Alpnach – Monday 3rd April 2017 (report by John Tomlinson)

Next morning it was up at a reasonable time to be at Alpnach~Obwalden fro around 0800 for the early flying at this base. Like many bases in Switzerland, they are ‘open plan’ and easy to look over.
Whilst having a look around, various Pilatus aircraft and others flew overhead. Probably out of the Pilatus plant at Stans~Buochs.
Noted between 0800-0900hrs
Over Alpnach~Obwalden
HB-FPR    Pilatus PC-12-45    C/n     544    Corporate
HB-FWG    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1298    Corporate
HB-LYZ    Cessna 340A    C/n     340A-0242    Corporate
HB-ZNW    Bell Helicopters 407GX    C/n     54410    Alpinlift Helikopter AG
VH-PIL    Pilatus PC-12-47E    C/n     1693    Corporate
V-262    Sud Aviation SE.3160    C/n     138    Preserved
T-311    Aerospatiale AS.332M1 TH-89    C/n     2216    Swiss Air Force
T-313    Aerospatiale AS.332M1 TH-89    C/n     2226    Swiss Air Force
T-317    Aerospatiale AS.332M1 TH-89    C/n     2337    Swiss Air Force
T-335    Eurocopter AS.532UL    C/n     2537    Swiss Air Force
T-339    Eurocopter AS.532UL    C/n     2551    Swiss Air Force
T-351    Eurocopter EC135P2i    C/n     676    Swiss Air Force
T-354    Eurocopter EC635P2i    C/n     608    Swiss Air Force
T-366    Eurocopter EC635P2+    C/n     780    Swiss Air Force
T-367    Eurocopter EC635P2+    C/n     791    Swiss Air Force
T-369    Eurocopter EC635P2+    C/n     812    Swiss Air Force
T-370    Eurocopter EC635P2+    C/n     820    Swiss Air Force