Arcachon/La Teste-de-Buch – Thursday 16th May 2019 (James Nason)

Day 1 of the Tiger Meet tour. After leaving the airport, we started to head South and made a quick stop at the quite but friendly Arcachon/La Teste-de-Buch.

F-GCHU, Cessna 152 (1703)
F-GCIX, Robin DR.400 120 Petit Prince (1480)
F-GDTF, CAP-10 B (181)
F-GRFY, Aquila AT-01 100C (AT01-100C-307)
F-HDJR, Aquila AT-01 A-210 (AT01-243)
F-HIGI, Robin DR.400 140B (2701)
F-PMXH, Jodel D.11 (Jodel D.11)
40-FX, Aeroprakt A-22 Vision (086)
G-BAGR, Robin DR.400 140 Major (753)

Photo credit: James Nason


James Nason