall B3
Unmarked Jihlavan Skyleader 600 Sky Point C/n Unknown
OK-UUU 77    Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader GP One C/n 8008008T
Unmarked Jihlavan Skyleader 400 C/n Unknown
OK-UUH 01    Jihlavan La Composite UL-39 C/n Unknown
I-AICP    I.C.P. MXP-740 Savannah C/n 17-01-64-0001
Unmarked Savannah  tm S.  C/n 17-03-54-0531
D-MEBW    Ventura TM 4 Blackwing.  C/n Unknown
Unmarked  Sun-Air Magic Trike La MOUETTE C/n  Unknown (blue frame)
Unmarked Sun-Air Magic Trike C/n Unknown (black & white frame)
D-MPUT    Aerostyle Breezer C/n UL134
Unmarked  XC Soar 68 Hungarian Gyro
D-MERE    Atec 321 Faetang C/n  Unknown
LN-YBD    Atec 321 Faetang NG C/n Unknown
I-X050    Embraer Emb-312 Tucano Flamingo C/n Unknown
OK-WUS 12    Aerospool  Dynamic D3 C/n Unknown
OK-WUS 13    Aerospool  Dynamic D3 C/n DY-564/2016
OM-ADB    Aerospool WT-10 Adriatic C/n Unknown
Unmarked  Wing Aerospace Engineering Fuselage
Unmarked Wing Aerospace Engineering Fuselage
Unmarked Alpi Aviation Composit
79-LL     Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic C/n DY609/2017 Marked F-JBRB
D-MHIS    Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic C/n DY540/2015
SP-EED1    Blackwing EC01 C/n Unknown
D-MFLK    Flywhale Aircraft Adventure C/n Unknown
D-EPDC    Remos GX Mirage C/n 444
D-MANH    Remos GX Mirage C/n 452
D-MMTP    Pipistral Taurus C/n 161T503
S5-MRR    Pipistral Panthera Mock Up C/n N/a
Unmarked Pipistrel Sinus C/n 861S912
S5-PII01    Pipistrel Virus SW 121 C/n VSW121001
D-MESO    Aeropilot Legend 450 C/n 1638
D-MTEW    AirLony Skylane C100 C/n  Unknown
N 696SD    Distar D13/15 Sundancer C/n 145/13DF
D-MNLO    Roko Aero NG-6UL C/n Unknown
Hall B4
Unmarked EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D C/n 335/09/2016
D-MULH    EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D C/n 02/2013
Unmarked  Magni M-22 Voyager C/n 22169594
I-C694    Magni M-16 Tanden Trainer P/n 198 & S/n 154
Unmarked  Magni M-24 Orion C/n 24170474
D-MFIX (2)    Roland Z-602 Zodiac C/n Unknown
D-MZRG    Roland Z-602 Zodiac C/n Z-9584
Unmarked Roland Z-120 Relax C/n Unknown
D-EHIH    Stark Turbulent D C/n 119
HB-YPM    Windex 1200C C/n Unknown
Unmarked Gyro Apollo AG-1 (Black) C/n Unknown
Unmarked Gyro Apollo AG-1 (White) C/n Unknown
Unmarked Hungaracopter HC-02/1 Experimental C/n 001
HA-XCD     Hungaracopter HC-01 C/n  2012/01
Unmarked Avana Odonata C/n  Unknown
Unmarked Altus Concept C/n Unknown
Unmarked Magnus Fusion 212 C/n Unknown
HA-XSC    SkyCruiser SC-200 C/n 0003
HB-526    Neukom Elfe PM3 C/n 1 Coded PM3
HB-872    Neukom AN-66 C/n 14
HB-902    Neukom Elfe S-3P C/n  18 Coded 92
D-7701    Neukom Elfe S-4D C/n 406AB Coded UK
D-MMPB    Rotorway Exec C/n Unknown
D-MAGM    ELA Aviacion ELA 09 Junior C/n 13016-2681
D-MELA    ELA Aviacion ELA 10 Eclipse C/n 02164681014
