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Manchester – Friday 27th November 2020 (John Tomlinson)

Decided to have my daily exercise around the airport perimeter. Quite often I am in the car, so I do not take too close a look at all the views, just concentrating on what I require.

On this occasion I decided to take a few shots and note all that I could read. Plenty more around, but 54 aircraft read off during this walkabout.


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Noted between 1230-1420hrs


G-EZOU Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6754 easyJet

G-EZOX Airbus A320214(SL) C/n 6837 easyJet

G-UZHD Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 7841 easyJet

G-UZHR Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 8505 easyJet

G-UZHX Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 8880 easyJet

G-UZLC Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 9014 easyJet

G-UZLM Airbus A320251N(SL) C/n 10053 easyJet


G-DRTY Boeing 7378AS C/n 33554 Jet 2

G-GDFC Boeing 7378K2 C/n 28375 Jet 2

G-GDFR Boeing 7378Z9 C/n 30421 Jet 2

G-GDFX Boeing 7378K5 C/n 27987 Jet 2

G-JZBD Boeing 737800 C/n 63159 Jet 2

G-JZBG Boeing 737800 C/n 63164 Jet 2

G-JZBL Boeing 737800 C/n 63169 Jet 2

G-JZBM Boeing 737800 C/n 63170 Jet 2

G-JZHB Boeing 73786N C/n 28623 Jet 2

G-JZHF Boeing 7378K2 C/n 28378 Jet 2

G-JZHS Boeing 737800 C/n 63149 Jet 2


G-MDBD Airbus A330243 C/n 266 Leasing Company

G-MLJL Airbus A330243 C/n 254 Leasing Company

G-VXLG Boeing 74741R C/n 29406 Leasing Company


G-AWZK Hawker-Siddeley Trident 3B C/n 2312 Preserved

G-BOAC BAC/SUD Concorde 102 C/n 204 Preserved

G-DMCA Douglas DC-1030 C/n 48266 Preserved

G-IRJX British Aerospace 146-RJX100 C/n E3378 Preserved

XV231 Hawker-Siddeley Nimrod MR.2 C/n 8006 Preserved


EI-DCG Boeing 7378AS C/n 33805 Ryanair

EI-DWI Boeing 7378AS C/n 33643 Ryanair

EI-DWL Boeing 7378AS C/n 33618 Ryanair

EI-DYZ Boeing 7378AS C/n 37518 Ryanair

EI-EKI Boeing 7378AS C/n 38496 Ryanair


G-FDZT Boeing 7378K5 C/n 37248 TUI Airways

G-FDZX Boeing 7378K5 C/n 37258 TUI Airways

G-TAWH Boeing 7378K5 C/n 38107 TUI Airways

G-TAWO Boeing 7378K5 C/n 37255 TUI Airways

G-TUMB Boeing 7378MAX C/n 44595 TUI Airways

G-TUMC Boeing 7378MAX C/n 44597 TUI Airways

G-TUMD Boeing 7378MAX C/n 44648 TUI Airways

G-TUMG Boeing 7378MAX C/n 44600 TUI Airways

SE-RFR Boeing 76738A(ER) C/n 29617 TUIfly Nordic


G-VDOT Airbus A3501041 C/n 071 Virgin Atlantic

G-VGBR Airbus A330343E C/n 1329 Virgin Atlantic

G-VLUV Airbus A330343X C/n 1206 Virgin Atlantic

G-VMIK Airbus A330223 C/n 432 Virgin Atlantic

G-VNYC Airbus A330343X C/n 1315 Virgin Atlantic

G-VRAY Airbus A330343X C/n 1296 Virgin Atlantic

G-VWND Airbus A330223 C/n 476 Virgin Atlantic


A6-BLO Boeing 7879 C/n 39660 Etihad Airways

A6-EWJ Boeing 77721H(LR) C/n 35590 Emirates Airlines

A7-BCC Boeing 7878 C/n 38321 Qatar Airways

D-AECA Embraer Emb-190100LR C/n 19000327 Lufthansa Regional

G-HNPN Embraer EMB-505 C/n 50500276 Corporate

N923FD Boeing 757204(SF) C/n 26266 Federal Express

TC-CRF Boeing 737800 C/n 63704 Pegasus Airlines


Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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