Oxford Biz Blog – Monday 20th September 2021


Monday 20 September 2021

General Aviation Visitors (non-based)

9H-ILZ CRJ2 (VJT683)-a11:14-d12:36 fm Cannes to Biggin Hill
D-CNOC C56X (ECA59C)-a09:31-d10:11 fm Nancy to Biggin Hill
EC-MLV C680 (GES541V)-n/s-d11:20 to Malaga
G-JHEX C550-hangared since 14.05.21
G-KCMI M600 (HLY95)-a15:08-d16:48 to/fm Newquay
G-KION C525 (BOO926)-a17:58-n/s fm Prestwick
G-SOVD C25A (SXN082)-a17:06-d17:44 fm Biggin Hill to Cardiff
HB-GLS BE20 (LEU401)-a08:18-n/s fm Stuttgart
M-DUBS FA7X-a15:40-n/s fm Cannes
M-JCBB GLF6 (JCB1)-a06:05-d07:43-a12:22-d12:56 fm East Midlands to/fm Antwerp to East Midlands
N264CE C5250-a09:10-d18:24 fm/to Geneva
N497XP BE40-parked since 16.08.21
N542AP GA5C-parked since 19.07.21
N750GF C750-hangared since 30.08.21
N910RW TBM9-a16:58-n/s fm Prestwick
OE-FCO C510 (GAC976P)-n/s-d09:28 to Biarritz
OE-FZD C510-parked since 19.07.21
ZS-DEX F900-parked since 16.09.21-parked X runway

General Aviation (based)
2-LATE CL60-parked since 19.07.21
2-LVLY CL60-parked since 01.07.21
2-NITE CL60-hangared since 28.08.21
2-OTWO H25B-parked since 13.08.21-parked X runway
2-PAPA CL60-parked since 24.06.21-parked X runway
2-SLOW CL60-parked since 16.09.21
5N-TAK B350-parked, long term storage (2-KAKA reserved)
CS-RBN GLEX (JME508N)-a12:18-n/s fm Nice
CS-REU GLEX-hangared since 12.09.21
G-JNRE C25A-parked since 19.07.21
G-PCTW PC12-hangared since 08.09.21
G-SPRE C55B (SYG2)-n/s-d09:44-a20:28-n/s to/fm Manchester
M-CARA C25M-hangared since 14.09.21
M-LLMW B350-hangared since 18.07.21
M-MIKE C25C-parked since 19.07.21
M-PMCN C25A-hangared since 14.09.21
N29FR GLEX-hangared since 12.09.21
N542MP HDJT (TWY142)-n/s-d19:48 to Jersey
N601S CL60-parked, long term storage ‘taped over reg’ (2-SIAM reserved)
N81HA C510-parked, long term storage
N850BG TBM8-hangared since 18.08.21
N989PR TBM8-hangared since 18.08.21
SE-DJI FA7X-parked since 16.09.21
SE-DJK FA7X-hangared since 21.08.21


2-LCXO JS31-parked on X runway

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