Caloundra~Qld Queensland Air Museum 25 February 2023 (John Tomlinson)

The next museum was the excellent and diverse Queensland Air Museum at Caloundra~Qld

Spread around two outside areas, an open hangar as well as a storage area.

Photographs at:

Across the road was the actual airfield, so a few looks over the fence here:

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Noted between 0920-1300hrs

Museum Entrance Foyer
8976 Bristol Scout D C/n Unknown Marked 5321
A8-129 General Dynamics F-111 C ‘Aardvark’ C/n 5
VH-UPW Wickner Wicko Cabin Sports Replica C/n Unknown

VH-WAN Fokker F-27 600 Friendship C/n 10315 Unmarked
VH-BHK Piaggio P.166 C/n 370 Unmarked
VH-BFH GAF Nomad N22B C/n 35 Unmarked
VH-HFA Max Holste MH.1521 M Broussard C/n 351 Coded HF-A
K9787 FSM Supermarine Spitfire F.I C/n Unknown
A9-760 Lockheed AP-3C C/n 5676
A4-173 de Havilland Canada DHC-4 A Caribou C/n 173
N786BP Beech 2000A Starship C/n NC-28
XJ607 de Havilland DH-110 Sea Vixen FAW.2 C/n 10074 Coded 701 / Nose section only
VH-FDS de Havilland Australia DHA.3 Drover Mk.3 C/n 5007 Unmarked
VH-KAM de Havilland DH-114 Riley Heron C/n 14123
Unknown Rear silver frame C/n Unknown Photo 1011905

Storage Area
Unknown Bell Pod ? C/n Unknown Photo 1011908
Unknown Bell Pod ? C/n Unknown Photo 1011908
VH-CLG Beech SNB-2 Expeditor C/n 4213 Storage area. Wreck. Photo 1011909
64-13925 Bell Helicopters UH-1 B Iroquois C/n 1049 WestPac colours Yellow/Red Heli Pod
VH-RMN Robinson R44 Raven I C/n 1780 White heli pod Photo 1011913
VH-AWC Beech P35 Bonanza C/n D-7227
XJ490 de Havilland DH-110 Sea Vixen FAW.2 C/n 10017
XA331 Fairey Gannet AS.1 C/n F.9223 Coded M/859
Unknown Pellarini AirJeep C/n C/n Unknown Red frame

VH-FII Beech 200 Super King Air C/n BB-653
VH-LKW Mikoyan-Gurevich SBLim-2 C/n 1A06036 Marked red 636
A89-277 Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune C/n 726-7277
N12-133160 Grumman S-2 A Tracker C/n 131 No Tail or outer wings
SAFTECH-11 Hawker Hunter F.4 C/n HABL003072 Marked XF311
VH-HIX Nord 262 Mohawk 298 C/n 42
VH-JOS Cessna 310 R C/n 310R-1259
VH-UNL Beagle B.206S Srs.2 C/n B047
VH-CIJ Beech E.18S C/n BA-81 Marked N3781B/C6-CAB
VH-TVJ Vickers Viscount 756D C/n 148 Nose section only.
VH-SCK Piper PA-38 112 Tomahawk C/n 38-79A0432
VH-BKS de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n 83118
VH-BIF Swearingen SA.226TC Metro II C/n TC-270 Marked VH-BPV
A85-410 Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel C/n 25-10 Coded 10
VH-CMY Cessna 336 Skymaster C/n 336-0005
VH-HSB Transavia PL-12 Airtruck C/n 818 Marked ZK-CWX
VH-DZY Cessna 402A C/n 402A-0066
VH-MMR de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C/n C1/0484 Marked VH-RVV
A4-159 de Havilland Canada DHC-4 A Caribou C/n 159 Unmarked Nose section only with other bits/wings in skip
VH-EJX Lake LA-4 200 Buccaneer C/n 596
VH-FDR de Havilland Australia DHA.3 Drover Mk.3 C/n 5006

