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Donnington Grove Country Club, Newbury (Icicle Refrozen Balloon Meet) – Saturday 4th January 2020 (Grant Robinson)

Hi all,

A pleasant few morning hours were spent at Donnington Grove Country Club, Newbury to see what the Icicle Refrozen Balloon Meet might produce for our pleasure. Was also the first chance of the year to catch up with some old friends and faces and wish them happy New Year.

Higher level wind conditions and mostly wet and muddy countryside surrounding Newbury, put many off flying and therefore the amount seen when compared to last years event. Still there was some quality over quantity especially in making G-BCZI which is a 1975 produced HAB. Also G-CLJL which was so new, it wasn’t showing on the G-INFO site.

Not all of these flew but as I was busy puppy training my 16 week English Springer Spaniel, I failed to note what flew and what just tethered. Jet enjoyed his first aviation outing and reminded at least one person this morning that you never leave your opened lunch box on the ground when there are dogs around!

Some pictures can be seen at;

G-AZKK, Cameron O-56 (32)
G-BBYL, Cameron O-77 (89)
G-BCAS, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (018)
G-BCZI, Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 (037)
G-BDUZ, Cameron V-56 (213)
G-BEND, Cameron V-77 (260)
G-BMKJ, Cameron V-77 (1235)
G-BZBJ, Lindstrand LBL-77A (646)
G-CDUJ, Lindstrand LBL-31A (1080)
G-CFXP, Lindstrand LBL-105A (1168)
G-CHJM, Cameron C-80 (11684)
G-CIRL, Ultramagic S-90 (90/140)
G-CJRO, Cameron Z-105 (12055)
G-CLGB, Ultramagic M-77 (77/423)
G-CLJL, Kubicek BB-22Z (1637)
G-JHAA, Cameron Z-90 (11647)
G-STAV, Cameron O-84 (2913)

Best regards,

Grant Robinson

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