Oxford Biz Blog – Monday 19th July 2021


Monday 19 July 2021

General Aviation Visitors (non-based)
2-CLEV C25A (CRX9C)-a19:09-n/s fm Kerry
2-MSTG C510-hangared since 14.07.21
2-TEAM C25B-parked since 10.07.21
9H-ART CL60-hangared since 24.06.21
CS-DOF CL60-parked since 12.07.21 (x runway)
CS-LTH C68A (NJE5ZD/878E)-a10:48-d12:31 fm Milan to Palma
D-CBBS E55P (PVD23E/57C)-a14:16-d16:04 fm Athens to Leeds
D-CHLR E55P (ATL9K)-n/s-d11:16 to Corfu
D-COLO C25C (JKH32C)-n/s-d09:19 to Hamburg
G-JHEX C550-hangared since 14.05.21
G-MRLB F900-parked since 14.07.21
G-NIAB BE20 (CWY14P/14F)-a11:21-d121:51 fm/to Belfast
G-VALK BE20-a10:06-d11:03 fm Guernsey to Bournemouth
G-VYIP BE20 (GMA445)-a17:14-d19:03 fm/to Jersey
LX-JFD PC12 (JFA35S/91B)-a154:59-d15:57 fm Le Bourget to Islay
N14EF P46T-a12:28-d13:43 fm Split to Fairoaks
N411VR C525-hangared since 26.06.21
N542AP GA6C-parked since 18.07.21
N542GP FA7X (TWY107)-n/s-d09:48-a17:49-d18:42 to/fm Zadar to Malaga
OH-TFA E55P-a09:28-d10:57 fm/to Helsinki
General Aviation (based)
2-GDEJ H25B-parked since 14.05.21
2-LATE CL60 (VLZ229A)-n/s-d15:07-a20:18-n/s to/fm Palma
2-LVLY CL60-parked since 01.07.21
2-NAPA H25B-hangared since 06.07.21
2-NICE CL60-parked since 22.06.21(x runway)
2-OTWO H25B-parked since 05.05.21(x runway)
2-RBLE H25B-parked since 06.07.21(x runway)
2-SHOT H25B (VLZ214A)-a16:50-n/s fm East Midlands
2-SLOW CL60-parked since 04.07.21(x runway)
5N-TAK B350-parked, long term storage (2-KAKA reserved)
CS-RBN GLEX-parked since 17.07.21
CS-REU GLEX-hangared since 17.07.21
(G-FBKG) C510-hangared, long term storage r/r N81HA
G-JNRE C25A-parked since 18.07.21
G-SPRE C55B-hangared since 17.07.21
G-PCTW PC12-hangared since 12.07.21
M-CARA C25M-hangared since 05.07.21
M-LLMW B350-parked since 18.07.21
M-MIKE C25C-parked since 18.07.21
M-PMCN C25A-hangared since 01.07.21
N29FR GLEX-hangared since 12.07.21
N601S CL60-parked, long term storage ‘taped over reg’ (2-SIAM reserved)
N850BG TBM8-a17:21-n/s fm Bordeaux
N989PR TBM8-hangared since 09.07.21
OE-IIX CL60-hangared since 15.07.21
SE-DJI FA7X-parked since 18.07.21
SE-DJK FA7X-hangared since 08.07.21
2-LCXO JS31-parked on X runway
N113MH SW3-parked since 01.03.21
N690CC AC90-a15:29-d17:17 fm Bremen to Cork
N980AE AC90-parked since 17.07.21

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