Edinburgh, Bonnybank/Balgrummo Steading, Glenrothes/Fife, Portmoak, Balado Park, Kirknewton, East Fortune (National Museum of Flight) & Archerfield Estate/Dirleton – Saturday 9th October 2021 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

Back to Edinburgh Airport this morning for a dog walk and MAX search in the rain. The MAX was seen from the Northside crash gate at 55.951927, -3.373053


My photographs for here can be seen at;


D-AECF, Embraer EMB-190 LR, Lufthansa (19000359)
D-CNMO, Pilatus PC-24 (33552)
EI-DAR, Boeing 737NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (33552)
EI-DWZ, Boeing 737NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (33628)
EI-ENT, Boeing 737NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (35040)
EI-EVR, Boeing 737NG 8AS/W, Ryanair (40295)
EI-FYE, Boeing 737MAX 8, Norwegian Air International (42827)
G-EUYU, Airbus A320 232SL, British Airways (6028)
G-EZBJ, Airbus A319 111, easyJet Airline (3036)
G-FDZZ, Boeing 737NG 8K5/W, TUI Airways (37262)
G-JMCV, Boeing 737 4K5SF, West Atlantic UK (24128)
G-JOTR, AVRO 146 RJ85, Jota Aviation (E2294)
G-LMRB, Avions de Transport Regional ATR 42 500, Loganair (484)
G-NPTX, Boeing 737 4C9SF, West Atlantic UK (25429)
G-POWS, Boeing 737 436SF, Titan Airways (25853)
G-SAJF, Embraer ERJ-145 EP, Loganair (145245)
G-SAJK, Embraer ERJ-145 EP, Loganair (145153)
G-UZHL, Airbus A320 251NSL, easyJet Airline (8375)
N1WW, Bombardier Global 6000 (50500529)
OE-GBH, Embraer Phenom 300 E (28881)
OO-TNO, Boeing 737 49RBDSF, ASL Airlines Belgium (28881)


With Edinburgh being less than inspiring, I had a bit of time to kill and decided to try this farm strip – Bonnybank/Balgrummo Steading. Again like the last one, there is a track that goes up to it without trespassing but when I got to the end of the lane by a house, said track then had a gate across it. You could get out and walk around, but being right by the house (and probable strip owners), I didn’t do that. Be warned that this lane is very bumpy and will test your car out.


I had pre-arranged access here and despite being told by other people that this place was unfriendly, it was anything but. My guide told me that the airfield is owned by Tayside Aviation now (same mob as based at Dundee) and that they were looking to take some hangarage trade away from Perth, where they have a waiting list for hangar space. There is also a nice cafe and the public are welcome.

The helicopter (Fort Knox) part of the airfield was closed up – no surprise being a Saturday but the paradropping Airvan could be seen next to it. The weird thing is that there were lots of expectant jumpers and supporting watchers, despite the driving rain. They must have seen a different weather forecast to me!


My photographs for here can be seen at;


G-ASMW, Cessna 150D (15060247)
G-BGYH, Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II (28-7916313)
G-BIIT, Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II (28-8116052)
G-BITF, Reims/Cessna F152 (1822)
G-BKUE, SOCATA TB9 Tampico (369)
G-BMCI, Reims/Cessna F172H (0683)
G-BWFH, Europa Aviation Europa (PFA 247-12842)
G-BZDR, Tri-R Kis TR-1 (9403)
G-BZWK, Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru SK (PFA 274-13292)
G-CBVN, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (7919)
G-CCAE, Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru UL (PFA 274A-13938)
G-CDKL, Just Aircraft Escapade 912(2) (BMAA/HB/359)
G-CFEM, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8388)
G-CRZR, CZAW PS-28 Cruiser (C0448)
G-DAMB, Sequoia F.8L Falco (PFA 100-12153)
G-EGTB, Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II (28-7816074)
G-GEOS, Diamond HK 36TTC-ECO Super Dimona (36582)
G-GREC, Sequoia F.8L Falco (934)
G-OASK, Aeropro EuroFox 912S (52817)
G-VANA, Gippsland GA-8 Airvan (GA8-04-046)
G-WEND, Piper PA-28R T-201 Arrow IV (28R-8118026)
G-WWZZ, CZAW Sportcruiser (LAA 338-14877)
N220AM, Cirrus Design SR22 (3635)



It was absolutely pouring down by now and there was zero chance of seeing any gliders flying at Portmoak, which I think is Scotland’s biggest gliding field? I had arranged for access before turning up and true to their word, they had a gentleman with keys waiting to take me around. I asked if he was OK taking a soaking for me, and luckily for me, he was fine with it.

