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Yverdon-les-Bains – Sunday 2nd April 2017 (John Tomlinson)

As we found with all but one airfield in Switzerland, they were so friendly and accommodating.

However, as Grant did for all the fields, it would certainly help if you contacted them before setting off on your travels. Maybe that is why we had so much success?

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Noted at Yverdon~Vaud between 1145-1222hrs

25-ADR Unidentified Type Gyrocopter Unknown Private
HB-1898 Glaser-Dirks DG-300 3.00E-211 Private
HB-CRS Cessna 172C 172-49162 Private
HB-CVU Reims-Cessna F.172K 783 Private
HB-EBK SAN Jodel DR.1050 533 Private
HB-EEW Centre-Est DR.1050 568 Private
HB-EGE Beech A35 D-2045 Private
HB-EQB Robin DR.400180 1389 Private
HB-ERJ SIAI-Marchetti SF-260WL 502 Private
HB-EYD Socata MS.893E 12680 Private
HB-FDU Pilatus PC-6B2-H2 663 Air Glaciers
HB-GIA Beech B55 C/n TC-1825 Private
HB-KBX Robin DR.400120D C/n 1843 Private
HB-KDV Robin DR.400140B C/n 2240 Segel- und Motorfluggruppe Grenchen
HB-KLT Robin DR.400160 C/n 2687 Private
HB-KOP Tecnam P.2002-JF Sierra C/n 45 Private
HB-KOW Robin DR.400180 C/n 2651 Private
HB-KPE Tecnam P.2002-JF Sierra C/n 87 Private
HB-MTA Extra 300LP C/n 1228 Private
HB-OEX Piper L-4H C/n 12094 Private
HB-OQV Piper PA-28151 C/n 28-7515204 Private
HB-PAW Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8192 Private
HB-PAX Piper PA-18150 C/n 18-8193 Private
HB-PQR Piper PA-28181 C/n 2843363 Flugschule Basel
HB-UCA American Aviation AA-5 C/n 581 Private
HB-UCH American Aviation AA-5B C/n 465 Private
HB-UOH Aviamilano F.8L C/n 105 Private
HB-YBO Rutan Vari Eze C/n 1513 Private
HB-YFR Neico Lancair320 C/n 503 Private
HB-YUV Vogelsang Votec 221 C/n 09-003 Flying League Birrfeld

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