Friedrichshafen (AERO Exhibition Halls) – Wednesday 18th April 2018 (John Tomlinson)

For the second year in a row we visited the AeroExpo at Friedrichshafen.

Again we visited the exhibition halls, as mentioned in last years report, certainly not to be missed.

As we now knew how the halls are set out, it was a little less rushed than last year, we viewed the halls from 0850 to 1200hrs befoe moving on.

Most aircraft were photographed and can be seen at:



The Exhibition Halls 0850-1200hrs Hall B5 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

04-GI Elisport CH-77 C/n Unknown Private
D-HHNH Sikorsky S-76B C/n 760395 Corporate
D-MAES EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D C/n Unknown Private
OE-XFG Aerospatiale AS.355F2 C/n 5260 Corporate
D-HAJH Robinson R44 C/n 1354 Private
D-HVBY Eurocopter EC135T2 C/n 353 Police – Germany
D-HLTC Eurocopter EC.155B C/n 6547 Police – Germany
OE-XGE Airbus Helicopters AS.350B3 C/n 8494 Heli Austria
70+45 Dornier UH-1D C/n 8105 Preserved
D-HWAL Agusta-Bell 47G-4A C/n 2519 Private
D-HRGG Robinson R66 C/n 561 Private
D-HCAD Robinson R44 C/n 30014 Heli-Flight KG
D-HAVV Eurocopter EC.155B C/n 6586 Heli Aviation GmbH
D-HAVH Guimbal G-2 C/n 1038 Heli Aviation GmbH
D-HAVJ Guimbal G-2 C/n 1166 Private
Unknown Swissdrones C/n N/a Swiss Helicopter AG
HB-ZLS Guimbal G-2 C/n 1021 Swiss Helicopter
D-HTCH Robinson R22 C/n 2328 Private
D-HARO Bolkow Bo-105CBS-4 C/n S-831 Corporate
D-HAIC Robinson R44 C/n 11533C Private
38-ABW Innovator Technologies Mosquito C/n Unknown Private
21-AKI Innovator Technologies MosquitoXE C/n Unknown Private
N505FW Bell Helicopters 505 C/n 65014 Bell Textron

The Exhibition Halls Hall B4 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

D-MULH EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D C/n 02/2013 Private
D-MHPR EDM Aerotec Co-Ax 2D C/n Unknown Private
?? Magni M-24 C/n Unknown GREEN
D-MVIT Magni M-16 C/n Unknown Private
?? Magni M-24 C/n Unknown Lilac
D-MTFU Trendak Tercel C/n L22115CD Private
SP-XRAY Trendak TercelPRO C/n T&S L24816S Private
D-1531 Scheibe ZugvogelIIIA C/n 1037 Private
D-KOSL Scheibe SF-27M-A C/n 6316 Private
D-ECYS Scheibe SF-23C C/n 3500 Private
D-9003 Scheibe SpatzA C/n 505 Private
D-1192 Akaflieg Munchen Mu.13 C/n 1 Private
D-1311 Akaflieg Munchen Mu.13D-III C/n 2 Private
Unknown Balloon Basket C/n N/a Private
Unmarked BX-2 C/n 54 Private
D-EDXG Denney Kitfox C/n S95080142 Private
D-MDVL Unidentified Type Microlight C/n Unknown Private
?? Pegasus 2018 C/n Unknown Private
?? Freccia Rg C/n Unknown Private
?? Praha PB.3 C/n Named Praha Private
D-MTFU Trendak Tercel C/n L22115CD Private
D-MNIA Niki Rotor Aviation Lightning C/n Unknown Private
?? ? Trendak Tercel (Black) C/n Unknown Private
D-MEGJ Niki Rotor Aviation Lightning C/n Unknown Private
D-ESSR Van’s RV-14A C/n 140306 Private
?? 07-Scorpion AutoGyro (Silver) C/n Unknown Private
?? AutoGyro (Silver) C/n Unknown Private
D-MOMY ELA Aviacion ELA 10 C/n Unknown Private
?? MTOSport AutoGyro (Orange) C/n M01442 Private
D-MISF AutoGyro Europe MTO C/n Unknown Private
?? Calidus AutoGyro (Orange) C/n Unknown Private
?? Phazer 11 Evo C/n Unknown Orange Colour
?? Phazer One C/n Unknown Orange Colour
?? Phazer Dragon C/n Unknown Black Colour
?? Phazer 11 Evo C/n Unknown Orange Colour
?? SWAN 150 Trike C/n Unknown Private
HB-YBZ Van’s RV-12 C/n 120275 Private
?? SWAN 240 Trike C/n Unknown Private
YR-5353 Unidentified Type Microlight C/n Unknown Private
?? SWAN 120 Trike C/n Unknown Private
D-MHCX Cicare CH-8 C/n Unknown Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall B3 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