Now on a nice flying day here, I guess you would see a lot of the based gliders out of their trailers and so in the absence of that today, I was relying on being able to see what was hangared. I was shown everything that was hangared and had a good chat with my guide to boot. A very interesting guy and I hope he dried out quicker than me afterwards.


My photographs for here can be seen at;


XA290, Slingsby Cadet TX.3, BGA5628, United Kingdom (832)
XN156/FGM, Slingsby Sedburgh TX.1, BGA3250, United Kingdom (1160)
G-BFEB, S.A.N. Jodel D.150 Mascaret (34)
G-BFPA, Scheibe SF-25B Falke (46179)
G-BODT, Amateur Built Jodel D.18 (PFA 169-11290)
G-CEYC/5GC, Elan DG-505 Elan Orion, BGA4690 (5E-194X38)
G-CFRX/FRX, Centrair C101A Pegase, BGA3476 (1010315)
G-CFUS/FUS, PZL-Bielsko SZD-51-1 Junior, BGA3541 (B-1912)
G-CGBB/GBB, Schleicher ASK 21, BGA3693 (21073)
G-CGEA/GEA, Schleicher Ka 6CR Rhonsegler, BGA3763 (849)
G-CHBD/HBD, Glaser-Dirks DG-200, BGA3804 (2-12)
G-CHPV/HPV, Schleicher ASK 21, BGA4104 (21608)
G-CHVM/393, Elan DG-300 Elan, BGA4238 (3E-177)
G-CJSL/782, Schempp-Hirth Ventus cT, BGA4743 (121/395)
G-CKAR/977, Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus T, BGA4941 (35/309)
G-CKLY/D6, DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000T, BGA5191 (10-66T6)
G-CLLX, Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus xLT, BGA5760 (255)
G-CLMY/I3, Elan DG-300 Elan, BGA5784 (3E-476)
G-CLOV/LOV, Schleicher ASK 21, BGA5826 (21929)
G-CLXH/XH, Grob G 103C Twin Astir III Acro (34197)
G-CLXO/Z9, Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3 M (076MP)
G-CLZS/LZS, Allstar PZL SZD-54-2 Perkoz (542.A.21.026)
G-DDHE/DHE, Slingsby T.53B Phoenix, BGA2132 (1718)
G-DDRV/DRV, Schleicher K 8 B, BGA2328 (8026)
G-DDSH/648, Grob G 102 Astir CS77, BGA2340 (1696)
G-DDXJ/DXJ, Grob G 102 Astir CS77, BGA2460 (1762)
G-DEJY, PZL-Bielsko SZD-9bis Bocian 1D, BGA2734 (P-351)
G-DENX/276, ZSLS-Wroclaw SZD-48 Jantar Standard 2, BGA2829 (W-857)
G-EECK, Slingsby T.65 Vega, BGA2577 (1917)
G-IFWD/888, Schempp-Hirth Ventus cT, BGA3575 (148/468)
G-IMOK, HOAC HK 36R Super Dimona (36317)
G-JCKT, Stemme S10 VT (11-004)
G-KADS/KS, Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2c xT (231)
G-OFES/FES, Alisport Silent 2 Electro (2076)
G-OSGU, Aeropro EuroFox 912(S) (42814)
G-OWAI/WA1, Schleicher ASK 21, BGA4487 (21675)
G-RASH, Grob G 109B (6217)
G-SZDA/DA, Allstar PZL SZD-59 Acro, BGA5769 (590.A.14.015)
G-TWAZ, Rolladen-Schneider LS7 WL, BGA4452 (7074)
BGA841/BBQ, Slingsby T.42 B Eagle 3 (1115)
BGA1202/BSR, Slingsby T.50 Skylark 4 (1443)
BGA1338/BYJ, Slingsby T.45 Swallow (1568)


Prior permission to visit here was met with a no as the owner doesn’t want people going into the hangars. To be fair, they did say I could visit the club house, but as the weather was so awful, the airfield gate was shut and just the Jet Provost was seen in the distance.

