Foreign Airfield Visit

Perth & Bull Creek (West Australian Air Museum) – Saturday 8th February 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all.

A cooler but clear day today with temperatures in the mid 20’s celsius.

An early run over to Perth this morning resulted in just this one new one at 0940

N83CW G550* (dep at 1113 to Male)

Then a short drive to Bull Creek and the West Australian Air Museum.

Everything present was as per my visit here last year with just the one new one being noted:

Z7203 Percival Procter RAF*

After just over 3 weeks of enjoying the delights of Perth and the surrounding area tomorrow I leave on the next leg of my journey. I will report back tomorrow evening with anything noted at Perth and a log for my destination for tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Mark Paulin

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