Baldonnel – Monday 25th March 2019 (John Tomlinson)

The main reason for the trip to Eire was to visit the Irish Air Corps Museum at Baldonnel/Casement.

I have provided the Museum listing as the most interesting part of the report for this forum. However after the museum list, I have left in the military training aircraft so that you can get a full picture of what can been noted.

Grant had been in contact with the public relations people and a date and time had been agreed. Some of us had arrived the day before and visited a good few airfields and enjoyed some Irish hospitality. Today we would meet up with others that had been allocated places for the tour, but did not join us on the Sunday.

We would be escorted throughout the tour and were given permission to take photographs of everything except Garda aircraft and any other non Irish visitors. We were happy to agree with the request.

So after a cup of tea in the base cafe, we started to walk the base.

At the museum we were handed over to the curator, who provided us with an interesting talk and walk around the exhibits. We were then allowed free rein to photograph the aircraft.

After the tour we gave the museum a voluntary contribution as a gesture for an excellent visit, as well as gave our thanks to our military hosts.

My photographs are at:


Unmarked Glider. Photo at:



Trip Airfield Albums

Country Folders

Old scanned photographs at:

Noted between 1100-1330hrs

Irish Air Corps Museum

141 Avro Anson C.19 C/n 1314 Preserved
164 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.20 C/n C1/0450 Preserved
172 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.20 C/n C1/0745 Preserved
183 Percival Provost T.51 C/n PAC/F/406 Preserved
191 de Havilland DH-115 Vampire T.55 C/n 15815 Preserved
196 Sud Aviation SE.3160 Alouette III C/n 1153 Preserved
199 de Havilland Canada DHC-1 C/n C1/0392 Preserved
206 Reims-Cessna FR.172H C/n 346 Irish Air Corps
211 Sud Aviation SA.316B Alouette III C/n 1983 Withdrawn from use
216 Fouga CM-170R Magister C/n 358 Preserved
219 Fouga CM-170R Magister C/n 298 Preserved
221 Fouga CM-170R Magister C/n 79 Preserved Coded 3-KE
231 SIAI-Marchetti SF-260WE C/n 298 Preserved
C7 Avro 631 Cadet C/n 730 Preserved
EI-135 Slingsby T.38 Grasshopper TX.1 C/n 758 Preserved Marked WZ768 (Wings from WZ756 or WZ768)
EI-GLU Schleicher Ka.6CR Rhonsegler C/n 808 Private
G-ARLU Cessna 172B C/n 172-48502 Preserved
Unmarked Wright Flyer 1903 Replica C/n Unknown Preserved
Unmarked Link Trainer C/n Unknown Preserved
Unknown Glider Irish Flag & Colours C/n Unknown Preserved

Split section of the Irish Air Corps Museum

205 Reims-Cessna FR.172H Rocket C/n 345 Irish Air Corps
215 Fouga CM-170R Magister C/n 357 Instructional Airframe
218 Fouga CM-170R Magister C/n 390 Preserved
254 Britten-Norman BN-2T-4R Islander C/n 4008 Irish Air Corps
EI-BJW de Havilland DH-104 Dove 6 C/n 4485 Preserved

Ramp area’s and Outside

256 Eurocopter EC135T1 C/n 0149 Irish Air Corps
258 Learjet 45 C/n 45-234 Irish Air Corps
261 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 656 Irish Air Corps
264 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 659 Irish Air Corps
267 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 662 Irish Air Corps
277 AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31078 Irish Air Corps
270 Eurocopter EC135P2 C/n 0425 Irish Air Corps

Hangar 1
203 Reims-Cessna FR.172H C/n 0343 Irish Air Corps
208 Reims-Cessna FR.172H C/n 0348 Irish Air Corps
210 Reims-Cessna FR.172H C/n 0350 Irish Air Corps

Hangar 2
275 AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31059 Irish Air Corps
279 AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31145 Irish Air Corps
Split Hangar 2
278 AgustaWestland AW139 C/n 31137 Irish Air Corps

Hangar 3
260 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 655 Irish Air Corps
263 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 658 Irish Air Corps
266 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 661 Irish Air Corps
269 Pilatus PC-9M C/n 779 Irish Air Corps


Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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