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Oaksey/Park Farm – Wednesday 21st November 2018 (John Tomlinson)

Since we were so close, we decided to visit Oaksey Park. So we checked in at the club house and as usual, another friendly welcome was received at this airfield.

As agreed, we walked and took photographs in the hangars, if open and then reported back to the club house before we departed.

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Noted between 1350-1420hrs

In order as see:

Hangar 1 Visited:

G-AYGD SAN Jodel DR.1050 C/n 515 Private
G-ADND de Havilland DH-87B C/n 8097 Private
G-BJBO Centre-Est DR.250160 C/n 40 Private
G-XCID SAAB S.91 SafirD C/n 91-441 Private
G-BCUS Scottish Aviation SA.120122 C/n 373 Private
G-CGMV Roko Aero NG-4HD C/n 031/2010 Private
G-YAKG Yakovlev Yak-18T C/n 22202034023 Private

Hangar 2 Visited but not entered. Viewed from the hangar door which was ajar.

G-BALF Robin DR.400140 C/n 772 Private
G-ASCH Beagle A.61Terrier 2 C/n B.619 Private
G-FADF Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-7510 Private
G-HACK Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-7168 Private

Hangar 3 Visited:

G-IIIF Xtreme Air XA-41 C/n 01 Private
G-BUVA Piper PA-22135 C/n 22-1301 Private
G-BCYM de Havilland Canada DHC-1 C/n C1/0598 Private
G-EWME Piper PA-28235 C/n 28-7310156 Private
G-UZZY Enstrom 480 C/n 5013 Private
G-ISDN Boeing Stearman KaydetN2S-3 C/n 75-1263 Private Coded 14

Hangar 4 Visited:

N784F Bell Helicopters 206B-3 C/n 2508 Corporate
G-JKAY Robinson R44 C/n 11093 Private
G-CKCK Enstrom F280FX C/n 2071 Private
G-WPKR Enstrom F280FX C/n 2012 Private
G-JMDI Schweizer 269C C/n S 1398 Private

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