Oshkosh & Chicago 2021 tour added (Grant Robinson)

Tour advert for Oshkosh & Chicago – Thursday 22nd July to Sunday 1st August 2021

This week I have checked in with Oshkosh University as I have a few rooms booked with them for the duration of EAA AirVenture. They say that they are in full planning mode for this event and expect it to happen. I also asked the EAA and they also say that they fully expect the event to happen, albeit with some COVID restrictions to comply with State (Wisconsin) regulation at the time of the event and they also mentioned they have no say as to whether international visitors will be allowed in the USA – nice of them to assume we might not know this small detail!

So as a few of you were interested in going last year (pre COVID) and I have had a few enquiries this year, I’m letting you know that I’ll be planning to go on my own worst case scenario, but I’ll also be happy for people to join me and so hence the advert.

Bearing in mind how this past year has panned out, interested parties should in the worst case be prepared for disappointment as I have limited control on what will happen come the end of July. I can of course book flights, hotels, ground transport and Oshkosh tickets but then EAA AirVenture could be cancelled, international travel may start/stop with very notice and quarantine restrictions may also apply even if allowed to go. You have heard all this from me before 🙂

At the moment of course, the point is mute as we are not allowed to travel internationally unless for work purposes, but that will hopefully change as the Global Travel Taskforce will give an update to the UK Government on 12th April about whether international travel will be able to go ahead from 17th May. Also many airlines are talking about Summer travel restarting in June and in particular Virgin are confident enough to restart Florida flights in that month.

A big thing going in our favour is that both the UK and USA vaccine rollout has been excellent (when compared to other countries) and when you cast your mind back to the so called travel corridors of last year, I think there is a good chance of travel between UK and USA happening sooner rather than later. I’m guessing that you will need to have been jabbed before being allowed to travel if wanting to avoid having to quarantine but let’s see what is said on the 12th April.

I think given the past year we’ve endured, I’m happy to accept the above and give it a go. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll do a US storage yard bash as soon as we can go.

Get in touch if interested for this year or even next. You can see what typically can be seen on such a trip by looking at the past reports for July 2019, 2018 & 2011 at http://www.oxfordaviationgroup.co.uk/past-tours/

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