Berlin/Tegel – Thursday 26th April 2018 (Darren Kellett)

Up and out of the hotel and spotting from the area on Meteorstrasse near the threshold of 26R, the following were noted between 0735hrs and 1000hrs:

D-ABDP A320 Eurowings
D-ABGJ A319 Eurowings
D-ABOB 757 Condor
D-ABQE DHC-8 Eurowings
D-ABQM DHC-8 Eurowings
D-ABQO DHC-8 Eurowings
D-AEWI A320 Eurowings
D-AIAE A321 Condor
D-AICE A320 Condor
D-AIQE A320 Germanwings
D-AIQL A320 Germanwings
D-AIRB A321 Lufthansa
D-AIRN A321 Lufthansa
D-AIRP A321 Lufthansa
D-AIRT A321 Lufthansa
D-AIRW A321 Lufthansa
D-AISB A321 Lufthansa
D-AISU A321 Lufthansa
D-AIUI A320 Lufthansa
D-AIUS A320 Lufthansa
D-AIZS A320 Eurowings
D-AKNI A319 Germanwings
D-AWUE 146 WDL / EasyJet
D-CIRP Do328 Rhein-Neckar Air
ES-SAP A320 SmartLynx Estonia / EasyJet
F-GKXC A320 Air France
F-GKXY A320 Joon
F-HBIB A320 Aigle Azur
G-EZON A320 EasyJet
G-EZOT A320 EasyJet
HB-IJI A320 Swiss
HB-IJP A320 Swiss
LX-LQA DHC-8 Luxair
N69059 767 United
OE-IVD A320 EasyJet Europe
OE-IZH A320 EasyJet Europe
OE-IZP A320 EasyJet Europe
OE-IZT A320 EasyJet Europe
OE-LDF A319 Austrian
OH-LZA A321 Finnair
OO-SSD A319 Brussels
S5-AAZ CRJ900 Luxair
TC-LOB A330 Turkish
VQ-BYN Emb170 S7 Airlines
YL-BBQ 737 Air Baltic
YL-LCS A320 SmartLynx / EasyJet
YU-AND 737 Aviolet

Also noted following a walk through the woods was:
‘D-ABOC’ 707
Noted at the 08 threshold end, really ex- 4X-ATB

Also noted at the 26 threshold end in the small Allierten Museum were a Varsity (WF382), Magister (52) and F-84 (DF+240)

Following that we headed off for the collections at Zehdenick and Finow, before heading back to Schonefeld for the flight back to Manchester.


Photo credit: Grant Robinson