??    ELA Aviacion ELA 07 Scorpion C/n Unknown (Blue)
D-MJLA    ELA Aviacion ELA 07 Eclipse C/n 11165141014
Unmarked FSB Hornisse Sport Paramotor C/n HNSP20172685
Unmarked FSB Paraplane C/n Unknown (Plus one back pack & propeller)
Unmarked FSB Phazer 2 Paraplane C/n Unknown
Unmarked FSB Phazer 1 Paraplane C/n Unknown
Unmarked FSB Phazer 2 Paraplane C/n Unknown
D-MVOO    Solid Air Diamant Twin Picos C/n Unknown
Unmarked Sea Avio Siren Race C/n Unknown
Unmarked Sea Avio Risen Race Turbo Boxit Soft C/n Unknown
D-MFPP    Solid Air Diamant LP C/n Unknown
YR-5353    Modern Wings Swan C/n Unknown
Unmarked Modern Wings E-Swan C/n Unknown (Green)
D-ERVS    Van’s RV-7 C/n 72626
D-ERTU    Van’s RV-12 C/n Unknown
Unmarked Rotax 914UL Lightning C/n Unknown
Unmarked Rotax 915iS Turbo C/n Unknown
Hall B5
D-KBHL    Schempp-Hirth Arcus M C/n 162/2017 Coded HL
D-KEBE    Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3T C/n 7 Coded 7X
D-KFES    Schempp-Hirth Discus 2c-FES C/n 1
D-KDRM    Schleicher ASW-27 C/n 27069 Coded KM
D-7615    Schleicher ASW-20 C C/n 20778 Coded DY
D-6244    DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000 S C/n 10-244
D-1129    DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000 C/n 8124
D-KPSA    Schleicher ASG-32Mi C/n 32002 Coded EL
D-KKAM    Schleicher ASG-29E C/n 29729 Coded 2A
D-KFFP    Schleicher ASG-32Mi C/n 32040 Coded 72
N20SW    Schleicher ASH-31Mi C/n 31160 Coded SW
D-KVLS    Lange Antares 23E C/n 82 Line No A04 Coded LS
D-KUBI    Lange Antares 18T C/n 81
S5-3322    Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cxel FES C/n 127/343 (Ex D-4629?)
D-9608    Akakflieg Karlsruhe AK.8  C/n 801 Coded FA
D-0031    Akaflieg Berlin B-12 C/n Unknown Coded 31
Unmarked Continental Diesel CD-155 Glider (Putting on on the tail as we arrived, Code S35?)
Unknown    Bruchversuch AK-X Wing stress test. C/n N/a Private
D-KILU    Akaflieg Berlin B-13 C/n 001 Coded CD
Unmarked PZL SZD-56-2 Diana 2 C/n 562108008
SP-3881    PZL-Bielsko PW-6 U C/n 78.05.04
SP-4001    78.05.04 Perkoz C/n 542.A.16.013 Coded 13
D-0590    PZL-Bielsko SZD-59 C/n 590A.16.019
OK-YUL 25    Flying Machines FM-250 Vampire C/n Unknown
G-CFBB    Schempp-Hirth HS.4 Standard Cirrus C/n 327G Coded 822
OM-M281    Peszke GP-14 GP 14SE Velo C/n Unknown
Unmarked GP Gliders GP 15 Jeta C/n Unknown
D-MYTO    Alisport Silent Electro C/n Unknown Coded E
Unmarked Alisport Silent 2 Electro C/n Unknown
HB-2517    HpH 304MS Shark C/n Unknown
Unmarked Let L-13 Blanik S7 Training
OK-7393    HpH 304TS Twin Shark C/n Unknown Coded TS
OK-6634    HpH 304S Shark C/n Unknown
G-DLRL    Glasflugel 304 S Shark C/n 057MS Coded 357
In between the A and B Halls
G-IIIP Pitts S-1D Special C/n PFA 009-10195 Private
G-PIII Pitts S-1D Special C/n PFA 009-10156 Private