Uttoxeter Saturday 18th September 2021 (John Tomlinson)

A drive down to Uttoxeter for the evening launch produced the following. We did not stay for the nightglow, which I understood was to take place about 2200hrs.

It’s a shame that the light started to fade quite quickly as the balloons started to lift.

My photographs at:   https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlt_egcc74/albums/72157719873662206



Noted between 1755-1845hrs in order as photographed

G-CMAN Ultramagic M-77 C/n 77/431 Private
G-CISC TJ Wilkinson Sackville Balloon AH77 C/n 02 Private
G-WILB Ultramagic M-105 C/n 105/161 Private
G-VBAB Cameron Balloon A-400 C/n 11608 Private
G-SHAD Cameron Balloon Z-90 C/n 12437 Private
G-OALE Kubicek Balloon BB-22XR C/n 1146 Private
G-CIWX TJ Wilkinson Sackville Balloon 65 C/n 05 Private
G-CGFN Cameron Balloon C-60 C/n 11324 Private
G-ENGR Head Balloon AX8-105 C/n 380 Private
G-BVPV Lindstrand LBL-77B C/n 119 Private
G-CKUP Cameron Balloon Z-77 C/n 12158 Private
G-CIKL Ultramagic S-70 C/n 70/01 Private
G-CLDJ Lindstrand Technologies LTL Racer-60 C/n 098 Private
G-JHAA Cameron Balloon Z-90 C/n 11647 Private
G-CLKC Cameron Balloon O-31 C/n 12347 Private
G-HCUS Lindstrand Technologies LTL 2-80 C/n 100 Private
G-GOGW Cameron Balloon N-90 C/n 3304 Private

G-CMBJ Ultramagic 77 Series C/n 77/433 Private **(Only registered 30 July 2021)

G-BVFF Cameron Balloon V-77 C/n 3161 Private
G-BYNW Cameron Balloon H-34 Hopper C/n 4666 Private
G-CGZZ Kubicek Balloon BB-22E C/n 855 Private
G-CKVI Cameron Balloon A-120 C/n 12197 Private
G-CIDU Kubicek Balloon BB-22E C/n 1058 Private
G-BWYN Cameron Balloon O-77 C/n 1162 Private

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