UK Airfield Visit

Tewkesbury – Sunday 28th June 2020 (John Tomlinson)

Did a short day trip to visit the reported helicopters at Edgwicks Transport depot Northway lane Tewkesbury. A bit of discussion has been developing on the various forums with regards to the true ID’s and C/n’s. Fortunately the good news is that it was recently reported that six of the seven VT- had the C/n plates read off and confirmed.

Viewing was done at three locations around the depot, all of which were public footpaths or roads. I had read that the company was keen to restrict access and did not want staff in any photographs taken. As it was Sunday, I was able to take a number of photographs without workers. You can see from my photographs that the owner is now putting vehicles around the cabins to restrict viewing.

Non of the helicopters have the markings, thus apart from the person who reported the C/n’s, all we can do is take the list.
A few photographs, all taken whilst on public footpaths and roads around the storage area.



Noted between 1020-1035hrs
Those marked with an ***, are those reported as the C/n being read off.
G-BLTY Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 019 Leasing Company ***
N112WG Westland WG-30-100 C/n 012 Private
N118WG Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 018 Private
N5820T Westland WG-30-100 C/n 004 Private
VT-EKE Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 021 Leasing Company ***
VT-EKK Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 025 Leasing Company ***
VT-EKL Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 028 Leasing Company ***
VT-EKM Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 027 Leasing Company ***
VT-EKN Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 029 Leasing Company
VT-EKX Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 039 Leasing Company ***
VT-EKY Westland WG-30-100-60 C/n 040 Leasing Company ***

Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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