Foreign Airfield Visit

Van Nuys – Wednesday 18th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Afternoon all,

On a typically sunny and bright day the below logged 0700 – 1230 before heading back to LAX for the flight back to London. Unusually quiet on the roads with all public spaces being closed from 1800est today

N25MX Da900

N41SC G4

N43MS C525

N61AP Be200


N94HL C525*

N108KN LJ45

N333DS G550

N352VJ CL350 XOJ

N470MK Da2000

N517ML G4

N525KF G550

N538QS C680A EJA

N619A 6G4

N650GU G650

N650HF G650

N707SG IAI1126

N712LW G4

N748ME PC12*

N750LG G550

N751XJ C750 XOJ

N763DB G4

N790Z Da2000

N800JM Bae125

N825LJ LJ35A

N843GS CL604

N1220W C525A*

N109EX A109*

Into BUR

N326MS CRJ900 ASH*

N300HQ BD100*

N316QS EMB505 EJA*

N375ET EA500*

N1454H G650

OTT into LAX

RP-C7781 B773 PAL*

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: K West

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