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Tel Aviv (Holtz High School) – Wednesday 8th May 2019 (John Tomlinson)

We had now arrived back in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and we had a visit arranged at the Holtz High School.

It’s Co-ordinates are : 32.04644394N 34.78480148E

Unfortunately the school had recently closed for the day, however we were fortunate, as our English speaking guide for the school was still available for a short time.

After viewing the outside exhibits, were were able to view through various holes and gaps in the hangar doors, so we were able to view the rest of the inmates, although we missed taking photographs of those.

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Noted between 1235-1300hrs

69-16411 Bell Helicopters AH-1F C/n 20843 Preserved
213 Hughes 369MD/TOW Lahahoot C/n 0599D Preserved

727 Unknown UAV C/n Unknown Preserved
??? Unknown UAV C/n Unknown Preserved
??? Unknown UAV C/n Unknown Preserved

Hangar 1
729 General Dynamics F-16A C/n 61-87 Instructional Airframe

Hangar 2
N8610H North American Navion C/n NAV-4-570 Instructional Airframe
011 Piper PA-18 150 C/n 18-8552 Instructional Airframe
004 Piper PA-18 150 C/n Unknown Private
055 Piper PA-18 150 C/n Unknown Private


Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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