Balado Park

XM412/49, Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3A, On Display, Royal Air Force (PAC/W/9219)


The weather was improving to the point that the resident Viking gliders were observed being pulled up to their launching point. This prompted me to check in with my next stop and my contact at East Fortune microlights, as she did warn that if the weather was bad, there may not be anybody around. After a quick call, she confirmed that the visit was on.



ZE564/WN, Grob Viking T.1, 661 VGS, Royal Air Force (33928-K-163)
ZE602/XB, Grob Viking T.1, 661 VGS, Royal Air Force (33946-K-179)



So with prior permission, a clear-out of all the hangars was made at the microlight side of East Fortune airfield. I was allowed to take photographs if I wanted but on the understanding that they were not published anywhere. To put my host at ease (same as I did at Insch), I did not take any photographs and used PlaneBase Mobile on my phone to log what I saw instead.

East Fortune

G-BUKF, Denney Kitfox Mk.IV (PFA 172A-12247)
G-BYOW, Mainair Sports Mainair Blade (1207-0899-7-W1010)
G-CBYO, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quik (7928)
G-CCEA, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (7950)
G-CCML, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (7992)
G-CCPC, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quik (7994)
G-CCRT, Mainair Sports Pegasus Quantum 15 (8014)
G-CEKG, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8261)
G-CERP, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8285)
G-CESR, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8304)
G-CETM, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8298)
G-CEUH, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8316)
G-CEWH, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8324)
G-CEZT, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8349)
G-CFIG, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8382)
G-CFMD, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8417)
G-CFPI, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8422)
G-CFXZ, P & M Aviation QuikR (8444)
G-CGRW, P & M Aviation Pegasus Quik (8549)
G-CGTU, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8574)
G-CGWZ, P & M Aviation QuikR (8554)
G-CHDM, P & M Aviation QuikR (8602)
G-CHIV, P & M Aviation QuikR (8625)
G-CHVB, P & M Aviation QuikR (8645)
G-CIBT, P & M Aviation QuikR (8667)
G-CIEG, P & M Aviation QuikR (8679)
G-CIGC, P & M Aviation QuikR (8687)
G-CIIA, P & M Aviation QuikR (8692)
G-CIPM, P & M Aviation QuikR (8715)
G-CIZL, P & M Aviation QuikR (8737)
G-CIZV, P & M Aviation QuikR (8748)
G-CKHY, P & M Aviation HypeR (8743)
G-CLWG, Pegasus Sport Aviation QuikR (W6003)
G-CMDG, P & M Aviation QuikR (8713)
G-CWEB, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8343)
G-ENTL, P & M Aviation QuikR (8590)
G-ILRS, Comco Ikarus C42 FB UK (PFA 322-13927)
G-MVRM, Mainair Sports Gemini Flash IIA (752-489-7)
G-MWLP, Mainair Sports Gemini Flash (801-0990-5-W594)
G-MYLR, Mainair Sports Gemini Flash IIA (964-0993-7-W759)
G-MZIU, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quantum 15 (7371)
G-NAPO, Cyclone Airsports Pegasus Quantum 15-912 (7799)
G-NICS, Best Off SkyRanger 912S(1) (BMAA/HB/576)
G-RIBA, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8217)
G-TPAL, P & M Aviation Quik GT450 (8363)

An excellent clear-out and made up for the miserly three that I got here in 2011! Next up was a short drive around to the museum. In these COVID times, it was a requirement to have pre-booked an slot-time and this was checked at the security point before being allowed on-site. A very nice museum and it has changed for the better in the ten years since I last visited.

