Foreign Airfield Visit

Van Nuys – Tuesday 17th March 2020 (Mark Paulin)

Evening all,

Today started clear and cold and was bright but showery for the remainder of the day although not overly warm. Noted today from 0700 – 2200 from the Hotel and Airport Observation Park have been the following. Was good to see Ian S. from BA at Lunchtime.

N13MS G650

N16DF EMB505*

N17KJ CL350

N28US Da50

N50JE G5

N54DD C560

N85D BD700*

N92NS LJ60

N96DD C525A*

N104AD G4

N110SN G4

N117KB LJ60

N121SA BD700

N144PA C750

N155VJ SF50*

N160WC BD100

N161PA EMB500

N178L G550*

N200LC G4

N202QS CL650 EJA

N222LX G550

N240JK LJ60

N245SP C525A

N270SC G4

N314CM LJ60

N314TP G550

N333MX Da2000EX

N338LS G550

N356BR G3

N366CC Be350*

N381QS C680 EJA

N390SA RB390

N396U G4

N420KV LJ60

N423FX EMB450 LXJ*

N480DG C560

N518ME C525A*

N520RP BD100

N523FX BD100 LXJ


N560CJ C560*

N585QS C680A EJA


N597QS C680A EJA

N620MS Da2000EX

N628QS C680A EJA

N628TS G650

N648ME EMB505

N650QS C680A EJA*

N650TB EMB135BJ*

N663SB IAI1126

N717JJ BD100

N730CJ Bae125

N739S PC12

N752QS CL350 EJA*

N757QS CL350 EJA

N784QS CL350 EJA

N788QS CL350 EJA

N800HR EMB505


N823UP Be350 GAJ

N825CP Bae125

N850LF G4

N889CG G4

N889MR G280

N898PP C560XL

N906QS C750

N908DG CL601

N916GB IAI1126

N924MB G4

N958BX G4

N960DP G4

N967JS C750 (not on USCAR yet. Flexjet colours)

N971JS C750

N986PB RB390

N1128M LJ60

N1624K G4

N1867M C560XL

N29FX AS350B

N30EH A109

N221LA AS350B*

N223LA AS350B

N267LA AS350B*

N304FD AW139*

N306FD B206B*

N355JS S76

N433AK A109

N472LA AS350B*

N661PD AS350B

N662PD AS350B

N668PD AS350B*

N701WP B407*

N704WP AS350B*

OTT into Burbank (much of the day they have been landing from the South so most of these only noted morning and evening)

N209SY EMB175 SKW*


N258JX EMB135 JSX*

N259JQ EMB145 JSX*

N268SY EMB175 SKW*

N400SY EMB175 SKW*

N642QX EMB175 QXE* (last one)

N2038J A321N JBU*

N93VP G5

N199CF C750

N266CJ C525

N278LN C525A*

N573FX BD100 LXJ

N713FX C208B FDX*

N758QS CL350 EJA

N838UP Be350 GAJ*

N909LB C560

This will be my last full day report for this trip. Sadly it has come to a premature end with the ongoing Covid 19 situation and no guarantee of flights still operating going forward. I opted to return home on the BA282 from LAX tomorrow evening. I should have been travelling a further 7 weeks going to San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco, Dallas, Miami including a 2 week roadtrip to Charleston and back via all points in between, Puerto Rico and ending in Madrid at the beginning of May. Hopefully I will be able to cover some of them when the travel situation is back to normal again.

I hope the logs over the past 8 weeks or so have been useful, If anyone has any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards and stay well.

Mark Paulin


Photo credit: Vladimir Kostritsa

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