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Pribram – Tuesday 3rd September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

Running a bit late after the excellent visit to Plzen~Line, we arrived and we given permission to walk the ramp and view inside the hangars. The club members here though it was a novelty in what we were doing and on two occasions asked if they could take group photographs with us!

One of the hangars asked us not to publish photographs, which I have duly complied with, and another business owner allowed us to take photographs of his small fleet, but although the hangar was split, he asked not to take photographs of the aircraft which he did not own …. not a problem and thanked him for allowing us to open the hangar for us.

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Pribram~Central Bohemia
Noted between 1625-1733hrs

The main and strange request relates to:
We had noted and photographed OK-MIG Piper PA-28 181 Archer II C/n 2890123 Private at Plzen-Line~Plzen earlier in the day.
Photo at:

OK-??? Piper PA-28 141 Cherokee C/n 28-20495 Private Canx on ADQ Ex HB-OLP
C/n Plate
C/n plate

On the ramp
OK-SAS LET L-410 UVP C/n 831040 Skydive & Air Service
OK-LRB LET L-410 UVP-E20C C/n 912609 LR Airlines
OK-4466 Jonker JS-MD Single C/n 1C-MD082 Private

1st Hangar visited
OK-XUE 10 Letov LK-2 M Sluka C/n 8192090110 Private
OK-SAR 01 BRM Aero NG-5 Bristell ELSA C/n 066/2013 Private
OK-8712 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 027235 Aeroklub Pribram
OK-DRB Zlin Z.526 F Trener Master C/n 1266 Private
OK-KUE 01 Zenair CH.601 Zodiac C/n 6-9378 Private
OK-WUV 66 ATEC 321 Faeta NG C/n Unknown Private
OK-PUR 07 Direct Fly arGO Classic C/n Unknown Private
OK-IGL Christen Eagle II C/n PFA 138-14627 Private
OK-EUU 38 Urban Air UFM-10 Samba C/n 02/10 Private
OK-NUF 28 WD Flugzeugbau Evolution E100 C/n Unknown Private
OK-DVG Zlin Z.126 Trener 2 C/n 525 Aeroklub Pribram Coded UC-38
OK-XAE 22 Direct Fly Alto C/n Unknown Private

About the field
OK-OKF Reims-Cessna F.150 M C/n 1157 Private
OK-TWI Cirrus Design SR-20 C/n 1462 Private
OK-PMC Pilatus PC-12 –47E C/n 1294 OK Aviation

Maintenance Hangar-DO NOT Publish photographs
OY-JAC Piper PA-46 500TP Meridian M500 C/n 4697624 Private
LY-CEL Van’s RV-7 A C/n 74358 Private
OM-KKK Piper PA-34 220T Seneca V C/n 3449314 Private
OK-ALT Piper PA-46 500TP Malibu Meridian C/n 4697466 Aeromec

3rd Hangar
OK-UKD Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee C C/n 28-2318 Private
OK-FCA Cessna 172 S C/n 172S-9719 Private
N123AN Cirrus Design SR-20 C/n 1379 Private
OK-111 Mooney M.20 J C/n 24-1547 Private
OK-VLK Cessna 152 C/n 152-84278 Private
OK-SUU 39 Tecnam P.92-JS Echo C/n 063 Private
OK-PUS 30 Best Off Skyranger C/n Unknown Private
D-EHIT Piper PA-32 RT-300 Lance II C/n 32R-7885061 Private
OK-EUO 14 Aerosport-FMP Qualt 200L C/n Unknown Private
OK-UFI Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee F C/n 28-7105122 Private
OK-OUU 30 Vanessa Air VL-3 Sprint C/n Unknown Private
OK-NUU 05 Tecnam P.2002 Sierra C/n Unknown Private
OK-VUR 18/15/19 No type noted C/n Unknown Private (No photograph taken)
I-IORI Var-Eze C/n Unknown Private (No photograph taken)
D-EAOK No type noted C/n Unknown Private (No photograph taken)
See issue and notes above:
OK-??? Piper PA-28 141 Cherokee C/n 28-20495 Private Canx on ADQ Ex HB-OLP
We had noted and photographed OK-MIG Piper PA-28 181 Archer II C/n 2890123 Private at Plzen-Line~Plzen earlier in the day. We now appear to find another OK-MIG here at Pribram~Central Bohemia. The C/n plate was photographed as 28-20495, a Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee, which was Ex HB-OLP and now cancelled. However OK-MIG was also on a plate next to the official C/n plate mentioned! We will monitor this and see what happens.

4th Hangar-Mainly Glider Types
OK-TUR 02 Direct Fly Alto C/n Unknown Private
OK-2814 LET L-13 A Blanik C/n 172112 Aeroklub Pribram
OK-4771 Grob G.103 Twin Astir II C/n 3521 Aeroklub Pribram Coded AC
OK-5116 Aerotechnik L-13 SW Vivat C/n 850113 Aeroklub Pribram
OK-5520 Orlican VT-116 Orlican VT-116 C/n 151407 Private
OK-7438 Orlican VT-116 Orlik II ZK C/n 151818 Aeroklub Pribram
OK-7528 Orlican VSO-10 Gradient C/n 150182 Private Coded 57
OK-4815 LET L-13 Blanik C/n 173048 Private Coded J4
OK-8718 Grob G.104 IIB Speed Astir C/n 4053 Private

Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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