Staverton 2020 tour added (Grant Robinson)

Tour advert for Staverton – Thursday 12th to Friday 13th March 2020

We visit Gloucestershire Airport better known as Staverton to most of us. The regular team who run the tours here will show us around where possible by means of a walking tour. Photographs are allowed in most areas but there will be some where they are not.

This is a good chance to be able to get behind the scenes with an experienced host and get stuck into those many residents that remain hidden away in the hangars……this is the day before and the day of the Cheltenham Gold Cup horse race, so there should be a few visitors around too.

We are looking at a 10:45 meet for a 11:00 tour start on both days please.

Before or after the tour, you could visit nearby Kemble or go for the 14:00 walking tour around the visiting helicopters at Cheltenham Racecourse……….

Your place (of which there are 16 over two days) can be secured with the agreement to hand over £15 before the day. All your £15 will be donated via our host to Gloucester Airport’s chosen charity.

Last year, this was very popular but it was a disappointment that a few people cancelled at the very last moment. I was able to fill a couple of these spaces, but not all and so not only did the charity miss out, but so did some people on the waiting list. Hence the money upfront this time please chaps.

It’s also not first come, first served this year either. I will prioritise those who contribute to this group or attend the tours. I will get a list together and let you all know accordingly. Thanks!

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