Basel/Mulhouse-Freiburg – Sunday 1st May 2022 (John Tomlinson)

At last, arrival at our final airport of the trip and the groups departure flights to the North and South of England.

Time was getting tight for check in, so we had a quick look at one of the business jet area’s before moving airside.

As we taxied out and took off we were able to view a few more General aviation aircraft as well as some of the stored and corporate aircraft on the storage / maintenance Ramp

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Noted between 1540-1700hrs

Noted from landside location
RA-10207 Gulfstream G650 C/n 6054 Corporate
9H-CAA Gulfstream G650 C/n 6350 Avcon Jet Malta
VP-CZM Gulfstream G650ER C/n 6411 Jet Aviation Business Jets
P4-MES Boeing 76733A(ER) C/n 33425 Global Jet Concept
V5-PJM Gulfstream G3 C/n 341 Corporate
T7-ZZZ Gulfstream G450 C/n 4273 Corporate
P4-VIP Gulfstream G5 C/n 669 Corporate
N339DF Dassault Falcon50EX C/n 339 Corporate
N629JG Gulfstream G650 C/n 6299 Corporate

Noted airside by the Manchester Group
HB-JXL Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 8075 easyJet Switzerland
HB-ALN Aerospatiale ATR 42512 C/n 528 Zimex Aviation

HA-LXB Airbus A321231(SL) C/n 6910 Wizz Air
HB-AYQ Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10186 easyJet Switzerland
HB-AYN Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10102 easyJet Switzerland
OE-LKL Airbus A319111 C/n 4048 easyJet Europe
F-HFRF Beech B200 C/n BB-2006 Aero Sotravia
HB-IJR Airbus A320214 C/n 703 Swiss International Air Lines
N903FD Boeing 7572B7(SF) C/n 27124 Federal Express
SP-SPA Aerospatiale ATR 72202 C/n 246 SprintAir
G-EZGO Airbus A319111 C/n 4785 easyJet
OE-IZU Airbus A320214 C/n 4013 easyJet Europe
HA-LWP Airbus A320232 C/n 5139 Wizz Air
HB-JXD Airbus A320214 C/n 5150 easyJet Switzerland
HB-KGS Robin DR.400140B C/n 2734 Motorfluggruppe Basel
OE-IJF Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6675 easyJet Europe
G-EZTA Airbus A320214 C/n 3805 easyJet
TC-NBA Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 7140 Pegasus Airlines

Preserved / Fire Service
G-AIVG Vickers VikingV.610-1B C/n 220 Preserved
HB-ISH Fokker F-27200 C/n 10260 Fire Service

Noted on departure. Inside Hangar
HB-KGY Tecnam P.2010 C/n 121 Flugschule Basel
HB-YMB Vogelsang Votec 322 C/n 04-006 Private

Noted on departure. GA Ramp
HB-PQD Piper PA-28181 C/n 2890149 Flugschule Basel
HB-PQL Piper PA-28181 C/n 2890121 Flugschule Basel
HB-PNM Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-8616046 Flugschule Basel
HB-POC Piper PA-28161 C/n 2841291 Flugschule Basel

HB-KMU Tecnam P.2008JC C/n 1107 Flugschule Basel
HB-PPB Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-7931278 Private
HB-CYU Cessna 172S C/n 172S-9323 Flugschule Basel
HB-PNI Piper PA-28RT-201T C/n 28R-8431018 Flugschule Basel
HB-LPZ Partenavia P.68B C/n 44 Corporate
D-INGU Piper PA-60601P C/n 61P-0613-7963276 Private
HB-ZQM Airbus Helicopters BK117 D-2 C/n 20247 REGA Swiss Air Ambulance

Noted on departure. Storage / Maintenance Ramp.
A7-HHE Boeing 7478KB(BBJ) C/n 37544 Qatar Airways Amiri Flight
A6-CAS Airbus A318112CJ C/n 4211 Corporate
N123EM Gulfstream G450 C/n 4266 Corporate
M-RBUS Airbus A319115CJ C/n 3856 Globaljet IOM
VP-CAC Airbus A330243 C/n 1053 Leasing Company
P4-MIS Airbus A319115X C/n 3133 Corporate
VP-CTF Douglas MD87 C/n 49777 Corporate
SX-IFA Douglas MD83 C/n 49809 Amjet Executive
TR-KPR Boeing 777236 C/n 27108 Afrijet
N757MA Boeing 75724Q C/n 28463 Leasing Company