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Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) 2020 tours added (Grant Robinson)

Tour Advert for Toulouse (Airbus & ATR) – January, March, May, July, September & November 2020

More trips next year to see many new Airbus & ATR. Check out the past trip logs on this site on the “Past Tours” page of this website, to see if joining this trip might interest you…..

Following on this years six very successful visits to Toulouse, we will be going another six times next year – January, March, May, July, September & November.

For your interest, all of these Toulouse day trips will be preceded the day before with a visit to Hamburg to see more new Airbus. See the earlier post for details…….

Having arrived early on Tuesday morning, we comprehensively look at Toulouse/Blagnac taking in the serving airliners that visit this busy regional airport and the new Airbus and ATRs to be found on the factory side of the airfield. We fly back on Tuesday night.

Hired transport will enable us to do a couple of circuits of the airfield and check out all the known spotting points. You will see lots of A320s and A350s as these are the most numerous types being produced here currently. There will also be some A330s and A380s and as if that wasn’t enough, ATR-42 and ATR-72s are also produced here. Over 70 factory fresh aircraft were noted during each of our many 2017, 2018 & 2019 visits.

We will also visit nearby Toulouse/Francazal where ATR-42s and ATR-72s can be found parked out on the airfield. Some of these are stored and others are ready to be delivered to the customer. Over 20 examples were seen during each of our many 2017, 2018 & 2019 visits.

Then on to the two museums located around Toulouse/Blagnac airfield. Aéroscopia has around 15 aircraft and will be open. Ailes Anciennes Toulouse with around 33 aircraft is open 2-6pm but most of these aircraft are visible from outside. We will be happy to drop you off here, if you need to spend time at these two…..

Land only (not including your flights) tour cost is £30 which covers ground transport and fuel. Ryanair or EasyJet is our usual choice or you can book whatever flight is convenient for you and meet us at Toulouse.

Also if the interest is there in 2020, we may run a two day Toulouse trip to take in Lourdes/Tarbes, Muret/Lherm & Toulouse/Lasbordes and allow more time for the two museums otherwise they will be day trips……get in touch if interested.

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