OK-UAU 80 Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader 600 C/n 6247270U Private
OK-WUF 87 Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader 400 C/n 4 283295 W Jihlavan Airplanes
OK-WAU 08 Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader 400 C/n Unknown Jihlavan Airplanes
OK-XUN 01 Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader GP One C/n 8 011011 X Jihlavan Airplanes
OK-WAU 07 Jihlavan Airplanes Skyleader 400 C/n 4 279279 W Jihlavan Airplanes
?? Flying Machines FM.250 Vampire C/n Unknown Private
?? Red/White heli C/n Unknown Private
D-MTPA Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 0155 Private
D-MTYA Zlin Aviation Savage C/n 0242 Private
I-C970 Alpi Aviation SytonAH-130 C/n 016 Private
D-MGSJ Unidentified Type Paramotor C/n Unknown Private
D-MGSE Behlen Power Trike/Pico C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Nirvana Powered Parachute C/n N/a Private
S5-MBM TAF3 Flamingo C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Apollo Hand Glider C/n N/a Private
Unknown Avana Odonata C/n N/a Private
?? Skycruiser SC-200 C/n Unknown Private
HA-XSD SkyCruiser SC-200 C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Flysub Koaxial-Hubschrauber / Helicopter Mock Up C/n N/a Private
HA-XDK Unidentified Type Light Aircraft C/n 001 Private
OM-M515 Apollo AG.1 C/n Unknown Private
1847 Fokker Dr.13/4 replica C/n Unknown Preserved
?? B & F Technik FK.133 Jungmeister C/n Unknown Private
D-MTEO B & F Technik FK.131 C/n 011 Private
D-MTOP B & F Technik FK.139 Clubman C/n 001 B & F Technik
?? B & F Technik FK.131 Jungmann C/n Unknown Private
OK-XUS 29 Aerospool WT-9 C/n Unknown Aerospool
?? Apollo AutoGyro C/n Unknown Private
Unmarked I.C.P. VenturaTm2 C/n 18-02-62-0006 ICP srl
?? I.C.P. C/n Unknown Silver Frame
D-EPDC Remos GX C/n 444 Private
D-MUGX Remos GX C/n 447 Private
D-MMTP Pipistrel Taurus C/n 161T503 Private
Unknown Pipistrel Alpha Trainer simulator C/n N/a Pipistrel
?? Pipistrel Alpha Trainer C/n Unknown Private
I-C785 Pipistrel Sinus C/n 861S912 Private
D-EVSW Pipistrel Virus S-Wing 121 C/n 4 Private
D-MMPB Alpi Aviation SytonAH-130 C/n 12 Private
LX-ECO Alpi Aviation Pioneer 400T C/n 031 Private
D-MRNY Alpi Aviation Pioneer 300 C/n Unknown Private
D-MMDC Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200STD C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Alpes Paraschute Seat C/n N/a Private
?? Alpi Aviation Griffon C/n Unknown Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall B2 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

