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Plzen-Line – Tuesday 3rd September 2019 (John Tomlinson)

We had an invitation to visit the Classic Trainers hangar and museum, the agreed meeting time was for 1200hrs. What we thought was only going to be an interesting visit with Classic Trainers, being able to get close to some of the rare aircraft, we were also taken around the airfield and to the other hangars.

A strange feel to this place, as it was an Ex Military base, as you can see by some of the hangars in the woods across the runway. However before we went to the airfield for the Classic Trainers visit, we went past the nearby Gate Guard.

In view of the enthusiasm of the Classic Trainers staff and with the visit to the other hangars mentioned, we were here much longer than expected, but it was worth it.
We met the British pilot of G-MXVI Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe in the Classic Trainers club house and had a good chat with him. We had already seen his aircraft at the Hradec Kralove Czech International Air Fest a few days earlier and he told us that he was now off to the Zeltweg show, where we were heading for the Friday.

After an entertaining discussion with him and the Classic Trainer workers, it was time for him to leave, so we all went on the the ramp to wish him a fond farewell. He returned the complement by doing a private flypast for us………… not to be forgotten. See you at Zeltweg!

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However before we went to the airfield for the Classic Trainers visit, we went past the nearby Gate Guard.
MiG on stick:
1045 MiG-19 PM C/n 651045 Preserved
Displayed on approach road to the old military Base on the Village Green.
GPS: 49.69202042N 13.26130772E


Noted between 1200-1455hrs
Outstanding items highlighted yellow. Any help appreciated

Outside on Ramp
1311 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 PF C/n 761311 Ex Zruc Air Park
G-MXVI Supermarine Spitfire LF.XVIe C/n CBAF.IX.4394 Classic Trainers Marked TE184/9N-B

Museum Hangar
D-ESOK Benes-Mraz M-1 D Sokol C/n 281 Classic Trainers
OK-VRC Zlin Z.326 Trener Master C/n 909 Classic Trainers
D-EZHN Zlin Z.50 LS C/n 0065 Private
G-ARIH Auster 6 A Tugmaster C/n 2463 Private Marked TW591
N43GK Boeing Stearman Kaydet N2S-5 C/n 75-8530 Classic Trainers Marked TJ934
OK-PTW Pilatus P.2-05 C/n 600-30 Classic Trainers Marked U-110
N696RE North American AT-6C Texan C/n 88-13651 Classic Trainers Marked FX352
N817FK Stinson AT-19 Reliant C/n 77-4 Classic Trainers Marked FK817
Unknown Ilyushin IL-10 C/n N/a Preserved Wing Only
Unknown Fairchild UC-61 Argus C/n N/a Preserved Frame
Museum Exhibits in annex / Various parts / Bits of aircraft on display.
2+1 Focke-Wulf Fw.190 F-8/U1 C/n Unknown Preserved Small parts of the aircraft
44-83447 Boeing B-17 G Flying Fortress C/n 32088 Preserved Small parts of the aircraft
42-73138 Consolidated B-24 J Liberator C/n 2708 Preserved Small parts of the aircraft
Unknown Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 MF C/n N/a Preserved Part of cockpit instrument panel
1114 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 MF C/n 961114 Preserved Part of front frame with registration marks celebrating the last Mig based at this airfield.

Separate Hangar
OK-VON Cessna T.206 H Turbo Stationair C/n T206-08636 Private
OK-VOM Cessna 402B C/n 402B-1243 Corporate
N755JM de Havilland Canada U-6 A Beaver C/n 1143 Private
OK-VHC WSK-PZL An-2 TP C/n 1G238-24 Aeroklub Benesov. This was a VIP configuration for the Government ‘elite’.
OK-WHB WSK-PZL An-2 T C/n 1G85-55 Private Marked 8555

Took off as we arrived
OK-HSI Tecnam P.2008 JC C/n Unknown Private

About the field
OK-RUR 77 Evektor EV-97 Harmony VLA C/n 20113933 Private
OK-ROC Cessna 150 F C/n 150-62325 Private
D-EOFH Reims-Cessna F.172 P C/n 2071 Private
OK-MAN Piper PA-28 RT-201 Arrow IV C/n 28R-8018101 Private
OK-MIG Piper PA-28 181 Archer II C/n 2890123 Private
**We would also see another OK-MIG at the next airfield, Pribram~Central Bohemia. The C/n plate was photographed as 28-20495, a Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee, which was Ex HB-OLP and now cancelled. However OK-MIG was also on a plate next to the official C/n plate mentioned! We will monitor this and see what happens.

Hangar Area 1
OK-PAP Piper PA-38 112 Tomahawk C/n Tomahawk Private
OK-CVR Reims-Cessna FR.172 H Rocket C/n 0294 Private
OH-CSY Cessna 140 C/n 8292 Private

Hangar Area 2
OK-WUR 99 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
OK-WUR 55 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
OK-NUR 55 Evektor SportStar C/n 2008-3314 Private
D-EBLN Reims-Cessna FR.172 G Rocket C/n 0184 Private ***CARE CANX
OK-2294 Schempp-Hirth HS.4 Standard Cirrus C/n 402G Private Coded LC
At the back of the hangar 2 were three more:
Unknown Plus 3 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Plus 3 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
Unknown Plus 3 Evektor C/n Unknown Private

Hangar Area 3
OK-9917 Grob G.103 Twin Astir C/n 3151 Private Coded EA
OK-WUR 88 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
OK-SUR 88 Evektor C/n Unknown Private
OK-GUR 22 Evektor SportStar C/n 2001-1015 Private
OK-GUR 11 Evektor SportStar C/n 2001-1011 Private
OK-UUR 44 Evektor EV-97 EuroStar C/n Unknown Private
OK-KUR 33 Evektor SportStar C/n 2005-2526 Private
OK-PUR 66 Evektor EuroStar C/n 2010-3819 Private
OK-SUR 99 Evektor C/n Unknown Private (No photo as at the back. read off)
Over Plzen-Line~Plzen
OK-7761 Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus C/n 165 Aeroklub Plzen-Letkov

Photo credit: John Tomlinson

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