National Museum of Flight

My photographs for here can be seen at;


On display outside:
G-AVMO, BAC One-Eleven Srs.510ED, British Airways (BAC.143)
G-BDIX, de Havilland Comet 4C, Dan-Air (06471)
XM597, Avro Vulcan B.2, United Kingdom (unknown)

Building closest to the BAC One-Eleven:
G-MBPM, Eurowing Goldwing (EW-21)
(BAPC.262)/G-MJEN, Catto CP-16 Hang Glider (unknown)
(BGA1014)/M8, Slingsby T.21B (556)

Hangar 2: (Military Aviation)
9940, Bristol Bolingbroke IVT, Canadian (unknown)
WW145/LM-860, de Havilland Sea Venom FAW22, United Kingdom (12790)
(VX185), English Electric Canberra B(I).8 (nose), United Kingdom (71008/71016)
XN776/C, English Electric Lightning F.2A, United Kingdom (95129)
(BAPC.480), Ferranti/Slingsby T.68 Phoenix UAV (unknown)
G-ARCX, Gloster Meteor NF.14 (2163)
WF259/A-171, Hawker Sea Hawk F.2, United Kingdom (5916)
XV277, Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.1, United Kingdom (unknown)
191659/15, Messerschmitt Me 163B-1A Komet, German (191659)
3677, Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15bis (Letov S-103), Czechoslovak (613677)
ZE934/TA, Panavia Tornado F.3, United Kingdom (778/AT037/3360)
XZ119/FG, SEPECAT Jaguar GR.1A, United Kingdom (S120)
TE462, Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe, United Kingdom (CBAF/4596)

Hangar 3: (Civil Aviation)
(BAPC.312), Airwave Magic Kiss Hang Glider (unknown)
(G-APHV), Avro Anson C.19 (unknown)
G-ASUG, Beechcraft E.18S (BA-111)
G-BELF, Britten-Norman BN-2A-8 Islander (823)
G-SJEN, Comco-Ikarus C42 FB30 (0405-6602)
VH-UQB, de Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth (2051)
VH-SNB, de Havilland DH.84 Dragon 1 (2002)
G-ANOV, de Havilland Dove 6 (04445)
G-AVPC, Druine D.31 Turbulent (PFA/544)
(BAPC.313), Firebird Sierra Hang Glider (unknown)
G-AGBN, General Aircraft GAL-42 Cygnet II (GAL/42/111)
G-JSSD, Handley Page Jetstream 1 (227)
G-AHKY, Miles M.18 Srs.2 (4426)
G-UNIV, Montgomerie-Parsons Two-Place (PFA G/08-1276)
(RAFGGA)591, Schleicher Ka4 Rhonlerche II (209)
(BAPC.197), Scot-Kites Cirrus III Hang Glider (unknown)
G-BBVF, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer 3 (558)
XA228, Slingsby Grasshopper TX.1, United Kingdom (861)
(G-ACYK), Spartan Cruiser III (fuselage) (101)
(BAPC.85)/W-2, Weir W-2 (unknown)

Hangar 3: (Concorde Experience)
(G-APFJ), Boeing 707-436 (forward fuselage), BOAC (17711)
(G-ARPH), de Havilland Trident 1C (cockpit) (2108)
G-BOAA, Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde 102, British Airways (206)
XX308, Hawker Siddeley Hawk T.1, United Kingdom (312133/143)
(N14234), Handley Page Jetstream (fuselage), British Aerospace (234)

Fantastic Flight Building:
G-ATOY, Piper PA-24-260 Comanche B (24-4346)


My last stop of the day before heading South towards the Scottish border was Archerfield Estate/Dirleton. You can park your car at 56.041227, -2.806651 and use the footpath to walk around the house toward 56.042383, -2.807629.

From there you have a view towards the two hangars at this strip. These hangars looked fairly spotter proof and were not open. As to go any closer would have meant going pass some very clear no trespassing signs, this quickly turned into a good dog walk and nothing more. My third go at such a strip on this trip and nothing in return.


Best regards,

Grant Robinson


Photograph credits: Grant Robinson