OK-UUA 99 TL Ultralight Stream C/n 15STR01 Private
?? TL Ultralight TL-96 Sting S4 C/n Unknown Private
?? TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius C/n Unknown Private
Unknown TL Ultralight TL-3000 Sirius Floatpalne Mock Up C/n N/a Private
AB075 TL Ultralight Stream TP100 Mock Up C/n N/a Private
D-MPLI Shark Aero Shark C/n 021/2013 Private
OM-S444 Shark Aero Shark C/n 053/2017 Private
Unknown Shark Aero Shark Simulator C/n N/a Private
?? Helitech HTC 130 / HT 222i Sportline C/n Unknown Private
F-WHTC01 Helitech HTC 130 C/n Unknown Private
D-MKAZ Zlin Aviation Savage C/n Unknown Private
?? Zlin Aviation Savage Shock Cub C/n Unknown Private
SP-SIA PZL-Swidnik SW-4 C/n 600410 PZL Swidnik
OK-5513 Avionic KKB-18KE C/n 001 Private
N556DS PZL-Bielsko SZD-56-2 C/n 562105001 Private
?? PZL-Bielsko SZD-51 -1 Junior C/n Unknown Fuselage
N355W PZL-Bielsko SZD-55-1 C/n 551194062 Private
OK-VAU 99 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n Unknown Private
?? Magnus Aircraft C/n Unknown Red & white
HA-XEF Magnus Aircraft eFusionMG-11 C/n MG-11-004 Private
Unknown Magnus Aircraft Simulator C/n N/a Magnus Aircraft
?? Belmont Aero Patino C/n Unknown Private
?? Belmont Aero Patino C/n Unknown Private
OK-RAR 01 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 025/2012 Private
OK-QUU 06 BRM Aero NG-5 C/n 360/2018 Private
G-DGBT Chimera Aviation DragonGBT 1170 C/n CA/D 0001 Chimera Aviation
D-MYGR Nando Groppo G70 C/n N-158/117/3 Private
I-A838 Nando Groppo Trail C/n 00159/118 Private
Unmarked Nando Groppo G70 C/n N-157/116/2 Private
54-AVP Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-233 Private
Unknown Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution XL Mock Up C/n N/a Private
Unknown D-MOTOR engine Mock Up Aircraft C/n N/a Private
?? Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution Ultimate C/n Unknown White/Yellow tail
?? Vanessa Air VL-3 Evolution C/n Unknown All White
59-DQY Vanessa Air VL-3 C/n VL-3-187 Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall B1 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

D-MBIS Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n 1704-7499 Private
?? Ikarus Comco C-42CS Electro C/n Unknown Private
D-MEFG Ikarus Comco C-42 C/n Unknown Private
?? DTA Xeeleex C/n 003 Private
?? DTA Combo C/n Unknown Private
?? DTA J-RO C/n Unknown Private
N710HL Evektor EV-97 C/n 2018-2108 Private
OK-NVF Evektor SportStarRTC C/n 2018-2109 Evektor Aerotechnik
D-MVSO Evektor EV-97 C/n 2018-4242 Private
?? Fly Synthesis Syncro C/n Unknown Private
?? Fly Synthesis Catalina NG C/n Unknown Private
SP-SAAS PPHU Ekolot KR-030 C/n 030-08-05 Private
?? Fly Synthesis Texan C/n Unknown Private
I-C713 InnoAviation FX-1 C/n Unknown Private
D-MMDY PPHU Ekolot JK-05 C/n 05/10/2007 Private
D-MKRL Ikarus Comco C-22 C/n 9303-3449 Private
D-EALF Robin DR.400180 C/n 976 Private
D-ETLD Christen Eagle C/n Unknown Private
D-MQUC SNCAN Stampe SV.4RS C/n 1 Private
?? Aviation G-1 C/n Unknown Private
?? Aero & Tech Nexth C/n Unknown Private
?? Air Creation Skypper /BioniX C/n Unknown Front display Yellow
?? Air Creation Trike C/n Unknown Back display Yellow
07-RQ Air Creation Skypper/BioniX C/n A17056-17051 Private
D-MEUB Tomark Aero SD-4 C/n Unknown Private
D-MSAQ Tomark Aero NGT-9 C/n 0006 Private
OM-NVF Tomark Aero SD-4 C/n 22762 Private
D-MMXL Millennium Aircraft Millennium MasterTaragon C/n 09 Private
OH-XNA Martenko Atol650LSA C/n 0905 Private
RA-2877G AeroVolga Borey C/n 001 AeroVolga Aircraft
D-MGSD Spacek SD-2 C/n Unknown Private
?? Pelegrin Tarragon C/n Unknown Private
D-MBKS Spacek SD-1 C/n 166 Private
D-MBTM Trixy Aviation G4-2 C/n 037-14 Private
D-ELAI Flight Design CTLS-ELA C/n F-09-014-10 Private
D-MODK Aerostyle Breezer C/n 68 Private
D-MYSP Aerostyle Breezer C/n Unknown Private
D-MZET Flight Design CT C/n E-17-11-01 Private
D-MMHY Trixy Aviation G4-2 C/n Unknown Private
Unmarked Trixy Aviation Xpedition C/n Unknown Private
Unknown C/n N/a Private
N949CT Flight Design CTLS C/n F-17-07-04 Private
D-MRVX Rotorvox C2A Gyrocopter C/n C2A-14002 Private
D-MTMM Dova Aircraft DV-1 C/n 153/12 Private
D-MDXX SNCAN Stampe SV.4RS C/n 41 Private

