Bouchs/Stans – Wednesday 10th April 2019 (John Tomlinson)

We were up and out by 0400hrs, as the first airfield was to be Stans Buochs~Nidwalden, where the Pilatus plant is located.
The reason for the early visit is that you can view many more aircraft in the workshops and hangars when the lights are on and it is dark outside.
Whilst we are still waiting for all the C/n and ID information to became available, we noted 81 aircraft during the times noted below. The excellent list was compiled by Pete Webber, one of the group on tour. Many thanks.


Noted between 0530-0815hrs

J-2313 Dassault Mirage IIIS C/n 1003 Preserved
HB-FOW Pilatus PC-12-45 C/n 411 Corporate
HB-FPT Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 545 Pilatus
HB-FXM Pilatus PC-12-45 C/n 547 Pilatus
D-FIBI Pilatus PC-12-47 C/n 773 Corporate
M-IFLY Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1022 Corporate
HB-FVD Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1072 Air Corviglia
SP-MIX Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1204 Corporate
YR-PDV Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1532 Corporate
LX-JFA Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1633 Jetfly Aviation
HB-FWF Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1720 Pilatus
HB-FRD Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1767 Corporate
HB-FRC Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1844 Pilatus
LX-JFF Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1857 Jetfly Aviation
HB-FRQ Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1858 Pilatus
HB-FRS Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1860 Pilatus
HB-FXS Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1866 Pilatus
HB-FRX Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1867 Pilatus
HB-FRY Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1868 Pilatus
HB-FSA Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1870 Pilatus
HB-FSB Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1871 Pilatus
HB-FSC Pilatus PC-12-47E C/n 1872 Pilatus
1876? PC12 C/n 1876 Pilatus
1879? PC12 C/n 1879 Pilatus
1880? PC12 C/n 1880 Pilatus
1881? PC12 C/n 1881 Pilatus
1882? PC12 C/n 1882 Pilatus
1883? PC12 C/n 1883 Pilatus
1884? PC12 C/n 1884 Pilatus
1885? PC12 C/n 1885 Pilatus
PH-WPB PC12 C/n Unknown Pilatus
F-OSTB PC12 C/n Unknown Pilatus
HB-HZC Pilatus PC-21 C/n 101 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HZD Pilatus PC-21 C/n 102 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWH Pilatus PC-21 C/n 267 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWI Pilatus PC-21 C/n 268 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWJ Pilatus PC-21 C/n 269 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWK Pilatus PC-21 C/n 270 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWL Pilatus PC-21 C/n 271 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWM Pilatus PC-21 C/n 272 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
HB-HWN Pilatus PC-21 C/n 273 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
A54-041 PC21 C/n 274 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
A54-042 PC21 C/n 275 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
A54-043 PC21 C/n 276 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
279? PC21 C/n 279 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
280? PC21 C/n 280 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
LX-PCA Pilatus PC-24 C/n 111 Jetfly Aviation
VH-FMP Pilatus PC-24 C/n 118 Royal Flying Doctor Service
HB-VSX Pilatus PC-24 C/n 123 Pilatus
HB-VUE Pilatus PC-24 C/n 130 Pilatus
HB-VUF Pilatus PC-24 C/n 131 Pilatus
HB-VUG Pilatus PC-24 C/n 132 Pilatus
HB-VUH? PC24 C/n 133 Pilatus
HB-VUI Pilatus PC-24 C/n 134 Pilatus
HB-VUJ Pilatus PC-24 C/n 135 Pilatus
HB-VUK Pilatus PC-24 C/n 136 Pilatus
HB-VUL Pilatus PC-24 C/n 137 Pilatus
139? PC24 C/n 139 Pilatus
140? PC24 C/n 140 Pilatus
141? PC24 C/n 141 Pilatus
142? PC24 C/n 142 Pilatus
145? PC24 C/n 145 Pilatus
146? PC24 C/n 146 Pilatus
147? PC24 C/n 147 Pilatus
148? PC24 C/n 148 Pilatus
149? PC24 C/n 149 Pilatus
HB-VXA Pilatus PC-24 C/n P01 Pilatus
HB-VSA Pilatus PC-24 C/n P03 Pilatus
2201 Pilatus PC-9 C/n 108 Royal Saudi Air Force
D-FHMT Pilatus PC-9B C/n 171 EIS Aircraft GmbH
HB-HPJ Pilatus PC-9M C/n 605 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
261 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 656 Irish Air Corps
HB-1546 Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 2C C/n 231 Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden
HB-EXW Robin DR.400180R C/n 1257 Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden
HB-2656 DG Flugzeugbau DG-1000T C/n 10-258 Private
HB-1622 Schleicher ASK-21 C/n 21088 Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden
HB-2310 Diamond HK 36TTC C/n 36.57 Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden
D-IOSD Piper PA-42720 C/n 42-5501044 Lufthansa Flight Training
HB-NBE Slingsby T.67M C/n 2040 Private
HB-1314 Pilatus B4-PC11AF C/n 129 Segelfluggruppe Nidwalden
HB-ZNW Bell Helicopters 407GX C/n 54410 Alpinlift Helikopter AG