Berlin/Tegel – Wednesday 25th April 2018 (Darren Kellett)

Headed out from the hotel straight to the ILA show at Brandenburg Airport, but a couple noted arriving as we drove by at 0740hrs:

OO-SSO A319 Brussels
S5-AAZ CRJ900 Luxair

Following the show and a visit to Schonhagen, we were back at Tegel at 2000hrs and noted over the next 45 minutes were:

A7-BAW 777 Qatar
D-ABGJ A319 Eurowings
D-ABGP A319 Eurowings
D-ABOB 757 Condor
D-AGWN A319 Germanwings
D-AIAE A321 Condor
D-AIBC A319 Lufthansa
D-AIBG A319 Lufthansa
D-AICE A320 Condor
D-AIRL A321 Lufthansa
D-AIRY A321 Lufthansa
D-AIUN A320 Lufthansa
D-AIZF A320 Lufthansa
D-AKNU A319 Germanwings
D-AMGL 146 WDL / EasyJet
EC-LLE A320 Iberia Express
ES-SAP A320 SmartLynx Estonia / EasyJet
G-EZON A320 EasyJet
G-EZPW A320 EasyJet
G-FBJE Emb175 Flybe
HB-IJQ A320 Swiss
HB-IPY A319 Swiss
LX-LGF DHC-8 Luxair
OE-LBP A320 Austrian
OO-SSB A319 Brussels
PH-EZZ Emb190 KLM cityhopper
S5-AAZ CRJ900 Luxair
TC-JNO A330 Turkish
TC-JRY A321 Turkish
YL-BBI 737 Air Baltic
YL-LCN A320 SmartLynx / EasyJet
YL-LCU A320 SmartLynx / EasyJet

Photo credit: Dara Z