The Exhibition Halls The Concourse Area In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

D-EALM Poeschel P.300-B1 C/n 003 Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall A3 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

HB-RIM Junkers F.13 C/n 13-001 Rimowa Flugzeugwerke
HB-FXN Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1764 Pilatus
T7-RAS Honda HA-420 C/n 42000099 Rheinland Air Service
D-EZCD Cirrus Design SR-20 C/n 2340 Private
N662DP Cirrus Design SR-22T C/n 1662 Private
Unknown Cirrus Design Vision Mock Up C/n N/a Private
N2PD Socata TBM930 C/n 1141 Corporate
F-HEGM Socata TBM910 C/n 1174 Corporate
Unknown Aircraft Cabin Mock Up C/n N/a Private
OY-PDA Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843822 Private
HB-YTT Aventura Aero Aventura-S C/n Unknown Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall A4 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

I-X010 Blackshape PrimeBS100 C/n BPU-036 Private
D-FLBW Piper PA-46 600TP C/n 4698051 Private
SP-NEO Piper PA-46 350P C/n 4636717 Private
OK-PDX Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843828 OK Aviation
Unmarked Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 C/n C0630 Czech Sport Aircraft
OK-SCG Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 C/n C0606 Czech Sport Aircraft
OK-ASE Czech Sport Aircraft Quattro Cruiser C/n 001 Czech Sport Aircraft
Unmarked Konner Helicopters K1 C/n Unknown Private
Unmarked Konner Helicopters K2 C/n Unknown Orange
N162AW Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8109082 Private
D-EAQI Aquila A.211BT C/n AT01-100A-354 Private
D-EQTB Aquila A.211T C/n AT01-200C-319 Private
SP-AMI Aero AT-3R100 C/n AT3-081 Aeroklub Warszawski
OO-NEW Sonaca 200 C/n FTA2 Private
D-KVOY Stemme S-12 C/n 12-002 Private
Unmarked Blackshape Gabriel C/n Unknown Private
D-KLED Stemme S-12 C/n 12-003 Private
F-WLXR Elixir Elixir C/n 001 Private
D-EDUR SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 C/n 110 Private
Unknown C/n N/a Private
D-EWKW Extra 330 C/n LC058 Private
Unknown C/n N/a Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall A5 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

F-HLIT Robin DR.400140B C/n 2703 Private
F-HDSL Robin DR.400140B C/n 2714 Private
N81JR Christen EagleII C/n 0022 Plane Fun Inc
D-MUNO FD Composites Arrow CopterAC-20 C/n Unknown Private
26-AJK SNCAN Stampe SV.4RS C/n Unknown Private
Unmarked Unknown Cockpit Mock Up ?? C/n Unknown Private
F-WILD JH Aircraft Corsair F4U C/n Unknown Private
D-MZTH Flaming Air FA-04 C/n Unknown Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall A6 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

