UK Airfield Visit

Kemble – Sunday 6th May 2018 (John Tomlinson)

Kemble was next on the list as two of us need two airliners and one of our group needed a few more.

Viewed the airliners from the usual layby on the A429 and then from the AV8 restaurant area.

My photograph link at:

Noted between 1520-1615hrs

2-BEST Rockwell Commander 114B C/n 14636 Private
5H-FJD Airbus A319131 C/n 2268 Leasing Company
EL-WXA Bristol Britannia253F C/n 13508 Preserved
G-AXIA Beagle B121100 C/n B078 Private
G-AYEJ SAN Jodel DR.1050 C/n 253 Private
G-BCUS Scottish Aviation SA.120122 C/n 373 Private
G-BCVH Reims-Cessna FRA.150L [mod] C/n 258 Private
G-BHOZ Socata TB-9 C/n 84 Private
G-BOXB Piper PA-28161 C/n 2816064 Private
G-BPCK Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-8016279 Private
G-BULL Scottish Aviation SA.120128 C/n 392 Private
G-BWGM Hawker HunterT.8C C/n HABL003008 Preserved
G-CELA Boeing 737377 C/n 23663 Leasing Company
G-CELI Boeing 737330 C/n 23526 Leasing Company
G-CELW Boeing 737377F C/n 23659 Leasing Company
G-CIGS AutoGyro Europe MTO C/n RSUK/MTOS/052 Private
G-CLEA Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916081 Private
G-DAJB Boeing 7572T7 C/n 23770 Leasing Company
G-DSMA P & M Aviation Quik C/n 8410 Private
G-FFFB P & M Aviation QuikGTR C/n 8745 Private
G-HACK Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-7168 Private
G-HDEW Piper PA-32R-301 C/n 3213026 Private
G-HOTR P & M Aviation Quik C/n 8617 Private
G-ISCD Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser C/n 10SC297 Private
G-JUDE Robin DR.400180 C/n 1869 Private
G-MKGA Boeing 7472R7F C/n 21650 Preserved
G-MPRL Cessna 210M C/n 210-61892 Private
G-OMHD English Electric CanberraPR.9 C/n SH1724 Private
G-OVMC Reims-Cessna F.152 C/n 1667 Atlantic Flight Training
G-TIPY Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 C/n C0516 Private
G-TSKY Beagle B121150 C/n B010 Private
G-XAVI Piper PA-28161 C/n 28-7916258 Private
HL8232 Boeing 7378K5 C/n 27979 Preserved
M25-04 Scottish Aviation SA.120102 C/n 127 Withdrawn from use
M-ABJE Airbus A319133X C/n 1256 Leasing Company
M-FTOH Boeing 727269 C/n 22359 Leasing Company
N105KR Airbus A319133X C/n 1053 Leasing Company
N176GT Boeing 7772D7 C/n 27731 Leasing Company
N389DF Boeing 7373M8 C/n 25017 Fire Service
PK-KSC Aerospatiale ATR 72500 C/n 638 Leasing Company
TF-AMV Boeing 747412 C/n 28022 Leasing Company
TU-TSN Airbus A319112 C/n 1429 Leasing Company
XH135 English Electric CanberraPR.9 C/n SH1725 Private
XP502 Folland GnatT.1 C/n FL.517 Preserved

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