Dick Hitchins Memorial Hangar, open on three sides
VH-AHQ Kawasaki-Bell 47 G-3B/KH4 C/n 2171
A17-012 Bell Helicopters 206 B-1 Kiowa C/n 44512
A2-310 Bell Helicopters UH-1 H Iroquois C/n 13310
WZ898 de Havilland DH-112 Sea Venom FAW.53 C/n 12755 Coded M/862
55-4140 Skyfox CA-21 C/n CA21001 Marked VH-CAL
A7-072 Aermacchi MB-326 H C/n CA30-72 Marked 72
P1-019 GAF Turana UAV C/n P1-019
VH-SBQ Robinson R22 C/n 1901
VH-QAM Bensen B.7 M C/n VH-QAM Unmarked
A94-935 Commonwealth CA-27 Mk.32 Sabre C/n CA27-35 Coded 35
A92-601 GAF Jindivik Mk.103 B Drone C/n 1 Marked WRE-601
A3-16 Dassault Mirage III OA C/n 29-16
VH-WIR Commonwealth CA-16 Wirraway III C/n 1104 Marked A20-652
10-0046 Unidentified Type Microlight C/n 2 Model Broome Lebeau
A84-225 English Electric Canberra Mk.20 C/n 25-10
SAFTECH-2 Gloster Meteor F.8 C/n WA880 Marked A77-721/721
VH-MBX Piper PA-23 250 Aztec B C/n 27-2007 Marked VH-TGP
Unmarked. K & S SA.102.5 Cavelier C/n Unknown Unmarked Frame hanging on the back wall
VH-BIF Avro Anson I C/n R3/LW/107500 Unmarked Frame hanging on the back wall
VH-KCL Auster J/5 B Autocar C/n 3261 Fuselage only at rear of hanger
VH-AJH Commonwealth CA-6 Kingsford Smith KS.3 C/n 283
VH-CRE Victa Airtourer 100 C/n 18 Marked VH-CFE
WD647 Gloster Meteor TT.20 C/n AW.5299 Wings in storage area
Unknown Link Trainer Type D4 C/n Unknown Unmarked
A79-828 de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.35A C/n 4113
10-0001 Lea Kestrel C/n 01 Marked 10-01
VH-BYP Auster J/5 G Autocar C/n 2945
A79-476 de Havilland DH-100 Vampire F.30 C/n 4018 Unmarked
VH-BRO Chrislea CH.3 Srs.2 Super Ace C/n 132
ZK-CEL Piper PA-25 235 Pawnee C/n 25-2747
VH-INP Sud-Ouest SO.1221 S Djinn C/n FR23
Unmarked. Winton Grasshopper C/n Unknown Unmarked
10-0281 Seabird Rouseabout C/n 03 Unmarked
VH-DSM de Havilland DH-104 Dove 1B C/n 04120 Marked VH-MAL
VH-GWC ICA-Brasov IS-29 D C/n 50
10-0665 Pterodactyl Ascender II+ C/n 1997304202 Unmarked
A68-201 FSM of Commonwealth CA-18 C/n Unknown Coded AI-S
VH-SSV Commonwealth CA-28 C/n CA28-18 Stored. At very back corner of hangar
A59-96 Lockheed PV-1 Ventura C/n 237-6371 Coded SF-F
VH-ANR Douglas DC-3 C-49H C/n 1944
N7-217 Westland WS.58 HAS.31B Wessex C/n WA217 Coded 27
VH-GRK ICA-Brasov IS-28 M2/80 C/n 45
JA7396 Kawasaki-Bell 47 G-3B/KH4 C/n 2033 Marked VH-QAM
533 Hawker Hunter FGA.74B C/n 41H/679972
VH-XXS Rand-Robinson KR-2 C/n Q082
D-FREE Pilatus PC-6 B1-H2 Turbo Porter C/n 731 Ex A14-705. Info board suggests its part of the damaged A14-705
Unknown. FSM Avro Lancaster Nose section C/n Unknown 3/4 Representation