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Duxford – Sunday 2nd June 2019 (John Tomlinson)

On arriving, we initially view the airfield from the motorway bridge to the South East of the field.

After a good look at the layout from that vantage point, we went to the car park and airside.

As I had been to the museum in November of 2018, I only went into hangars which I thought aircraft of interest to me would be located.

However this is what I have for Duxford, excluding the museum…………………..

Photographs at:

The only two airfield request’s I have are:

Blenheim which we saw flying as we approached Duxford and never saw again?
Spitfire which appeared to be coded D-LE, not the gate guard aircraft.



Trip Airfield Albums

Country Folders

Old scanned photographs at:

Noted between

Gate Guard
BAPC-267 FSM Hawker Hurricane C/n Unknown Preserved

N45366 Douglas DC-3 C-53D-DO C/n 11757 Private Marked 268830 CU / R
N33611 Douglas DC-3 C-47B-50-DK C/n 17111/34378 Private Pan American World Airways
N431HM Douglas DC-3 C-47A-45-DL C/n 9995 Private Painted in a 1937 Swissair scheme
N18121 Douglas DC-3 A C/n 1997 Private Marked 256630
N25641 Douglas DC-3 C-47-DL C/n 9059 Private / Legend Airways
N341A Douglas DC-3 C-41A C/n 2145 Private
N147DC Douglas DC-3 C-47A-75-DL C/n 19347 Private Marked 2100884 S6 /A
N24320 Douglas DC-3 C-47A-90-DL C/n 20197 Private / Johnson Flying Services Inc
N62CC Douglas DC-3 C-47A-DL C/n 13798 Private Marked 330647 X-5 / J
N47E Douglas DC-3 C-47A-DL C/n 13816 Private Marked 0-30665
OY-BPB Douglas DC-3 C-47A-85-DL C/n 20019 Private Marked K-682
HA-LIX Lisunov Li-2 T C/n 18433209 Private / Malev Colours
OH-LCH Douglas DC-3 C-53C C/n 6346 Private / Finnair colours

About the field
D-IBIS Cessna T303 Crusader C/n T303-00024 Private
F-GGBD Piper PA-32 R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP C/n 32R-8129110 Private
G-AGPK de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n 86566 Private Marked PG657
G-AIDL de Havilland DH-89 A Dragon Rapide C/n 6968 Private Marked TX310
G-AIYR de Havilland DH-89 A Dominie I C/n 6676 Private Marked HG691
G-AJXV Auster AOP.4 C/n 1065 Private Marked NJ695
G-AKIF de Havilland DH-89 A Dragon Rapide C/n 6838 Private
G-AKSY Auster AOP.5 C/n 1567 Private Marked TJ534
G-ANHS Auster 4 C/n 737 Private Marked MT197
G-ANZZ de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n 85834 Private Marked DE974
G-APAO de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n 82845 Private Marked R4922
G-ARAZ de Havilland DH-82 A Tiger Moth C/n 82867 Private Marked R4959 / 59
G-AYGD SAN Jodel DR.1050 C/n 515 Private
G-BDAM Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard Iib C/n 14-726 Private Marked ER-992
G-BEDF Boeing B-17 G Flying Fortress C/n 8693 Private Marked 124485 / DF-A
G-BGPB Canadian Car & Foundry T-6J Texan C/n CCF4-538 Private Marked 1747
G-BICD Auster AOP.5 C/n 735 Private Marked MT166
G-BIXL North American P-51 D Mustang C/n 122-38675 Private Marked 472216 / HO-M
G-BJST Canadian Car & Foundry T-6H Harvard IVM C/n 14A-2429.. Private Marked AJ841
G-BMSB Supermarine Spitfire Tr.IX C/n CBAF.7722 Marked MJ627 / 9G-Q
G-BNKP Cessna 152 C/n 152-81286 Private
G-BRPK Piper PA-28 140 C/n 28-7325070 Private
G-BUDL Auster 3 C/n 458 Private Marked NX534
G-BYNF North American NA-64 Yale Mk.I C/n 64-2171 Private Marked 3349
G-CORS Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard Iib C/n 14A-1884 Private Marked KF183
G-DHDV de Havilland DH-104 Devon C.2/2 C/n 04205 Private Marked VP981
G-GBHB Socata TB-10 Tobago C/n 6 Private
G-GUAR Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II C/n 28-7816576 Private
G-HUPW Hawker Hurricane I C/n 41H/G5/92301 Private Marked R4118 / UP-W
G-PBYA Canadian-Vickers PBV-1A Canso A C/n CV283 Private Marked 433915
G-SWEE Beech B55 Baron C/n TC-1406 Private
G-TSIX North American AT-6C Harvard IIa C/n 88-9725 Private Marked 111836/JZ-6

Preservation Row
G-ALZO Airspeed Ambassador 2 C/n 5226 Preserved
G-ALWF Vickers Viscount 701 C/n 5 Preserved
G-BEVT Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk.III-2 C/n 1057 Preserved
G-AOVT Bristol Britannia 317 C/n 13427 Preserved
G-APWJ Handley-Page HPR.7 C/n 158 Preserved
G-ASGC Vickers VC-10 1151 C/n 853 Preserved
G-AVFB Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E C/n 2141 Preserved
G-AVMU BAC 1-11 510ED C/n 148 Preserved

Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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