PH-SMX Sukhoi Su-26MX C/n 51-05 Private
43+11 BAe/Panavia TornadoIDS(T) C/n GT011 Preserved
86+71 Bolkow Bo-105P1 C/n 6071 Preserved
PH-HUB Socata TBM700A C/n 127 Private

The Exhibition Halls Hall A7 In order of Hall visited and photograph taken

HB-SYC Pipistrel Alpha Electro C/n 829 AE 60 Private
D-KFES Schempp-Hirth Discus2c-FES C/n 1 Private
F-AZZK Yakovlev Yak-3UPW C/n 003 Private
N343NA North American T-28B C/n 200-414 Private
D-EAXK Extra 300LT C/n LT019 Private
OK-XAA 53 Phoenix Air D-14 C/n 01/D14 Private
Unmarked Aeros Microlight e-lift Trike C/n Unknown Private
Unmarked Aeros Microlight Combat C/n Unknown Private
D-GLRA Lange AntaresE2 C/n Unknown Lange Aviation GmbH
Unknown Ruppert-Composite Archaeopteryx (3) Gibswilerstube C/n N/a Private
OK-VZF 04 Ultralight Design Ego Trike/ATOS-VQ C/n 2417 Private
OK- Airsport Sro Song C/n 16/2015 Private
Unknown Electric Aircraft Concept Whisper e-Lift Mock Up C/n N/a Private
Unknown Discopter Lufttaxi C/n N/a Private
OM-M520 Peszke GP-15SE C/n 0001 Private
OK-XAA 54 Phoenix Air U15E C/n Unknown Private
HA-XEJ Magnus Aircraft eFusion C/n MG-11-012 Private
HA-XEI Magnus Aircraft eFusion C/n MG-11-008 Private
D-EPWR Extra 330LE C/n LC-053 Private
Unknown ATOS Glider C/n N/a Private
Unknown ATOS Glider C/n N/a Private
Unknown ATOS Silent E C/n N/a Private
Unknown ATOS E Lift C/n N/a Private

Outside Exhibition 1120-1135hrs

D-INKA de Havilland DH-104 C/n 4266 Private
S5-MTP Pipistrel Panthera C/n PX151001 Private
?? Pipistrel Alpha Trainer C/n Unknown Pipistrel Hellas
HB-ZJB Eurocopter EC120B C/n 1123 Corporate
72+00 Dornier UH-1D C/n 8320 German Army
82+63 Eurocopter EC135T1 C/n 116 German Army
I-PDVA Partenavia P.68 C/n 505-48-OB2 Bio Flight
D-EJFC VulcanAir V1.0 C/n 1002 Private
D-ISGS Partenavia AP-68TP600 C/n 9010 Corporate
2-AUER Cirrus Design SJX C/n 14 Corporate
OE-VSO Diamond DA 50V C/n 50.002 Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
D-ICAR Diamond DA 62 C/n 62.036 Private
D-FJNP Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1770 Corporate
HB-VSA Pilatus PC-24 C/n P03 Pilatus
D-CMOR Embraer EMB-505 C/n 50500373 Corporate
N1149B Mooney M.20K C/n 25-0603 Private
OK-OAM Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 4114 Private
SP-SPB Cirrus Design SR-22 C/n 4061 Private
D-IOTA Beech 58P C/n TJ-312 Private
D-GTFA Piper PA-34220T C/n 3449360 Private
N9127Z Piper PA-46310P C/n 4608059 Private
N133KQ Quest Aircraft Co. Kodiak100 C/n 100-0133 Private
Outside Exhibition / Immediately outside the Halls & on the field 1120-1135hrs
D-HLFW Robinson R44 C/n 12416 Private
HB-ZSB Robinson R66 C/n 639 Private
D-EIZJ Beech F33A C/n CE-788 Private
OY-9467 Shark Aero Shark C/n 042/2016 Private
D-MINW Shark Aero Shark C/n 049/2016 Private
D-EKKJ Denney Kitfox C/n 2002478 Private
F-HCDI Robin DR.400135CDi C/n 2593 Private
D-LZZF Zeppelin LZ N07-100 C/n 03 Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei